Wildlife Preserve Permits

Wildlife preserves are controlled areas where certain game species can be released for the purpose of hunting.  The preserve owner must have a TWRA Preserve Permit in accordance with the agency Rules and Regulations Governing Wildlife Preserves.  These permits are issued in conjunction with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture as indicated in their Rules and Regulations.  (Please see Rules and Regulations below)

  • As of July 1, 2009, no new Big Game Preserve Permits can be issued.  However, big game preserves in existence prior to that date may renew their permits.
  • No Wildlife Preserve Permit will be issued unless the application is accompanied by an inspection form filled out by the local wildlife officer indicating the preserve is in compliance.  Please call your TWRA Regional Office to schedule an inspection.
  • Wildlife Preserve Rules & Regulations (1660-01-11)
  • Wildlife Preserve Permit Application