The Tennessee State Library and Archives gratefully accepts donations with priority given to materials about Tennessee and its citizens. Materials relevant to the history of the Southeastern United States may also be accepted, as well as standard and important works in American history and biography, standard reference works, genealogical materials, works by Tennessee authors, Tennesseanna, and other materials that are in keeping with the scope of the collections.

Books and bound materials will be reviewed for relevance by an in-house committee of subject specialists. Manuscripts will be reviewed for relevance by our Archives Review Committee. At the time of donation, the donor will be issued a Review Agreement form as a receipt pending the decision of the review committee. If the potential donation is accepted a formal Donor Agreement will be issued to the donor documenting and acknowledging the donation. If the potential donation is determined to be outside our collecting policy, the item/s will be returned, if so requested by the donor.

To donate manuscripts and historical materials please contact Jay Richiuso, Chair, Archives Review Committee, at 615-253-3468, or by email at

To donate books and bound materials contact Kassandra Hassler at 615-741-2764, or by email at

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