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Subsidized Permanent Guardianship

Two Ways to Verify

Phone In Verification Instructions

Web Verification Instructions

DCS appreciates the service that you provide to Tennessee’s children!


• As of May 29th 2014, 69% are using Web verification!
• 96% stated that the new service, compared to the phone system, was much easier to use.
• 94% stated that they had no problems using the online verification system.
• 57% stated that they saved 10 minutes compared to the phone system and 49% saved 5 minutes.

• 94% stated that in the future, they would submit payment dates online.

What you will see when you click on the link to the portal:

resource parent verification portal

Comments from Web Portal Users:
Super easy to use and so much faster!
O My Goodness I would have done this from the beginning if I knew it was this easy. This has to be the best change in the foster care system since I have been a foster parent and that has been over 15 years. YES! Way To GO!!! LOVE IT
I like the online system it is so easy.
I use the computer if I have access to a computer. Sometimes I don't and will call in. If I learn how to do it on the smart phone I might start doing it on there.
Love it!!
This was AWESOME! First time I have used. This is so much easier than phone. Thanks a Bunch for making our lives a little less stressful.

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