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Acts of Tennessee, 1796-1850 > Y


Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
YanceyAmbrose18031064.1Rutledge commissioner
YanceyAmbrose18061330.1Rutledge commissioner
YanceyAmbrose18091539Grainger County - late clerk
YanceyJohn18041128Request to legitimize his child
YanceyJohn18434760.1Washington County - Bank of East TN director
YanceyJohn S.183541 Private6.2Middle and East TN Railroad commissioner
YanceyLucinda18041128Last name changed from Mauch
Yancy(not given)182732 Private109Smith/Sumner County - outbreak of milk sickness
YancyRobt. J.184548182.2Fayette County - Memphis and Charleston Railroad Company
YancyTryan M.182025112.1Pulaski Masonic Hall lottery superintendant
YancyWilliam18222757.1Lottery trustee
YandellWilson181721165.7Bradley Academy Trustee
YarboroughDavid183541 Private14.6Giles County - Commissioner of the Pulaski Turnpike
YarboroughJames183743180.3Davidson County - White's Creek Turnpike Company commissioner
YarboroughJames18495043.1Davidson County - Springfield and Whites Creek Turnpike Company
YarbroughJohn C.1845487.13Decatur County - County Board of Commissioners
YarnellHenry183339 Private36.2Anderson County - authorized to build a fish trap
Yates(Col.)183541 Private7.1Clarksville and Russellville Railroad Company commissioner
YatesDismal183743290.1Humphreys County - Charlotte, Waverly, and Reynoldsburg Turnpike Company
YatesHarriet18474937Carrol County - act of relief for prisoner
YatesJames181923107.2Home site of Perry County courts
YatesJames Sr.183743147.3Robertson County - Nashville and Bowling Green Turnpike Company commissioner
YatesJohn18071457.2Mentioned in a land warrant
YatesJohn182933 Private99Land grant mistakenly issued
YatesJohn183339 Private280An act for his benefit.
YatesJoshua182933 Private99Administrator of John Yates
YatesRiley182732 Private98.1Land entry to be surveyed
YatesRiley182732 Private98.2Land grant to be issued
YatesThomas183743290.1Humphreys County - Charlotte, Waverly, and Reynoldsburg Turnpike Company
YatesWarner M.184145109.1Giles County - Tennessee State Agricultural Society
YatesWarner M.184347213.5Giles County - Hollidan Hill Academy trustee
YatesWarner M.184347232.5Giles County - Halidon Hill Academy trustee
YauntJohn sr.18071463.1Campbell County commissioner
YearslyDavid18071456.1Sullivan County - Jefferson Academy trustee
YeasCharles18091677.1Tait Academy Trustee
YeatesSamuel184548123.1Cocke County - commissioner to select County seat
Yeatman(not given)182933R.32Suit against him dropped
YeatmanHenry T.18394460.2Commissioners of Merchant's Insurance Trust Company of Nashville
YeatmanHenry T.18454826.1Davidson County - authorized to build bridge at Broad and Water
YeatmanJohn18454826.1Davidson County - authorized to build bridge at Broad and Water
YeatmanThomas181923125.1Nashville Steam Boat Company incorporated
YeatmanThomas182732 Private173.1Cumberland River improvement - lottery superintendant
YeatmanThomas183135 Private61.1TN Manufacturing Company incorporated
YellA.18333854.1Lincoln County - Farmers and Merchants Bank of Memphis
YergerGeorge183237 Private61.1Attorney for the State in a Supreme Court Case
YergerJohn1832362.1Giles County - Union Bank of TN
YergerJohn K.182732 Private188.4Giles County - Masonic Hall lottery commissioner
YergerJohn K.18333834.1Giles County - Planters Bank of TN
YergerJohn K.183541 Private6.2Maury County - Middle and East TN Railroad commissioner
YergerMichael183541 Private6.2Middle and East TN Rail Road commissioner
YergerSamuel183135 Private258.1Lebanon - mentioned in extension of corporate limits
YewellJames A.18495033.3Cornersville and Lewisburg Turnpike Company incorporated
YewellJames A.18495056.2Nashville and Alabama Railroad Company incorporated
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
YochamJacob183135 Private206.3Obion County - appointed commissioner of turnpike road
YoePeregrin G.182631 Private53.1Father of Rodeman Yoe
YoeRodeman182631 Private53.1Name changed from Rodeman Moore
YokinGeorge1799815.1Grainger County elections held at his home
YorkG. W.18474991.9Burret College trustee
YorkJames Madison182530177.1Last name changed to Jones
YorkJohn182732 Private219.1Tried for murder
YorkJohn182933 Private291.1Prisoner - taken from Davidson to White County
YorkJohn183135 Private174.1West TN - prisoner transported from Nashville to Sparta
YorkJohn183339 Private203Criminal.
YorkNellie182530177.1Mother - child legitimatized
YorkUriah182429100.1Warrent County - turnpike authorized
YorkUriah18394459.5Van Buren County - appointed commissioner to select justice seat site
YorkUriah18394494.14Van Buren County - authorized to open turnpike
YorkUriah184347225.1Appointed commissioner of turnpike road
YorkUriah18474991.9Burret College Trustee
YorkUriah18495040.21Bon-Air Manufacturing Company - commissioner
YoungA. B.183743147.3Robertson County - Nashville and Bowling Green Turnpike Company commissioner
YoungA. B.183743220.1Nashville and Kentucky Turnpike Company commissioner
YoungAlexander181923106.1Winchester Masonic Hall lottery superintendant
YoungAnn182631 Private79.1Heir and legal representative of James Young
YoungAnn182732 Private2.1Blount County - to redeem land grant
YoungArch.18495035.3Fayetteville Boonshill and Pulaski Turnpike Company incorporated
YoungAustin184548213.1White County - authorized to construct turnpike road
YoungBerry182933 Private218.1Warren County - last name changed from Cantrell
YoungBryan R.182530186.6Heir of Achilles Sneed
YoungBryan R.18495076.2Nashville and Louisville Railroad Company incorporated
YoungCharles1817212Land grant
YoungDaniel182429Res. 8Land grant adjudicated
YoungDaniel183743241.11White's Creek Turnpike Company commissioner
YoungDavid18172155.2Bowling Green commissioner
YoungDoak18495064.11Wilson County - Statesville and Pleasant Valley Turnpike Company
YoungDoke18495057.2Wilson County - Farmers' Academy trustee
YoungEbenezer183541 Private13.1Commissioner of the Ashport Turnpike Company
YoungEbenezer183743223.3Haywood County - Ashport Turnpike Company
YoungEdwin1817212Heir of Charles Young
YoungElizabeth183135 Private2.1Administratrix of William Young
YoungEvan18323618.1Hardin/Wayne County - may use vacant land for manufacture of iron
YoungF. A.18333826.1Western Railroad Company
YoungF. A.18333872.1Payment for surveying
YoungJ. P.183743251.3McNairy County - Savannah, Purdy, and Bolivar Turnpike Company
YoungJacob H.184950124.1Fayette County - Hickory Wythe Academy incorporated
YoungJames182227145.1Hickman County commissioner
YoungJames182328105.1Centreville commissioner
YoungJames182530282.1Grainger County commissioner
YoungJames182631 Private79.1Deceased
YoungJames182732 Private2.1Blount County - land grant issued
YoungJames182732 Private231.2Turnpike commissioner
YoungJames182933 Private208.2Rogersville courthouse commissioner
YoungJames183135 Private264.1White County - authorized to prosecute a lawsuit
YoungJames183237 Private73.1Commissioner Company Board of Internal Improvement
YoungJames18333893.2Hawkins County - Court house commissioner
YoungJames183743249.2Shelbyville and McMinnville Central Turnpike Company commissioner
YoungJames18374386.2Wilson County - Lebanon and Sparta Turnpike Company
YoungJames184749203.1Rome and Round Lick Crick Turnpike Company
YoungJames18495057.2Wilson County - Farmers' Academy trustee
YoungJames18495064.11Wilson County - Statesville and Pleasant Valley Turnpike Company
YoungJames T.182933 Private79.3Wayne County - land grant issued
YoungJane1817212Heir of Charles Young
YoungJohn1796430.2Robertson County - commissioner
YoungJohn179654.2Hawkins County - elector
YoungJohn18202542Mentioned in a land warrant
YoungJohn182732 Private59.6Henry County - lottery manager
YoungJohn184347106.13White County - Burke Turnpike commissioner
YoungJohn L.18495052.1Davidson County - Washington Institute - trustee
YoungJohn S.184749221.21Secretary of State
YoungJohn S.184950127.16Davidson County - Blind Institution trustee
YoungJohn sr.1796432Robertson County - commissioner
YoungJonathan18192370.4Washington County - turnpike commissioner
YoungJoseph18051271.1Appointed commissioner of Washington County
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
YoungLouisa R.182530186.6Heir of Achilles Sneed
YoungMilton183743288.3Madison County - Bolivar and Jackson Turnpike Company commissioner
YoungParker183743289.12Fentress County - Livingston Turnpike Company commissioner
YoungRobert179875Convicted horse thief
YoungRobert18091510.13East Tenn. - entitled to land
YoungRobert18202542Mentioned in a land warrant
YoungS. C.184749120.2East TN and VA Railroad Company
YoungSamuel183743250.6Anderson County - Kingston and Jacksborough Turnpike Company
YoungSmith184749193.11Port Royal Turnpike Commissioner
YoungT. A.1832362.1Carroll County - Union Bank of TN
YoungWilkins1817212Heir of Charles Young
YoungWilliam18091510.13East Tenn. - heir of Robert Young
YoungWilliam18172146.1Built a bridge across Holston River
YoungWilliam18192349.2Former Holston River toll bridge proprietor
YoungWilliam18202542Issued a duplicate land warrant
YoungWilliam182530Res. 9Hawkins County - collection of judgement suspended
YoungWilliam182631 Private51.1Payment as member of General Assembly
YoungWilliam183135 Private2.1Deceased - late husband of Elizabeth Young
YoungWilliam184749100.14Richland Manufacturing Company
YoungWilliam C.184749160.1Chapel Hill Male and Female Academy Trustee
YoungWilliam M.184347162.4White County - Sparta Manufacturing Company
YoungWilliam M.1845481.2White County - Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad Company
YoungWilliam M.18454833.14White County - Sparta and Smithville Turnpike Company commissioner
YoungWilliam M.18474969.2Sparta McMinnville Manchester, & Winchester Turnpike County
YoungWilliam M.184749187.2Nashville and Sparta RR and Mining County
YoungbloodJames Madison18192380.2Last name changed from McMillen
YoungbloodThomas18192380.2Child legitimatized
YoungerWillis18495018.2Henderson and Nashville Railroad Company commissioner
YoungerWillis18495039.2Clarksville and Madisonville Railroad Company - commissioner
Youree(not given)184950118.9Sumner County - Cairo and Desha's Creek Turnpike Company
YoureeFrancis18394486.1Sumner County - boundary lines
YoureeJoseph183237 Private34.1Warren County - Founding Member and Stockholder in a turnpike
YoureyFrancis182429Res. 9Land grant adjudicated
YoustGeorge18374384.1Roane County - Rittenhouse Academy trustee
YowdJames A.183743243.1Lincoln County - concerning incorporation of Petersburg
YowellJames A.18495014.18Marshall County - Mooresville and Lewisburg Turnpike Company
YowellJoel183541 Private23.1Lincoln County - Fayetteville and Shelbyville turnpike Commissioner


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