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2017 Annual Report to the General Assembly

Rulemaking Hearing on Drug Free Workplace Program Rules

The Bureau will conduct a hearing on September 28, beginning at 10:00 am CDT. The hearings will be held in the Tennessee Room of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development offices located at 220 French Landing Drive in Nashville. Proposed revisions to the current Drug Free Workplace Program rules will be addressed. This hearing is open to the general public.

  Public Notice

Legislative Changes Have Been Made to Workers' Compensation

A general overview regarding the workers’ compensation legislation passed by the 2017 session of the 110th General Assembly is available for your convenience. Governor Haslam signed Public Chapter 344 into law on May 9, 2017, and it became effective upon signing. For a complete, detailed review of this information and all workers’ compensation bills introduced in this legislative session, please visit www.capitol.tn.gov.

Legislative Update TN General Assembly

Historical Maximum and Minimum Comp Rate Table

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