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Descriptive Videos Addendum 2004 - 2005

Descriptive videos describe the visual images in movies for people who are blind or have low vision. Narrated descriptions of the visual elements—the action, costumes, gestures and scene changes—are woven into the pauses of the movies’ soundtrack.

Tennessee Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Loan Policy for Descriptive Videos

1. Borrowers must be active, registered patrons of the Tennessee Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Descriptive video service is designed to benefit individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Borrowers will be limited to those who are certified as blind or visually impaired. Library descriptive videos will not be available for loan or use by institutions, agencies, or organizations..
2. All borrowers must complete, sign and return the Descriptive Video Borrower Registration Form.  Applications will not be accepted for descriptive video service only. Those under 18 may borrow videos with a parent or guardian signature, assuring responsibility for the care and return of videos
3. One descriptive video will be loaned at a time.  Borrowers may not check out another title until the title currently checked out is received and checked in by the library.
4. Descriptive videos play on standard video cassette players.  The library does not loan the players or televisions.
5. Borrowers should make several selections from the descriptive video catalog so that requests can be filled from stock available.  No reservations for specific titles or dates will be accepted. The library will not make selections. Due to a limited number of available videos, the library cannot assure a borrower that his or her first choice will always be available.
6. The loan period will be for two weeks. There will be no renewals.
7. Videos may be mailed Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped.  Borrowers should return videos by turning the address card over so that the library’s address is facing up. No postage is required.
8. Abuse of the video lending service, such as repeated late returns or damaged tapes, may result in the suspension of descriptive video service to a patron.
9. If you lose or damage a video, a replacement fee of $20 will be charged. All damaged video tapes must be returned to the library.  A borrower assumes full responsibility for a descriptive video tape while it is in his or her possession. The library retains ownership of the damaged tape, the mailing container, and the mailing bag
10. The library will follow the Motion Picture Association of America rating code when considering requests from borrowers under the age of 18:
G – General, all ages
PG – All ages, but parental guidance suggested
PG-13 – All ages, but parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidance for attendance by children under 13
R – Restricted, persons under 17 must have permission from a parent or guardian


Tennessee Library for the Blind
and Physically Handicapped
Descriptive Videos Addemdum 2004 - 2005


Action and Adventure

DV 00361   Beyond Justice
A wealthy American businesswoman hires a mercenary to rescue her son from the boy’s grandfather, a powerful Arabian Emir who has chosen his grandson as his successor. Stars Carol Alt, Rutger Hauer, and Omar Sharif. 1992.

DV 0368 Casablanca Express
When Nazi commandos hijack a train carrying Winston Churchill to a secret meeting in North Africa, three Allied agents attempt a rescue. Heart-hammering suspense and lethal non-stop action with Glenn Ford, Donald Pleasance, Jason Connery and Francisco Quinn. 1989.

DV 00370 The Con Artists
During the 1920s, an accomplished but aging con man teams up with an aspiring young contender to work a sting on his wealthy former lover. Stars Anthony Quinn, Capucine and Adriano Celantano. 1976.

DV 00372 Cry of the Innocent
When an ex-commando discovers the plane crash that killed his family was not an accident, he vows to find who was responsible and avenge them. Stars Rod Taylor and Joanna Pettet. Adapted from the book by Frederick Forsyth. 1980.

DV 00373 Cuba Crossing
A Key West charter boat captain finds himself embroiled by an ex-CIA agent and a mafioso in a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro. The dramatic conclusion of this tale of treachery and betrayal threatens to replay the original Bay of Pigs fiasco. Stars Stuart Whitman and Robert Vaughn. 1980.

DV 00375 Death Rage
When a New York gangster is killed on a visit to Naples, his mob sends assassin Peter Marciani over to exact revenge. The target is a capo who has also been fingered for the murder of Peter’s brother. But getting to him means getting past a local cop, and the cost is high. Stars Yul Brynner, Barbara Bouchet, and Martin Balsam. Contains violence and nudity. 1976.

DV 00354 The Glory Boys
A maverick spy-catcher is engaged to protect an Israeli scientist from an odd pair of assassins: a fanatical PLO terrorist and a ruthless IRA professional. Stars Anthony Perkins and Rod Steiger. 1984.

DV 00379 Grizzly Falls
On an expedition with his father to capture a grizzly, a young boy has the adventure of his life when he’s carried off by a female who has lost her cubs. From the grizzly the boy learns how to survive in the wilderness. Stars Richard Harris, Bryan Brown and Tom Jackson. 1999.

DV 00381 Jack London
Michael O’Shea and Susan Hayward star in this fast-paced chronicle of the exciting life and times of the celebrated author of “The Call of the Wild” and “White Fang”—from seal hunting in the Pacific, to searching for gold in the Yukon, to reporting on Imperial Japan’s invasion of Korea. 1943.

DV 00412 The Last Samurai
This epic action-drama takes place while Japan is undergoing a tumultuous transition to a more westernized society in 1876-1877. The Last Samurai gives epic sweep to an intimate story of cultures at a crossroads. Starring Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe. Rated R. 2003.

DV 00351 On the Run
When his 10-year-old nephew sees him kill someone, a charming but ruthless assassin pursues the boy and his black farm caretaker across Australia. A suspenseful and surprising thriller that builds relentlessly to a dramatic showdown. Stars Rod Taylor and Paul Winfield. 1983.

DV 00341 Pirates of the Caribbean
Johnny Depp stars in this sweeping action-adventure story set in an era when villainous pirates scavenged the Caribbean seas. Also stars Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush. Rated PG-13. 2003.

DV 00264 The Scarlet Pimpernel
As the Reign of Terror rages through France, the only hope for the aristocratic families waiting in the shadow of the guillotine is a mysterious and daring master of disguise who rescues as many of them as he can. Stars Leslie Howard, Merle Oberon and Raymond Massey. 1934.

DV 00399 Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr
An eccentric old codger enlists his young partner and his daughter in an expedition to recover a treasure. But the mysterious Mr. Brown has other plans. Stars Donald Pleasance, Ken Wahl, Leslie Ann Warren, George Peppard. 1981.

DV 00401 Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms
Reconstructed after his death and genetically enhanced into a nearly indestructible killing machine, the subject in a clandestine research project turns renegade and sets out to avenge himself on his ruthless creators. This ultra-violent drama stars Matt Battaglia, Gary Busey, and Burt Reynolds. 1998.

DV 00402 Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business
Still on the loose, and hell-bent on revenge, Luc Deveraux foils a multi-million dollar hostage plot in a Toronto hotel, then goes after his creators and their leader, a rogue CIA agent who’s planning a major gold heist to fund further development of the UniSol project. Stars Burt Reynolds and Matt Battaglia. Contains violence, coarse language. 1998.

DV 00405 Zulu
The epic tale of 105 British soldiers who defied the odds and defended their tiny South African garrison against thousands of Zulu warriors. Based on the actual Battle of Rorke’s Drift that took place January 22, 1879. Stars Michael Caine, Jack Hawkins, and Stanley Baker. 1964.


Animated Movies


DV 00338 Finding Nemo
Nemo, a young clownfish who has been taken from his home in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef winds up in the office fish tank of a dentist in Sydney. It’s up to his shy father, Marlin, and Marlin’s friend Dory to find him. Voices of Alexander Gould, Albert Brooks, and Ellen DeGeneres. Animated. Rated G. 2003.

DV 00407 Shrek 2
The loveable, green ogre, Shrek, and Princess Fiona are invited to Fiona’s former kingdom, Far Far Away, to have their marriage blessed by Fiona’s parents, which Shrek thinks is a bad idea and he’s right! Voice talent includes Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Julie Andrews, John Cleese, and Antonio Banderas. Rated PG. 2004.



DV 00417 NOVA: Why the Towers Fell
For most people the image of the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001, was not only a scene of unforgettable horror, it was a moment of unimaginable consequences. Within days, NOVA began following a blue ribbon team of forensic engineers as they began searching for clues that would tell them why the towers fell. This moving and informative documentary features interviews with survivors and rescue personnel who recount the buildings’ last moments and their harrowing journeys to safety, interweaving these stories with the insights of some of the leading structural engineers in the world to explain exactly what happened on that fateful day. This program contains material that may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. 2002.


DV 00359 Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
Richard Dreyfuss stars in this comic tale of a young hustler filled with drive, dreams and determination to become somebody. With Jack Warden, Randy Quaid and Micheline Lanctot. 1974.

DV 00366 Call It Murder
A jury foreman is tormented by family, the public and himself after sentencing a woman to death in this suspenseful psychodrama. With Humphrey Bogart, Helen Flint and Sidney Fox. 1934.

DV 00367 Callie & Son
Callie Lord marries a Dallas newspaper magnate who proves his love for her by finding the son she was obliged to give up for adoption. Stars Lindsay Wagner, Dabney Coleman, and Michelle Pfeiffer. 1981.

DV 00413 Cold Mountain
At the dawn of the Civil War, the men of Cold Mountain, North Carolina, rush to join the Confederate army. Ada (Kidman) has vowed to wait for Inman (Law), but as the war drags on and letters go unanswered, she must find the will to survive. At war’s end, hearts will be dashed, dreams fulfilled and the strength of the human spirit tested…but not broken. Starring Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellweger and Jude Law. Directed by Anthony Minghella. Rated R. 2003.

DV 00369 Cold Sweat
The happy, laid-back life of fishing charter captain Joe Martin takes a swift turn toward disaster when a desperate band of cutthroats show up to collect a debt from his checkered past. Stars Charles Bronson, James Mason, and Liv Ullman. 1970.

DV 00371 Constantine and the Cross
Three centuries after the birth of Christ, the Roman Senate resolves to exterminate the new religion. Then a Roman general sympathetic to the Christians lays claim to the imperial throne; and the stage is set for civil war. Stars Cornel Wilde. 1962.

DV 00376 Decameron Nights
In 14 th Century Italy, Baccaccio, a handsome young philanderer, is granted refuge at the country villa for as long as he can entertain his lovely hostess and her guests with amorous tales. Stars Joan Fontaine and Louis Jourdan. 1953.

DV 00348 The Fall of the Roman Empire
189 A.D.: Rome is at the height of its glory. But the Emperor has grown old. And his son Commodus is unstable, utterly amoral and ruthlessly ambitious. An epic drama with an all-star cast, including Alec Guinness, James Mason, Christopher Plummer, Sophia Loren, Omar Sharif, Stephen Boyd, Mel Ferrer, and John Ireland. 1964.

DV 00357 Five Corners
The Bronx, 1964. Newly released from prison for attempted rape, Heinz returns to his old neighborhood, eager to settle some scores. Stars Jodie Foster, Tim Robbins and John Turturro. 1987.

DV 00377 For the Moment
During World War II, one of the young men training as pilots at RCAF facilities on the prairies meets a local farm girl whose husband is serving overseas. Mutual attraction leads to undeniable passion. Stars Russell Crowe and Christianne Hirt. 1993.

DV 00042 Forrest Gump
Experience events spanning three decades through the eyes of an innocent-at-large in an America that is losing its innocence. Starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson and Sally Field. Rated PG-13. 1994.

DV 00380 Indiscretion of an American Wife
In the Rome train station, a married American woman tries to end an affair with her lover while waiting for her train to Paris. They’re caught in a compromising situation and detained by the station police. Stars Jennifer Jones and Montgomery Clift. Directed by Vittorio De Sica, with dialogue by Truman Capote. 1953.

DV 00382 Julius Caesar
The Ides of March, 44 BC. Rome is the world’s mightiest empire, and Caesar is poised to assume absolute power. But his rivals in the Senate have other plans. Stars Jason Robards, Charlton Heston, Sir John Gielgud, Richard Chamberlain and Robert Vaughn in this superb adaptation of Shakespeare’s play. 1970.

DV 00383 Kansas City Confidential
When a down-on-his luck war vet is framed in a million-dollar bank robbery, he swears to get even with the vicious criminals who pulled the daring daylight heist. Stars John Payne, Lee Van Cleef, Neville Brand and Preston Foster. 1952.

DV 00384 The Last Days of Patton
With World War II over, General George S. Patton is appointed Military Governor of Bavaria. But his unorthodox and inflammatory opinions once again get him in trouble with the top brass. And then a freak accident plunges him into his final battle. Stars George C. Scott and Eva Marie Saint. 1986.

DV 00189 Life is Beautiful
Guido, a charming but bumbling waiter who’s gifted with a colorful imagination and irresistible sense of humor has won the heart of the woman he loves and created a beautiful life for his young family. But that life is threatened by World War II and Guido must rely on those very same strengths to save his beloved wife and son from an unthinkable fate. Nominated for 7 Academy Awards, and winner of 3 Oscars, including Best Actor for Robert Benigni. Rated PG-13. 1997.

DV 00343 Mystic River
Childhood friends Jimmy Markum, Sean Devine and Dave Boyle reunite following the death of Jimmy's oldest daughter, Katie. Sean's a police detective on the case, gathering difficult and disturbing evidence; he's also tasked with handling Jimmy's rage and need for retribution. Stars Sean Penn, Kevin Bacon, and Tim Robbins. Nominated for 6 Academy Awards, and winner of 2 Oscars, including Best Actor for Sean Penn. Rated R. 2003.

DV 00409 The Passion of the Christ
One of the biggest box office hits of all times stars Jim Caviezel as Jesus in Mel Gibson’s interpretation of the final 12 hours in the life of Jesus. Also starring Monica Bellucci and Maria Morgenstern. Rated R. 2004.

DV 00387 Picture of Dorian Gray
An Oscar Wilde classic about a vain Victorian socialite whose wish to remain young comes true even as his portrait ages. Features George Sanders, Hurd Hatfield, Donna Reed and Angela Lansbury. 1945.

DV 00344 Power, Passion, and Murder
A movie mogul celebrates his success while a rising star risks her career in an irresistible romance. Based on stories by Hollywood insiders John O’Hara and Budd Schulberg, with wonderful music from the era it recreates. Stars Darren McGavin and Michelle Pfeiffer. 1987.

DV 00346 Rain
On the remote island of Pago Pago, a spirited and worldly Sadie Thompson attracts the attention of a puritanical missionary hell-bent on her reform—or her destruction. Stars Joan Crawford and Walter Huston. 1932.

DV 00342 Seabiscuit
Based on Laura Hillenbrand’s best-seller, this is the true story of a knobby-kneed, ungainly thoroughbred racehorse that captured the nation's heart during the Great Depression. Starring Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges and Chris Cooper. Rated PG-13. 2003.

DV 00393 The Sundowners
A wonderful story about a small family’s struggles in Australia in the 1920s. Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr are superb as a couple at odds but deeply in love. With Peter Ustinov, Glynnis Johns and Chips Rafferty. 1960.

DV 00410 The Terminal
Steven Spielberg directed this touching comedic tale of Viktor Navorski (played by Tom Hanks), an Eastern European who arrives at New York’s Kennedy Airport just as his homeland has fallen to a coup. Without a valid citizenship, he’s forced to take indefinite residence in the airport’s expansive International Arrivals Terminal. Loosely based on a true story. Also starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Stanley Tucci. Rated PG-13. 2004.

DV 00400 Tulsa
Can a cattleman’s daughter become the “Oil Queen” and still remain true to her heritage and herself? Set at the height of the Oklahoma oil boom in the 1920s, this explosive drama stars Susan Hayward and Robert Preston. 1949.

DV 00404 War Lord
In the 11 th century, a knight and his men are sent to impose order on the remote marshes of coastal Normandy and protect the local Celtic serfs from marauding Frisian raiders. Stars Charlton Heston, Richard Boone, and Guy Stockwell. 1965.


Family and Children's Classics

DV 00017 Beethoven
Your entire family will fall in love with the big-hearted, wet-nosed star of this most fetching canine comedy hit! Stars Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt and Dean Jones. Rated PG.1992.

DV 00414 The Cat in the Hat
The Cat in the Hat who goes by that name is played by Mike Myers of comedy fame. It starts with two kids on a cold, cold wet day. Their mom is at work, and they’ve no games to play. Then in walks the fun in the form of a Cat who pulls out the laughs from the brim of his hat. Things really get wild when the Cat and his crew (who go by the name of Thing One and Thing Two) take over the house of Conrad and Sally. Rated PG. 2003.

DV 00378 A Girl of the Limberlost
Rural Indiana in 1908. Elnora Comstock is determined to attend high school, even though her widowed mother, Kate, calls her goal a “foolish dream.” But when the taxes on the farm come due, Elnora must choose between her own dreams of a better life and her mother’s demand that she quit school to help with the harvest. Stars Annette O’Toole, Joanna Cassidy, and Heather Fairfield. 1990.

DV 00408 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
It’s Harry’s third year at Hogwarts; not only does he have a new “Defense Against the Dark Arts” teacher, but there is also trouble brewing. Convicted murderer Sirius Black has escaped the Wizards’ prison and is coming after Harry. Rated PG. 2004.

DV 00385 Little Men
In 19 th-century New England, two street-smart urchins are sent to a country boarding school where they test the patience and principles of their teachers, Jo and Fritz. Stars Mariel Hemingway and Chris Sarandon in wonderful heat-warming adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic sequel to “Little Women.” 1997.

DV 00415 Peter Pan
The magic, the excitement, the wonder of the true Peter Pan comes to life for the first time in this spellbinding fantasy that critics proclaim “ a fun and fantastic tale.” Brimming with spectacular special effects and non-stop action, this all new adventure is sure to be a family favorite for years to come. Rated PG. 2003.


Great Comedy

DV 00340 Bruce Almighty
Pessimistic news reporter Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) gets a chance to play God for one week after God (Morgan Freeman) tires of Bruce's complaints and wants to prove to him how tough it is to run the world. Also stars Jennifer Aniston. Rated PG-13. 2003.

DV 00416 Cheaper by the Dozen
The hilarious tale of two loving parents trying to manage careers and a household—amid the chaos of raising twelve rambunctious kids. Starring Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Hilary Duff, Tom Welling and Piper Perabo. Rated PG.2003.

DV 00349 The Million Pound Note
Life changes dramatically for a young American who’s been stranded in turn-of-the-century London when he’s presented with a 1,000,000 pound bank note. A delightful comedy of manners, money and morals based on a story by Mark Twain. Stars Gregory Peck. 1953.

DV 00352 The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again
Three retired Texas Rangers reunite and ride to Waco to rescue a former comrade-in-arms, the Baltimore Kid. With the help of Waco’s newspaper editor, the old-timers set out to bring law and order to the Wild West town. Stars Walter Brennan, Edgar Buchanan, Chill Wills, and Fred Astaire. 1970.

DV 00411 Raising Helen
A wonderfully funny and touching tale of an adorable hipster and fashion professional, who suddenly finds herself raising three children after the untimely death of her sister. Starring Kate Hudson, John Corbett, Helen Mirren and Joan Cusack. Rated PG 13. 2004.

DV 00396 That Uncertain Feeling
To their friends and the society press, Jill and Larry Baker are known as the Happy Bakers. But their marriage is threatened by a recurring case of hiccups and an eccentric pianist. Stars Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas, and Burgess Meredith. 1941.

DV 00398 Thursday’s Game
When their regular Thursday night poker game is terminated, two pals continue to use the game as a pretext to get away from their troubled marriages for a little fun. Stars Gene Wilder, Bob Newhart, Ellen Burstyn, Cloris Leachman, and Rob Reiner. 1974.

DV 00403 Utopia
Stan ( Laurel) and Ollie (Hardy) get themselves into another fine mess when they inherit an island in the South Seas. After banning all taxes and laws from their private utopia, they enjoy an idyllic existence—until the discovery of uranium prompts a flood of treasure seekers and way more trouble than the pair can handle. 1946.  



DV 00355 Good News
A spirited collegiate musical set in the roaring 20s, full of campus hi-jinx, football heroes and great tunes. June Allyson and Peter Lawford star. Mel Torme croons. 1947.

DV 00388 Pot O’ Gold
Obliged to give up his carefree life running a small-town music store to help his uncle in the city, Jimmy Haskel stumbles into a musical boarding house, gets involved in a family feud, falls in love, and hosts “The Haskel Happiness Hour” radio show. And that’s just the first week! Stars James Stewart and Paulette Goddard. 1941.

DV 00390 Road to Bali
Two American vaudeville performers wind up on a South Sea island where they vie for the favor of gorgeous Princess Lala while crooning, spooning and buffooning their way around headhunters, a volcano, a giant squid and a smitten gorilla. A classic road picture. Stars Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour. 1952.

DV 00391 Royal Wedding
Fred Astaire and Jane Powell star in this lavishly produced musical as a dynamic brother-and-sister act. They each find a romance of their own when their show is booked into London during a royal wedding. With Peter Lawford and Keenan Wynn. 1951.

DV 00392 Stage Door Canteen
During World War II, three young soldiers find romance at New York City’s fabled recreation center where Broadway stars entertain servicemen. Featuring Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Katherine Hepburn, Harpo Marx, Helen Hayes, Edgar Bergen, Peggy Lee, Ray Bolger, George Jessel, Xavier Cugat, Gracie Fields, Ed Wynn, and Gypsy Rose Lee. 1943.

DV 00394 Swing High, Swing Low
In Panama City Fred MacMurray and Carole Lombard are a romantic and musical sensation; but when he accepts an invitation to New York, high times and fast friends threaten their relationship. Also stars Dorothy Lamour. 1937.

Mystery Classics

DV 00365 Borderline
An LAPD cop and a US Customs agent are sent independently undercover to Mexico to ferret out a ruthless drug lord. Unaware of their mutual task, each gathers evidence, becoming more certain the other is guilty. Stars Claire Trevor, Fred MacMurray, and Raymond Burr. 1950.

DV 00356 Dinner At the Ritz
When her father is found dead after his bank fails, a naïve young Parisian socialite refuses to believe it was suicide. A handsome young count helps her search for the men who swindled her father and arranged his death. Stars David Niven and Annabella. 1937.

DV 00397 The Third Man
Author Holly Martins searches for his friend in post-war Vienna. Holly’s suspicions of foul play lead him into murkier depths and more trouble than he ever imagined. Written by Graham Greene and directed by Carol Reed. Stars Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles. 1949.


Narrative Television Videos  (NTN)

DV 00336 Assignment Discovery
Episode—World War

DV 00337 Assignment Discovery
Episode—Blue Planet

DV 00419 Assignment Discovery
Episode – Your Genes, Your Future

DV 00406 Discovery’s Turmoil in the 20th Century

DV 00418 Wild Discovery
Episode – Jamu the Orphaned Leopard



Romantic Comedy

DV 00358 The Ambassador’s Daughter
When a Senator and an Ambassador decide to test the character of a typical American serviceman in post-war Paris, they discover all’s fair in love and war. Stars John Forsythe, Olivia de Haviland, Myrna Loy, Edward Arnold, and Adolphe Menjou. 1956.

DV 00374 Cyrano De Bergerac
Jose Ferrer won an Oscar for his portrayal of the cavalier with the prominent proboscis who helps a handsome friend woo the woman they both adore. 1950.

DV 00353 Ginger In the Morning
An off-beat comedy about the unlikely romance between a conservative, middle-aged architect and a free-spirited flower child. Heartwarming one moment and heart-wrenching the next. Stars Monte Markham, Sissy Spacek, and Slim Pickens. 1974.

DV 00386 Madigan’s Millions
An inept but utterly dedicated Treasury agent is sent to Rome to locate the loot stashed by an American gangster. He gets help from the gangster’s gorgeous daughter. In his first starring role, Dustin Hoffman shows a flair for knockabout farce. Also stars Elsa Martinelli. 1968.

DV 00350 My Dear Secretary
A best-selling author hires an aspiring writer as his new secretary. She soon discovers he’s more interested in womanizing than working. When she tries to change his playboy ways, the battle of the sexes escalates into full scale war in this fast-paced romantic comedy. Stars Kirk Douglas, Keenan Wynn, and Laraine Day. 1949.


Science Fiction and Horror

DV 00360 The Astral Factor
A convicted serial strangler escapes from the state Hospital for the Criminally Insane and sets out to settle a few scores. Stars Stefanie Powers, Elke Sommer and Robert Foxworth. 1976.

DV 00339 Matrix: Reloaded
The second installment of Matrix sees Neo racing to beat the machines before launching a final battle that pits the last remaining unplugged humans against them. Stars Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. Rated R. 2003.

DV 00395 The Terror
A young cavalry officer in Napoleon’s army comes upon a lovely but mysterious girl whom he follows to the castle of an aging Baron. He learns the Baron is hiding a dreadful secret, and the girl is under the spell of a witch who’s bent on wreaking a terrible vengeance on the old man. Stars Jack Nicholson and Boris Karloff. 1963.





DV 00347 Angel and the Badman
Wounded desperado Quirt Evans is taken in by a Quaker family. Their comely daughter falls in love with him and begs him to retire from gunfighting and marry her. But can he escape his past? 1947. Stars John Wayne, Bruce Cabot, and Gail Russell. 1947.

DV 00362 Big Trees
In the early 1900s, homesteading Quakers are pitted against a maverick lumber baron who seeks easy money in California’s giant redwoods. Stars Kirk Douglas and Eve Miller. 1952.

DV 00363 Blue Steel/The Dawn Rider
A double bill of early John Wayne Westerns. In the first, the young star has to track down a notorious thief and stop a gang of outlaws from terrorizing a small town. In the second, he trains his sights on the ruthless bandit who killed his father during a bloody robbery. 1934/1935.

DV 00364 Bonanza (Volume 1)
Two classic episodes from the much-loved TV series starring Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Pernell Roberts and Dan Blocker. In “Escape to Ponderosa,” the Cartwrights are obliged to defend two deserters from a vindictive army officer. In “The Bloodline,” Ben becomes the target of a troubled youth bent on misguided revenge. 1959.

DV 00345 Proud Rebel
Shortly after the Civil War, an impoverished southerner roams the Midwest with his young son seeking a cure for the boy’s muteness. In Illinois, they’re taken in by a kindly spinster in return for their help on her farm. Stars Alan Ladd, David Ladd and Olivia de Havilland. 1958.

DV 00389 Rainbow Valley /’Neath the Arizona
A young John Wayne stars in two of his early Westerns. In the first he’s hired by the town of Rainbow Valley to oversee construction of a road over the mountains. In the second, he protects his young Indian ward, Nina, from a gang of outlaws who covet the oil royalties the little girl has inherited. 1935.



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