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Office of Child Safety

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To report abuse or neglect: 1.877.237.0004 or click here.


Vision and Mission

Office of Child Safety


All children in Tennessee will be free from abuse and neglect.


The Office of Child Safety strives to keep Tennessee’s children safe by conducting timely and quality investigations while utilizing evidence-based practices and strengthening community partnerships.


Organizational Chart

Child Safety Teams

  • Executive
  • Investigations
  • Child Abuse Hotline
  • Training
  • Internal Quality Control
  • Community Partnerships
  • Dr. Scott J. Modell, Deputy Commissioner
  • Carla Aaron, Executive Director
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      Carla Aaron, M.S.S.W. is the Executive Director of Child Safety and has served in this position since 2007. She has been in public child welfare since 1985 serving in numerous roles within the department as a frontline investigator and supervisor specializing in child protective services, Director of Communications, Director of Special Investigations, and the Regional Administrator for the Davidson County Region. She is a member of the Children's Justice Task Force and the Second Look Commission.

  • Valerie Eredia, Special Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner
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      Valerie Eredia is the Special Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner for the Office of Child Safety. She is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento. Previously she has served as a Program Leader for the California First Five Initiative. In her current position, she is responsible for tracking, recording, and reporting child death and near-death cases.

  • Haroon Iqbal, Special Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner
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      Haroon Iqbal is the Special Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner for the Office of Child Safety. He most recently served as a Legal Intern with the DCS Office of General Counsel. In his current position, he focuses on the implementation of a new process for tracking, recording, and reporting child death and near-death cases. He is also responsible for managing the DCS Public Notifications website. He holds a Juris Doctorate from Vanderbilt University Law School and is a member of the Tennessee State Bar.

  • Sheriee Davis, Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner
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      Sheriee R. Davis is the Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Child Safety.

  • Annie Stricklin, Program Coordinator
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      Annie Stricklin, MSSW is the Program Coordinator for the Office of Child Safety. She recently graduated with her MSSW and a Treatment of Trauma Graduate Certificate, where she focused on children and families. She was also the MSW Representative for the NASW-TN Board of Directors and was voted the 2014 NASW-TN MSW Student of the Year. Prior to that, she was a program coordinator for Vanderbilt's Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies, where she assisted with health policy research and managed grants. In her current position, she will be working for the Executive Director on grant reporting and project management.

  • Amy Coble, Director of Investigations
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      Amy Coble, MCJ, is the Director of Investigations. In this role, she provides leadership, supervision, and oversight to the investigation and special investigation teams across the state of Tennessee. Ms. Coble has direct supervision over the Special Investigations Unit as well as three Regional Investigations Directors - West, Middle, and East - who oversee the investigation teams located in each region. Ms. Coble has served in a child welfare role since 1994. Ms. Coble joined the OCS team after serving as a Deputy Regional Administrator for the South Central region, having experience in investigations as well as regional leadership and knowledge.

  • Pierce Beckham, Deputy Director of Investigations
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      Pierce Beckham serves as the Deputy Director of Investigations providing support, supervision and leadership to the investigations and special investigations teams across Tennessee. Mr. Beckham supervises the Regional Investigations Directors under the guidance of the Director of Investigations. Mr. Beckham began in child welfare in 2007 as a Child Protective Services Investigator in four rural counties and continued to serve as a supervisor and Child Protective Services Specialist in the Mid-Cumberland Region before joining the Office of Child Safety as Regional Investigations Director for the Grand West Region. He holds Juris Doctorate and Master of Social Work degrees from the University of Michigan.

  • Mary Beth Duke, West TN Regional Investigations Director
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      Mary Beth Duke is the Regional Investigations Director for the Grand West Region of the state. Mrs. Duke supervises the Investigation Coordinators (IC's) and oversees the investigation teams in Davidson, Southwest, Shelby and Northwest. Mrs. Duke has been with DCS since 1994 and held positions in the Southwest Region as a Case Manager 2, Team Leader, Team Coordinator, and most recently as the Investigations Coordinator for Northwest & Southwest for the Office of Child Safety. She holds a Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies of Strategic Leadership from the University of Memphis.

  • Kate Greer, Middle TN Regional Investigations Director
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      Kate Greer is the Regional Investigations Director for the Middle Tennessee Regions for the Office of Child Safety. She has been with the department since 1995 and during her years of service has worked in Child Protective Services, the Special Investigations Unit, and at Woodland Hills Youth Development Center. Ms. Greer has been responsible for the Office of Child Safety division's compliance with reaccreditation through the National Council on Accreditation and in developing strategic plans for maintaining compliance in the future. She has her bachelor's degree in Communications from Temple University and is currently working on her MSSW at the University of Tennessee.

  • Kim Garland, East TN Regional Investigations Director
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      Kim Garland, MSW, is the Regional Investigative Director for the east side of the state. Mrs. Garland supervises the Investigative Coordinators and oversees the investigation teams in Tennessee Valley, East, Knox, Northeast, and Smoky Mountain Regions. Mrs. Garland has been working in Child Welfare since 1999 when she was a Juvenile Probation Officer for the Greene County Juvenile Court. She joined DCS in 2002 and served as a Foster Care Family Service Worker and CPS Investigator. She was a Team Leader for the Northeast Region, Washington County CPS Investigations/Assessments team from 2005 to 2014 and served as the Northeast Region Investigations Coordinator from January through July 2014. Mrs. Garland obtained her Master's of Social Work degree from East Tennessee State University in 2013.

  • Dimple Dudley, Director of the Child Abuse Hotline
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      Dimple Dudley is the Director of the Child Abuse Hotline. Ms. Dudley manages the 24-hour call center, which accepts all reports of suspected child abuse and neglect for the state of Tennessee. Ms. Dudley has been with the Department of Children's Services since 1997 and has served in various roles in both the region and in central office. Prior to this position, she served as Executive Assistant to the Commissioner where her primary role was to identify and address areas of concern in the regions.

  • Michelle Hengelbrok, Director of Training and Development
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      Michelle Hengelbrok is the Director of Training and Development and is responsible for the development and implementation of training for investigators. In collaboration with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) she is responsible for the CPS Investigator Training Academy which includes topics such as drug exposed children, child sexual abuse, defensive tactics, interviewing techniques, mock court, and case file development. Mrs. Hengelbrok is also responsible for Specialty Training courses for CPS Investigators and the Child Abuse Hotline. Relevant training opportunities created by the OCS will be offered to other staff within DCS and to community partners. Mrs. Hengelbrok most recently served as the Executive Director of Policy and Innovation with the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD).

  • Anne DePrekel, Project Manager
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      Anne DePrekel is the Project Manager for the Office of Child Safety's Training and Development Division. She most recently worked for the Office of Child Safety as an Investigator for Davidson County and prior to that was an Investigator for Montgomery County. In these roles, she worked directly with children to ensure their safety and worked with the parents to provide services. She worked with various community partners in these roles including Law Enforcement, Child Advocacy Partners, and Medical Providers to name a few. Recently, she graduated from the Department's CPS Investigator Training Academy with Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. She has mentored numerous new investigators while with Montgomery County and Davidson County. Prior to this, Ms. DePrekel worked for the Indiana Department of Child Services as a Case Manager working with foster care children and with noncustodial long term cases. In 2010, she graduated from the Indiana Child Welfare Training Institute. Ms. DePrekel has several years of experience in various case management roles. Ms. DePrekel graduated from Western Michigan University with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Health Services. While attending school, she worked as an intern helping to update and develop policy and emergency preparedness for a retirement community in Kalamazoo, MI.

  • Amy Taylor, Training Officer
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      Amy Taylor is the Training Officer at the Child Abuse Hotline (CAH) Mrs. Taylor has been with the CAH for over seven years. In her role, Mrs. Taylor provides trainings for all CAH staff including pre-service and specialty training. Topics include department policy, procedures, and work aids, the Tennessee Family and Children Tracking System (TFACTS), and the CAH's structured decision making tool. Prior to her role at the CAH, Amy served over eight years working with children who were identified as having serious and persistent mental health issues

  • Stephanie Butler, Director of Internal Quality Control
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      Stephanie Butler is the Director of Internal Quality Control. She comes to the department with broad investigative experience from both the Department of Intellectual and Development Disabilities (DIDD) and Department of Children's Services. Ms. Butler most recently served as the Director of Investigations for DIDD. During her time with DCS, she specialized in severe abuse investigations. In her new position within OCS, she will be responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating an internal quality control process for investigators and child abuse hotline call agents.

  • Matthew R. Muenzen, Director of Community Partnerships
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      Matthew R. Muenzen, M.A., J.D., is the Special Advisor to the Deputy Commissioner and Director of Community Partnerships in the Office of Child Safety of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.  He most recently served as the Regional General Counsel and Supervising Attorney for the Davidson County Region of DCS, where he supervised the regional attorneys and litigated all of the Termination of Parental Rights cases for the region. Prior to that position, he was an Assistant General Counsel for DCS in Wilson County and Montgomery County. After graduating from Penn State University with a B.S. in Administration of Justice, Mr. Muenzen was employed as a police officer and served on a municipal police department in New Jersey for six years.  While working as a full-time police officer, Mr. Muenzen received an M.A in Human Resources Management and Training from Seton Hall University in New Jersey and a J.D. from Pace University in New York.  Mr. Muenzen is certified as a Juvenile Law - Child Welfare Law Specialist through the National Association of Counsel for Children.