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This website represents, as a public service, a partial summary of some of the laws in effect at the time of the website's upload and last update. Though every effort will be made to remain current, substantive changes to the law may very well occur following the website's last update. For these reasons, the accuracy of the information contained on this website cannot be guaranteed and browsers are cautioned that it is their responsibility to apprise themselves of the laws in effect at any given time. Contact your local TWRA office for specific information for your area.

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TWRA Wildcasts


So, Just What Is A Wildcast Anyway?
TWRA Wildcasts are podcasts (think RSS feeds) that allow our visitors to experience parts of TWRA's website through multimedia (audio and video). These are streaming videos you can actually listen to and watch to enhance your experience at our website. Wildcasts cover a broad-range of topics including everything from fishing tips to backyard habitat and much more.  Have an idea for a Wildcast you'd like to see?  Let our Wildcast Producer, Jason, know about it and you may see your idea in a future Wildcast!

Recommended Programs & Equipment
For the best results when viewing TWRA's Wildcasts, we recommend that you have a high-speed Internet connection and a relatively powerful computer. Video files take up a considerable amount of space and may take a long time to download when using a dial-up connection. If you're using a slower computer or a dial-up modem, be prepared for longer download times. All Wildcasts are shown through QuickTime.  You'll need to have this installed on your machine prior to viewing.


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