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Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications : Soldiers & Widows > C


Pensions:    S = Soldier's pension           W = Widow's pension          C = Colored pension
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Caasteen, B. B.FranklinS49501st (Turney's) Inf.
Cable, C. B.SullivanS64581st Ky. Inf.
Cable, C. B.SullivanW4430Cable, Martha E
Cable, G. W.JohnsonS925137th N.C. Inf.
Cable, L. H.KnoxW6148Cable, Mary Jane
Cable, W. D.LoudonS1030514th Inf.
Cabler, James F.RutherfordS499945th Inf.
Cade, G. W.RoaneS1597110th Cav.
Cade, J. W.MeigsS1598226th Inf.
Cage, James EdwardMontgomeryW10514Cage, Lucy Blackwell
Cage, JesseeDavidsonW4452Cage, Sallie Douglas
Cagle, CharlesHardinS143551st Conf. Inf.
Cagle, CharlesLewisW8414Cagle, Sarah
Cagle, CharlieHardinW10020Cagle, Easter Caroline
Cagle, ElijahMonroeW9960Cagle, Susan Catherine
Cagle, Henry C.DyerS693527th Inf.
Cagle, IsaacSullivanS757863rd Inf.
Cagle, IsaacSullivanW6370Cagle, Sarah
Cagle, J. H.BentonS113041st Cav.
Cagle, MartonMonroeW2659Cagle, Martha A.
Cagle, N. C.ChesterS143753rd Ga. Cav.
Cagle, Robert V.LawrenceS13199White's Ala. Art.
Cain, A. M.CheathamS390818th Inf.
Cain, Andrew NewtonDavidsonW1826Cain, Victoria
Cain, G. L.GibsonS146697th Ky. Inf.
Cain, J. B.CheathamS403542nd Inf.
Cain, JohnWashingtonS2298 60th Inf.
Cain, ReubenDavidsonS15393rd Inf.
Cain, Reuben J.DavidsonW6163Cain, Tennessee
Cain, Thomas JeffersonHoustonS1539314th Cav.
Cain, Thomas MartonDavidsonW7656Cain, Cornelia Ann
Cain, William JesseDavidsonS164932nd Inf.
Calahan, J. K.MarshallS1064132nd Inf.
Calaway, Giles M.CarterS996626th N.C. Inf.
Calaway, HiramCarterS920826th N.C. Inf.
Calbert, Robert WilliamLawrenceW11064Calbert, Ella Foster
Caldwell, A. W.ObionS1125927th Inf.
Caldwell, Albert AndrewBedfordS98561st (Carter's) Cav.
Caldwell, Alexander W. ObionW4345Caldwell, Mary Ann
Caldwell, CarrollMcNairyW6016Caldwell, Mary
Caldwell, EdwardBedfordW5188Caldwell, Claudie
Caldwell, EdwardHamblenW4056Caldwell, Kate Livingston
Caldwell, HardySumnerS1123020th Inf.
Caldwell, HardySumnerW1163Caldwell, Nancy
Caldwell, Henry L.ShelbyW5679Caldwell, Martha E.
Caldwell, Isaac Anderson HamiltonW801Caldwell, Mary Caroline
Caldwell, James EphramObionS1417720th Cav.
Caldwell, James EphrimDyerW9809Caldwell, Marie Elizabeth
Caldwell, James MadisonObionW3830Caldwell, Mary Jane
Caldwell, James P.MauryS86373rd Inf.
Caldwell, James W.CarrollS7846Morton's Co. Lt. Art.
Caldwell, James WallaceCarrollW2151Caldwell, Malinda Jane
Caldwell, Joe E.ObionS3487 & S869033rd Inf.
Caldwell, JohnDavidsonC831st Cav.
Caldwell, John M.JeffersonW8190Caldwell, Susie
Caldwell, John W.MauryW7725Caldwell, Sallie M.
Caldwell, Joseph AWilliamsonW8393Caldwell, Ann Roberts
Caldwell, Joseph A.WilliamsonS4068Thomas' Legion N.C.
Caldwell, O. D.DicksonS434449th Inf.
Caldwell, Oscar DunrethDicksonW7618Caldwell, Nancy Jane
Caldwell, R. R.DavidsonS1517812th Cav.
Caldwell, S. A.PolkS965659th Inf.
Caldwell, S. J.DavidsonS1242164th Ga. Inf.
Caldwell, William AlexanderFranklinW2072Caldwell, Nancy Roena
Caldwell, William AshleyMauryS119853rd (Clack's) Inf.
Caldwell, William D.McMinnS1087159th Inf.
Cale, J. B.LincolnS949132nd Inf.
Cale, JamesUnionS335329th Inf.
Cale, JohnJacksonS1262017th Inf.
Cale, NatGibsonC181Undetermined
Calfee, IsaacCockeS424631st Inf.
Calhoun, A. F.ShelbyS616933rd Inf.
Calhoun, Andrew F.ShelbyW6533Calhoun, Anna R.
Calhoun, C. B.HenryS1477846th Inf.
Calhoun, George WashingtonObionW2866Calhoun, Dicey M.
Calhoun, J. RobertsonS114014th Inf.
Calhoun, JamesCarterS1080458th N.C. Inf.
Calhoun, John C.RobertsonW6371Calhoun, Missouri G.
Calhoun, John W.ObionS1516122nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Calhoun, S. H.ShelbyS4535 & S50799th Inf.
Calhoun, Samuel L.WilsonS21797th Inf.
Calhoun, William SemmsShelbyW4980Calhoun, Clara J.
Call, D. HenryS1241546th Inf.
Call, Henry C.MarionS6264th (McLemore's) Cav.
Call, Jarnes H.CoffeeS856244th Inf.
Callaham, A. H.WarrenS524724th Inf.
Callahan, Acholiese HemdonWarrenW10069Callahan, Jennie
Callahan, D. K.MadisonS148208th Va. Cav.
Callahan, David KelleyMadisonW7922Callahan, Mary Ella
Callahan, LeviUnicoiW8138Callahan, Lydia M.
Callahan, LeviUnicoiW8359Callahan, Margaret L.
Callahan, WilliamUnicoiS630264th Inf.
Calloway, J. W.CockeS113816th N.C. Inf.
Calloway, William R.HenryS111415th Inf.
Callup, William H.   See Collup, William H.
Calston, E. C.MarionS6181st Ky. Cav.
Calton, John W.GraingerW1773Calton, Jane
Calton, WinfieldHawkinsS909648th Va. Inf.
Calvard, Wiley M.BledsoeS91068th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Calvert, Joe W.LawrenceS1112554th Inf.
Calvert, Joseph WarrenLawrenceW8240 & W9657Calvert, Nancy Emma
Calvert, L. N.MauryS990 & S15983rd (Clack's) Inf.
Calvert, Louis NelsonMauryW1537Calvert, Narcissa E.
Calvert, R. W.LawrenceS1112654th Inf.
Calvert, T. J.GilesS110931st Cav.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Cambron, Elijah J.LincolnW6739Cambron, Martha H.
Cambron, W. J.LincolnS37305th Ala. Bn. Inf.
Cameron, Allen McD.HaywoodS13806th Inf.
Cameron, E. M.HaywoodS150346th Inf. .
Cameron, James A.ShelbyS13211Rice's Battery Lt. Art.
Cameron, James AlexanderShelbyW4829Cameron, Maria O.
Cameron, ThomasCockeS195531st Inf.
Cameron, ThomasCockeW1630Cameron, Margaret
Cameron, William L.KnoxS7922"Young Guards of Memphis"
& C.S.A. Navy
Cameron, Z. J.WhiteS136201st Bn. (Colm's) Inf.
Camp, A. A.FranklinS431632nd Inf.
Camp, Anderson A.CoffeeW1442Camp, Rebecca
Camp, B. F.KnoxS149462nd S.C. Cav.
Camp, G. C.BentonS151765th Inf.
Camp, George A.DavidsonS103712nd (Robison's) Inf.
Camp, Miles NewtonDavidsonW5979Camp, Elizabeth C
Campbell, A . J.KnoxW2511Campbell, Mary Lynch
Campbell, A. J.KnoxS361334th Inf.
Campbell, AlexanderHamiltonS1080337th N.C. Inf.
Campbell, Alexander William. MadisonW4793Campbell, Annie Dixon
Campbell, Amos A.HamiltonS695220th N.C. Inf.
Campbell, Benjamin D.FranklinS41087th Ark. Inf.
Campbell, ClaiborneBedfordS1414517th Inf.
Campbell, Ezekiel D.WilliamsonS85148th Inf.
Campbell, Ezekiel D.WilliamsonW8347Campbell, Tabitha Ann
Campbell, G. C.DavidsonS158137th Inf.
Campbell, G. D.HardemanS65299th Inf.
Campbell, G. R.CoffeeS1163016th Inf.
Campbell, G. W.CoffeeS75311st (Turney's) Inf.
Campbell, Garner DuncanHardemanW2839Campbell, Cornelia
Campbell, George W.MauryS1058311th (Holman's) Cav.
Campbell, Green B.DavidsonS750141st Inf.
Campbell, Henry CannonS88174th Cav.
Campbell, I. D.PickettS20998th Cav.
Campbell, J. B.ShelbyS1100051st Inf.
Campbell, J. D.WarrenS52484th Cav.
Campbell, J. M.LewisS71461st Cav.
Campbell, J. P.GilesS1578053rd Inf.
Campbell, J. W. C.WashingtonS139221st Va. Inf.
Campbell, JamesDavidsonS135721st Inf.
Campbell, JamesPickettS1588813th (Gore's) Cav.
Campbell, James HarveyBedfordW337Campbell, Lucy Ann
Campbell, James M.SullivanS331063rd Inf.
Campbell, James N.FranklinS851937th Inf.
Campbell, James Samuel GibsonW9861Campbell, Ella Vanleeor
Campbell, JarnesDavidsonW5689Campbell, Carrie
Campbell, JarnesGreeneW5536Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, JoeKnoxS166671st Inf.
Campbell, JohnLakeS1468316th Inf.
Campbell, John E.LewisS164810th Cav.
Campbell, Joseph B.WashingtonS377760th Mtd. Inf.
Campbell, Joseph BorumShelbyW5480Campbell, Caroline V.
Campbell, MalaciaRheaS96111st (Carter's) Cav.
Campbell, Mark PattersonWeakleyW10061Campbell, Amanda C.
Campbell, RobertCannonS89018th (Smith's) Cav.
Campbell, SamuelWeakleyS853Undetermined
Campbell, ThomasMadisonS164219th Cav.
Campbell, ThomasWeakleyS1093315th Inf.
Campbell, ThomasWeakleyW7287Campbell, Mildred
Campbell, Thomas I.RoaneS596359th Inf.
Campbell, Thomas J.SullivanS12761st Inf.
Campbell, Thomas J.SullivanW1573Campbell, Mary E.
Campbell, Thomas M.DavidsonS777838th Inf.
Campbell, Thomas TaylorDavidsonW164Campbell, Helen
Campbell, W.CarrollS1003415th Inf.
Campbell, W. A.GilesS161283rd (Clack's) Inf.
Campbell, W. B. L.CannonW629Campbell, Elizabeth Claiborne
Campbell, W. B. L.CoffeeS127016th Inf.
Campbell, W. C.RutherfordS467616th Inf.
Campbell, W. J.DavidsonW4796Campbell, Ann E.
Campbell, WilliamCarrollW4763Campbell, Sarah E.
Campbell, WilliamCarterS13096Marshall's Co. Art.
Campbell, WilliamWashingtonS1155063rd Inf.
Campbell, WilliamWhiteS663rd Inf. & 62nd Inf.
Campbell, William C.CarterW10517Campbell, Sallie
Campbell, William F.SullivanS1658372nd Va. Inf.
Campbell, William G.LincolnW2528Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, William JosephShelbyW11134Campbell, Callie H.
Campbell, William R.HaywoodS3848th Ark. Inf.
Campbell, William RileyHaywoodW7959Campbell, Mary C.
Campbell, William T. MadisonS96907th Cav.
Camper, Andrew J. HamblenS486360th Inf.
Camper, Andrew JacksonShelbyW5912Camper, Ollie Elizabeth
Camper, DavidWashingtonS8750Jeffres' Battery Lt. Art.
Camper, Samuel P.SullivanS279748th Va. Inf.
Campfield, S. J.LawrenceS1193348th (Nixon's) Inf.
Campsay, J. B.MauryS750224th Inf.
Campton, William HenryHaywoodW5398Campton, Ella W.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Canada, James C.LakeS28843rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Canada, James PatrickGibsonW1734Canada, Ophelia A.
Canadas, James P.GibsonS752012th Cav.
Canady, James W.WilliamsonS26919th Cav.
Cancer, Joseph A.MarshallS67878th Inf.
Cancer, W. L. MarshallS140248th Inf.
Candel, William A.WeakleyS1093422nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Candle, Jesse H.ObionS1607627th Inf.
Canipe, J. W.ShelbyS276656th Inf.
Canipe, John WilliamShelbyW3643Canipe, Mary Watts
Cannon, A. H.KnoxS14514Brown's Co. Home Guards
Cannon, Benjamin J.OvertonS19938th(Dibrell's) Cav.
Cannon, CharlesShelbyC217154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
Cannon, G. B.SumnerS384722nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Cannon, G. B.SumnerW4669Cannon, L.A.
Cannon, H. P.GibsonS118499th Ga. Inf.
Cannon, Henry E.ShelbyW9917 Cannon, Bessie Rembert
Cannon, Henry P.GibsonW5406Cannon, Mary C.
Cannon, JamesOvertonS75848th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Cannon, John O.MonroeW1202Cannon, L.W.
Cannon, M. V.JacksonS15464Shaw's Bn. Cav.
Cannon, NewtonWilliamsonW10684Cannon, Jennie McEwen
Cannon, StephenFayetteW3902Cannon, Nancy
Cannon, W. A.KnoxS1403759th Inf.
Cannon, W. A.KnoxW5574Cannon, Josephine Taylor
Cannon, W. J.OvertonS185325th Inf.
Cannon, W. J.OvertonW5043Cannon, Emaline
Cannon, William H.DavidsonS841949th Inf.
Cannon, William N.TiptonS36801st Cav.
Cansler, Hugh LawsonKnoxC12243rd Inf.
Canter, James H.WashingtonS215263rd Va. Inf.
Cantrell, A. P.DeKalbS1323923rdInf.
Cantrell, AaronDeKalbS69941st Bn. (Colm's) Inf.
Cantrell, AaronDeKalbW9163Cantrell, Sarah
Cantrell, AlexanderSevierS37181st N.C. Cav.
Cantrell, C. A.DeKalbW4546Cantrell, Mary J
Cantrell, C. C.WhiteS1194121st (Carter's) Cav.
Cantrell, Cleve A.WarrenS1652216th Inf.
Cantrell, D. W.WarrenS504216th Inf.
Cantrell, George W.ObionS208849th Inf.
Cantrell, Hiram P.DeKalbS533 & S699523rd Inf.
Cantrell, Hosel H.DeKalbS222439th Ga. Inf.
Cantrell, I J.WeakleyS37127th Cav.
Cantrell, IsaacDeKalbS667316th Inf.
Cantrell, J. C.HamiltonS135044th Ga. Inf.
Cantrell, J. H.RobertsonS76718th Inf.
Cantrell, James K. PolkHardinW6866Cantrell, Martha Ann
Cantrell, JohnDeKalbS217816th Inf.
Cantrell, John M.SumnerW5273Cantrell, Florence Hart
Cantrell, JosephDeKalbS15928th Ga. Bn. Inf.
Cantrell, JosephDeKalbW8020Cantrell, Julia Ann
Cantrell, L. R.WarrenS1079811th Ga. Cav.
Cantrell, LawsonDeKalbS484516th Inf.
Cantrell, Lewis K.WarrenW5869Cantrell, Mary Ellen
Cantrell, P. F.DeKalbW10742Cantrell, Mary Jane
Cantrell, P. F.WarrenS1650922nd Bn. Inf.
Cantrell, Perry G.DeKalbS163516th Inf.
Cantrell, Peter. WarrenW2761Cantrell, Elizabeth
Cantrell, Phydilla P.SevierW2295Cantrell, Jane L.
Cantrell, Samuel.WarrenW1783Cantrell, Sue
Cantrell, Stephen O.SevierS75937th Inf.
Cantrell, T. D.MauryS97379th Ky. Cav.
Cantrell, Tillman DodsonMauryW5870Cantrell, Mary Jane
Cantrell, W. H.WeakleyW658Cantrell, Nancy Ellen
Cantrell, WatsonDeKalbS616816th Inf.
Cantrell, William CarrellDeKalbW1641Cantrell, Martha J.
Cantrell, William CarrolWilsonW3332Cantrell, Martha Jane
Cantrell, William CarrollCannonS968816th Inf.
Capell, James ThomasDyerS1354531st Inf.
Caperton, Thomas E.WilliamsonS1441611th. (Holman's) Cav.
Caplenor, John WilsonWilsonW9569Caplenor, Mary Isabel
Caplenor, W. C.WilsonW9570Caplenor, Lina
Capp, John.GreeneW5543Capp, Margaret
Capps, B. F.DavidsonW2287Capps, Bettie
Capps, E. F.DavidsonS94496th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Capps, Ephraim FosterDavidsonW3586Capps, Ollie Abaline
Capps, J. R.CarrollS126631st Miss. Inf.
Capps, John A.UnionS22731st Cav.
Caprenter, William H.HancockS1495363rd Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Carathers, DavidWashingtonS1124929th Inf.
Carbary, JohnSullivanS520860th Inf.
Carbary, John SullivanW5058Carbary, Sarah E.
Carden, C. C.SullivanS368119th Inf.
Carden, ElbertSullivanS91063rd Inf.
Carden, R. C.CoffeeS802916th Inf.
Carden, Samuel R.JeffersonS96992nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Carden, W. C.HamiltonS15164Ga. Cadets
Carden, W. C.HamiltonW8125Carden, Mattie S.
Carden, William JonesMcMinnW634Carden, Polly
Cardin, G. W.MonroeS37583rd Inf.
Cardin, G. W.MonroeW451Cardin, Mary
Cardin, LarkinGilesS21843rd Inf.
Carding, J. B.DicksonS617849th Inf.
Cardwell, J. T.CoffeeS54181st (Field's) Inf.
Cardwell, JamesWarrenS1123911th (Holman's) Cav.
Cardwell, James A.SmithS4831st Inf.
Cardwell, James A.SmithW429Cardwell, Lucy F.
Cardwell, James L.WilsonS1417924th Inf.
Cardwell, James R.GraingerS421726th Inf.
Cardwell, James R.GraingerW4278Cardwell, Malissie
Cardwell, John B.SmithS126199th (Ward's) Cav.
Cardwell, John WestleyWeakleyW1733Cardwell, Virginia
Cardwell, Joseph TaylorFranklinW3855Cardwell, Theresa Elvira
Cardwell, L. P.DyerS2458 & S167818th (Newsom's) Cav.
Cardwell, Samuel SullivanSmithW2249Cardwell, Margie Eugenia
Cardwell, T. D.DyerS243418th (Newsom's) Cav.
Cardwell, William M.SmithW10951Cardwell, Cora
Carey, B. B.DavidsonS1128730th Inf.
Carey, Benjamin BristerDavidsonW8874Carey, Laura Dickerson
Carey, DavidHendersonS822216th Cav.
Carey, HunsdonShelbyW10463Carey, Ellen Rhea
Cargile, Henry K.CoffeeS694324th Miss. Inf.
Cargile, Henry K.CoffeeW7851Cargile, Eliza
Carig, Burrell B.MarshallW328Craig, Martha Jane
Carlen, H. W.HardemanW2051Carlen, Mary
Carleton, John H.FranklinW11078Carleton, Peggie Elliott
Carlin, William B.PutnamS22994th Cav.
Carlisle, EllisJacksonS5436 & S70638th Cav.
Carlisle, NewtonJacksonS81448th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Carlisle, Samuel H.DavidsonW806Carlisle, Bettie
Carlton, A. M.HaywoodS121437th Cav.
Carlton, AdamSullivanS446619th Inf.
Carlton, D. C.BedfordS156024th Inf.
Carlton, Daniel CarralRutherfordW2120Carlton, Martha Angeline
Carlton, Elias H.FranklinS142944th Inf.
Carlton, Thomas H.RutherfordS583012th Inf.
Carlton, William H.WeakleyS1253712th Inf.
Carmack, C. C.SullivanS1603710th Ky. Cav.
Carmack, EvanClaiborneS28881st (Carter's) Cav.
Carmack, G. W.ObionS137849th Inf.
Carmack, G. W.ObionW6863Carmack, Martha Jane
Carmack, G. W.WashingtonS59428th (Smith's) Cav.
Carmack, J. (Jim) C.OvertonS13732Shaw's Bn. Cav.
Carmack, J. D.OvertonS13733Shaw's Bn. Cav.
Carmack, Jesse W.OvertonS68828th Inf.
Carmack, Jesse W.OvertonW8107Carmack, Lucy M.
Carmack, Robert R.WashingtonS634512th Bn. (Day's) Cav.
Carmack, Samuel WilliamFranklinW2771Carmack, Nannie Elizabeth
Carmack, T. B.HawkinsS771963rd Inf.
Carmack, W. H.LawrenceS1475337th Va. Inf.
Carman, Edward R.DavidsonS156192nd (Robison's) Inf.
Carman, JohnSumnerS106429th Cav.
Carman, T. G.TrousdaleS104818th Inf.
Carman, ThomasTrousdaleW8897Carman, Emma
Carman, W. B.MaconS101047th Bn. Cav.
Carmichael, George
DavidsonW7573Carmichael, Mary Selina
Carmichael, J. H.ShelbyS876942nd Miss. Inf.
Carmichael, James H.WilliamsonW4024Carmichael, Martha P.
Carmichael, John H.ShelbyW6880Carmichael, Priscilla
Carmichall, Jacob G.McMinnS91042nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Carnahan, J. C.RutherfordS158348th (Smith's) Cav.
Carnahan, James CalvinRutherfordW8241Carnahan, Mary Frances
Carnahan, James M.CannonS142478th (Smith's) Cav.
Carnathan, Wiley J.DavidsonW6136Carnathan, M.J.
Carnell, J. N.LauderdaleS756416th (Logwood's) Cav.
Carnes, John MintonKnoxW9010Carnes, Anna Lord
Carnes, John W.SequatchieS1072514th Va. Cav.
Carney, AlfredHamiltonS135619th Inf.
Carney, Daniel J.DavidsonS492728th Inf.
Carney, Daniel JohnsonWilsonW229Carney, Sidney E.
Carney, Elijia WilsonDavidsonW2750Carney, Martha Ann
Carney, Joseph E.DavidsonW299Carney, Mary Jane
Carney, JoshuaTrousdaleS83879th Cav.
Carney, JoshuaTrousdaleW5551Carney, Leacy
Carney, N. B. McNairyS598050th Inf.
Carney, Norfleet BryanBentonW10732Carney, Rebecca Jane
Carney, Romalus S.HaywoodS324 & S1608154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
Carney, William M.CheathamW4897Carney, Lavina
Carothers, H. R.HickmanS1407642nd Inf.
Carothers, R. B.WilliamsonW7015Carothers, Mary Porter
Carothers, Thomas J.WilliamsonW5740Carothers, Josephine
Caroway, Albert S.WilsonS258338th Inf.
Carpenter, A. S.ShelbyW5524Carpenter, Emma Anderson
Carpenter, G. W.ClaiborneW5529Carpenter, Malissa
Carpenter, George W.ClaiborneS459163rd Inf.
Carpenter, J. P.ShelbyS156222nd Ark. Mtd. Rifles
Carpenter, John W.LincolnS315044th Inf.
Carpenter, JoshuaTiptonS68872nd Ark.
Carpenter, Thomas BenjaminMarshallW7919Carpenter, Nice Bell
Carpenter, Tom B.MauryS19563rd Ky. Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Carr, BenjaminOvertonS1545825th Inf.
Carr, Daniel AndersonTrousdaleW4087Carr, Elizabeth Arthula
Carr, E. W.JacksonS4714th Cav.
Carr, Elijah W.JacksonS9094th & 25th Inf.
Carr, Elijah WatsonPutnamW19Carr, Elizabeth F.
Carr, ElkanaCarterS524963rd Inf.
Carr, F. M.OvertonS1100825th Inf.
Carr, Francis MarionOvertonW6890Carr, Martha
Carr, J. J.WayneS309427th Ala. Inf.
Carr, J. T.OvertonS233628th Inf.
Carr, JamesSullivanS923559th Inf.
Carr, JamesTrousdaleS1225524th Inf.
Carr, James WashingtonW7290Carr, Susan
Carr, JohnRobertsonW4135Carr, Hannah Francis
Carr, John DoakTrousdaleW1015Carr, Pattie Ann
Carr, John O.WilsonW521Carr, Sarah J.t
Carr, John TiptonOvertonW1259Carr, Nancy Emily
Carr, Josh H.ShelbyS1089929th Miss. Inf.
Carr, T. J.DicksonW5767Carr, Tennesse C.
Carr, Thomas J.DicksonS2496Baxter's Co Lt. Art.
Carr, Thomas JeffersonWeakleyW10996Carr, Mary Matilda
Carr, WilliamSullivanS198461st Mtd. Inf.
Carr, WilliamWhiteS20681st Bn. (Colm's) Inf.
Carr, ZebedeePutnamS94208th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Carr, ZebedeePutnamW2305Carr, Mary Eliza
Carrall, James E.HumphreysW4684Carrall, Nettie
Carraway, E. W.HaywoodS1187313th Inf.
Carrell, Absalom P.McNairyS1153213th Ga. Inf.
Carrick, Thomas F.GrundyS980321st (Wilson's) Cav.
Carrier, C. N.SullivanS13847Unassigned (Chopped wood)
Carrier, E. A.SullivanS485463rd Inf.
Carrier, ElbertSullivanS6607Tennessee Reserves
Carrier, EldridgeSullivanS564063rd Inf.
Carrier, EldridgeSullivanW7450Carrier, Elizabeth E.
Carrier, Iames ParrotSullivanW9127Carrier, Martha Jane
Carrier, J. A.MarshallS53778th Inf.
Carrier, J. C.SullivanS14998Unassigned
(Iron worker)
Carrier, J. P.SullivanS296961st Inf.
Carrier, James R.SullivanS438221st Va. Cav.
Carrier, James R.SullivanW6607Carrier, Sarah
Carrier, John M.KnoxS29474th (McLemore's) Cav.
Carrier, LeroySullivanS294863rd Inf.
Carrier, LeroySullivanW2907Carrier, Nancy J.
Carrier, W. D.SullivanS14995Chumbley's Home Guards
Carrier, W. H.WashingtonS8594Finney's Nitre and
Mining Bureau
Carrier, W. W.SullivanS99863rd Inf.
Carrigan, H. M.DavidsonS154056th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Carrigan, James A. HamblenS1601559th Mtd. Inf.
Carrigan, W. H.DavidsonS3938th Inf.
Carrigan, W. H.DavidsonW5445Carrigan, Kate
Carriger, Britton F.LincolnS1248th Inf.
Carriger, Britton F.MooreW9407Carriger, Polly Burrow
Carroll, Addison R.ShelbyW10872Carroll, Josephine
Carroll, BenMauryS152353rd Confederate Cav.
Carroll, C. H.ObionS1048322nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Carroll, CharlesMcNairyS275025th Inf.
Carroll, Charles.McNairyW7760Carroll, Mandy
Carroll, E. C.ObionS107859th Inf.
Carroll, George W.McMinnS82832nd Cav.
Carroll, HenryCoffeeS536423rd Bn. Inf.
Carroll, HenryCoffeeW7804Carroll, Clementine Hodge
Carroll, J. C.ChesterS475210th Cav.
Carroll, J. S.ChesterS715621st Tex. Cav.
Carroll, James AlexanderLauderdaleW4222Carroll, Eliza Jane
Carroll, James JacksonDicksonW8008Carroll, Martha Amanda
Carroll, James JacksonHickmanS96811th Inf.
Carroll, James MadisonHawkinsW2834Carroll, Margie
Carroll, James StirlingChesterW3039Carroll, Sabelia Frances
Carroll, JohnLewisS234548th Inf.
Carroll, JohnLewisW1667Carroll, Mary Catherine
Carroll, John H.ChesterS715551st Inf.
Carroll, John H.ChesterW6094Carroll, Louisa Jane
Carroll, John W.FranklinW1631Carroll, Lucinda Susan
Carroll, John WilliamShelbyW8673Carroll, Mattie
Carroll, JosephHendersonW2186Carroll, George Ann
Carroll, LeviRobertsonS436743rd Inf.
Carroll, Marcus C.RoaneS34514th (McLemore's) Cav.
Carroll, MattisonCampbellS68319th Inf.
Carroll, PatrickMauryS847721st Ala. Inf.
Carroll, Samuel AddisonHardinW5960Carroll, Octavia
Carroll, Thomas BentonChesterW452Carroll, Martha A.
Carroll, W. C.ObionS1069213th Ark. Hvy. Art.
Carroll, W. T.ClaiborneS27181st Cav.
Carroll, W. T.GibsonW3635Carroll, Martha R.
Carroll, William T.ClaiborneW1160Carroll, Martha
Carroll, William T.GibsonS825420th Cav.
Carroll, Z. N.FranklinS483444th Inf.
Carroll, Zachariah N.FranklinW1085Carroll, Mary J.
Carroway, A. G.ShelbyS139601st Bn. (Cox's) Inf.
Carroway, E. W.FayetteW8092Carraway, Sarah B.
Carruth, William H.HamiltonW8655Carruth, Elizabeth Victoria
Carruthers, Nathan S.ShelbyW3205Carruthers, Barbara Elizabeth
Carruthers, Thomas NeelyShelbyW10252Carruthers, Linnie Lou.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Carson, Benjamin F.DavidsonS74061st (Field's) Inf.
Carson, Benjamin F.WashingtonS1467461st Inf.
Carson, Benjamin F.WashingtonW7257Carson, Mollie E.
Carson, Benjamin FranklinWilliamsonW1802Carson, Sallie S.
Carson, D. W.DavidsonS1192630th Inf.
Carson, J. M.LewisS260624th Inf.
Carson, JamesHawkinsS897Undetermined
Carson, James CampbellSullivanW10416Carson, Margaret Jane
Carson, James L.TrousdaleS151130th Inf.
Carson, John L.ClayS791 & S418628th Inf.
Carson, John L.ClayW4582Carson, Mary Jane
Carson, John RossWashingtonW8460Carson, Julia Ann
Carson, W. O.ShelbyS1515113th Miss. Cav.
Carson, W. S.ChesterS62936th Inf.
Carter, Alfred B.ShelbyS24466th Va. Cav.
Carter, B. H.HamblenS1054037th Inf.
Carter, BobFayetteC101Regiment not given
Carter, BorousFayetteS1337513th Inf.
Carter, Chesley C.MonroeS1148459th Inf.
Carter, D. G.RutherfordS54711st (Feild's) Inf.
Carter, Edward PolkObionW2158Carter, Martha Jane
Carter, Enoch HenryHamblenW1345Carter, Coly Elizabeth
Carter, Ezekiel ColumbusObionW9778Carter, Mary Jane
Carter, Fred T.ClaiborneS277125th Va. Cav.
Carter, H. C.McNairyS312516th Ala. Inf.
Carter, H. M.BedfordS2929 & S348841st Inf.
Carter, Henry C.McNairyW2262Carter, .Mary E.
Carter, Henry MarionBedfordW5727Carter, Mary Elizabeth
Carter, IsaacShelbyS1164227th Ala. Cav.
Carter, J. A.DavidsonS102034th (McLemore's) Cav.
Carter, J. L.WayneS619423rd Inf.
Carter, J. T.CoffeeS34894th (McLemore's) Cav.
Carter, J. W.SumnerS345520th Inf.
Carter, JamesJacksonS54028th Inf.
Carter, James HenryWashingtonW10856Carter, Martha Ellen
Carter, James ThompsonGilesW1782Carter, Cynthia
Carter, James W.ObionS1313322nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Carter, JohnCarrollS995322nd Inf.
Carter, JohnCarrollW6285Carter, Bettie
Carter, JohnRutherfordS779045th Inf.
Carter, John DavisKnoxW2016Carter, Virginia Anne
Carter, John EdwardHaywoodS914924th Inf.
Carter, John HughesDavidsonS11250Wheeler's Scouts Cav.
Carter, JosephSumnerS42789th (Ward's) Cav.
Carter, Marcus DelafayetteMadisonW2671Carter, Martha
Carter, P. J.WashingtonW6672Carter, Frances Lucinda
Carter, Philip J.WashingtonS1102942nd Va. Inf.
Carter, R. L.ShelbyS1319824th Inf.
Carter, R. S.JacksonS700Undetermined
Carter, R. S.JacksonS976 & S128817th Inf.
Carter, Robert W.HawkinsW3955Carter, Mary A.
Carter, S. A.BedfordS78174th (McLemore's) Cav.
Carter, S. A.CoffeeW7274Carter, Narcissa
Carter, S. A.PutnamS42531st Bn. Inf.
Carter, ThackstonJacksonW3304Carter, Parilee
Carter, ThaxtonJacksonS72925th Inf.
Carter, ThomasCarrollS149725th Inf.
Carter, Thomas B.GibsonW7527Carter, Sallie A.
Carter, Thomas J.ShelbyS157572nd Regt. Miss.
Partisan Rangers
Carter, Thomas Jefferson ShelbyW10066Carter, Mary
Carter, Thomas T.GilesS105723rd (Clack's) Inf.
Carter, Tom B.MadisonS837Undetermined
Carter, W. E.GilesW8130Carter, Mary E.
Carter, W. N.SumnerS114307th Cav.
Carter, W. N.SumnerW7713Caner, Bettie
Carter, W. W.CockeS7642nd Cav.
Carter, WilliamRutherfordS935445th Inf.
Carter, William B.LincolnS119178th Inf.
Carter, William B.MaconS66944th Inf.
Carter, William EgbertGilesS1069320th Cav.
Carter, William H.CarrollS157022nd Inf.
Carter, William H.WhiteS1104360th N.C. Inf.
Carter, William H.WhiteW6282Carter, Almarinda
Carter, William RileyTiptonS143002nd Miss. Inf.
Carter, Z. B.ClayS70498th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Carter, Z. P.HawkinsS142807th Bn. Ky. Cav.
Carter, Zibe OvertonW9591Carter, Rebecca Ellen
Carthel, John T.GibsonW9840Carthel, Elizabeth Ivie
Cartmell, H. M.WilsonW2142Cartmell, Emaline J.
Cartmell, James MartinMadisonS66516th Inf.
Cartmell, Robert D.ShelbyW1512Cartmell, Julia Ann
Cartwell, J. H.MadisonS4446th Inf.
Cartwright, S. G.SullivanW5124Cartwright, Mary H.
Cartwright, W. T.LincolnS799323rd Bn. Inf.
Carty, Henry K.LincolnS8168th Inf.
Caruth, Isaac A.WilsonS66849th (Ward's) Cav.
Caruthers, B. F.PutnamS235628th Inf.
Caruthers, JohnWilsonC24148th Inf.
Caruthers, William A.HardemanW8727 & W7256Caruthers, Amanda Lewis
Caruthers, William AdolphusHardemanS13169Polk's Battery Lt. Art.
Carvan, J. J.ChesterS783414th (Ward's) Bn. Miss. Lt. Art.
Carvan, Jordan JonesChesterW3399Carvan, Sarah E.
Carver, A. J.WilsonS812145th Inf.
Carver, John AlvenRobertsonW4431Carver, Sarah Elizabeth
Carver, Pleasant P.FranklinS11770Huggin's Co. Lt. Art.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Casby, E. H.GilesS44023rd (Clack's) Inf.
Case, John L.KnoxS101329th N.C. Inf. Cav.
Case, John L.KnoxW4942Case, Sarah Ann
Casey, DennisCockeS13441st S.C. Art.
Casey, Isaac N.ShelbyS634613th Inf.
Casey, J. C.CrockettS147457th Cav.
Casey, J. D. R.HardemanW11061Casey, Martha Jane
Casey, John Daniel RandallHardemanS898414th Cav.
Casey, WilliamCarterS1566259th Inf.
Casey, William PryorShelbyW9646Casey, Frances Rebecca
Cash, Green BenjaminShelbyW8288Cash, Sarah Elizabeth
Cash, JamesCoffeeW91Cash, Catherine
Cash, James M.OvertonW2067Cash, Lizzie E.t
Cash, James W.WhiteS136678th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Cash, JohnSullivanS3946Sullivan County Reserves
Local Defense Troops
Cash, ShadrickAndersonS303929th N.C. Inf.
Cash, Thomas W.HickmanS133023rd Inf.
Cash, Thomas WoodsonHickmanW8963Cash, Mary Alice
Cash, W. M.LewisW4607Cash, Charity
Cash, WilliamJohnsonS1047711th (Holman's) Cav.
Cash, William M.LewisS841710th Cav.
Cash, William SimpsonWhiteS150825th Inf.
Cash, William SimpsonWhiteW10451Cash, Mary
Cashion, ArchLincolnS67041st (Turney's) Inf.
Cashion, Arch.LincolnW6103Cashion, Elizabeth
Cashion, FranklinCockeS122556th N.C. Inf.
Cashion, JamesMooreS30638th Inf.
Cashion, Newton G.KnoxS42228th (Smith's) Cav.
Cashion, Newton GillespieKnoxW121Cashion, Sarah Louisa
Cashion, W. H.LincolnS24061st (Turney's) Inf.
Cashion, William A.MooreS22431st (Turney's) Inf.
Cashion, William HenryLincolnW6707Cashion, Elizabeth Monday
Cashon, R. W.ObionW5321Cashon, Ava W.
Caskey, R. H.MauryS150506th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Caskey, Samuel WillersonGilesW4047Caskey, Sarah Ann
Caskey, William S.MauryW3948Caskey, Missouri E.
Cason, D. D.MarshallS1318211th (Holman's) Cav.
Cason, FrazierChesterC17331st Inf.
Cason, W. C.MadisonS1311618th (Newsom's) Cav.
Casper, Jacob G.CarrollS1506627th Inf.
Cass, James Moses WhiteS16606Edmundson's Bn. Cav.
Cassell, John M.HamblenS975151st Va. Inf.
Casson, S. E.HamiltonS1287334th Va. Bn. Cav.
Casteel, J. G.SullivanW300Casteel, Surbina J.
Casteel, JosephMcMinnS987516th Cav.
Casteel, JosephMcMinnW5179Casteel, Ruth
Castellow, J. M.RobertsonS152636th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Castellow, James W.HaywoodS112317th Cav.
Castelman, Charles C.DavidsonS907230th Inf.
Castelman, George W.CrockettS1207920th Inf.
Castile, J. M.BentonS446255th Inf.
Castile, P. A.StewartS152929th Inf.
Castleberry, James MarionFranklinW1499 Castleberry, Francis Jane
Castleberry, T. M.FranklinS235732nd Inf.
Castleberry, TimothyFranklinW1500Castleberry, Rebecca Almida
Castleman, Charles NewtonDavidsonW9153Castleman, Mary Leila
Castleman, G.MarshallS63427th Inf.
Castleman, Gad.DavidsonW3759Castleman, Lavinia E.
Castleman, Jacob M.WarrenS225316th Inf.
Castleman, James D.DavidsonS139020th Inf.
Castleman, James HardinRutherfordW8859 & W1136Castleman, Nancy Cathron
Castleman, John FielderCrockettS181220th Inf.
Cate, A. W.McMinnS9085Unassigned (worked
in pork factory)
Cate, Atlas JonesGibsonW10006 & W8302Cate, Eliza F.
Cate, Elisha P.JeffersonS3362Marshall's Co. Lt. Art.
Cate, Ephraim B.CockeS8052Marshall's Co Lt. Art.
Cate, GrunburyHamiltonS12365Undetermined
Cate, HenryHamiltonW2630Cate, Tennessee
Cate, James FranklinHenryW283Cate, Martha A.
Cate, James PolkHenryS1435621st (Wilson's)
Cate, R. E.McMinnS834743rd Inf.
Cate, SilasHenryS1410820th (Russell's) Cav.
Cate, WilliamHenryS1439320th (Russell's) Cav.
Cate, William D.HenryW3704Cate, Rebeker A.
Cates, AtlasGibsonW8302 & W10006Cates, Eliza F.
Cates, C. T.MooreS636137th Inf.
Cates, Charles TimothyBedfordW1029Cates, Sarah James
Cates, DixonLauderdaleS534418th Inf.
Cates, IsaahHumphreysS4417Undetermined
Cates, J. C.GibsonS1532620th (Russell's) Cav.
Cates, J. W.ObionS1636520th Inf.
Cates, JohnRoaneS94526th Inf.
Cates, N. C.BedfordS27441st Inf.
Cates, William CarrollBedfordW27Cates, Elzira Jane
Cathcart, William HughGilesW3802Cathcart, Sarah Adelaide
Cathey, E. N.DicksonS535911th Inf.
Cathey, Elias NewtonDicksonW8872Cathey, Mary Jane
Cathey, Henry L.StewartW10374Cathey, Sallie A.
Cathey, J. S.LauderdaleS744518th Miss. Cav.
Cathey, James NewtonRutherfordW117Cathey, Harriet
Cathey, Jethro B.MauryW7768Cathey, Fanny M.
Cathey, M. M.HoustonS91614th Inf.
Cathey, M. V.MarshallS7837Courtney's Bn. Ala Art.
Cathey, T. J.MarshallS1258811th (Holman's) Cav.
Cathey, Thomas J.MarshallW8771Cathey, Rovania Jane
Catlett, TomMonroeC189Regiment not given
Cato, William H.SmithW301Cato, Helen E.
Caton, George T.HenryS109657th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Caton, JamesWeakleyW3051Caton, Sarah Ann
Catron, JohnFayetteS153133rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Catron, W. P.SullivanS445748th Va. Inf.
Caudion, William M.DavidsonS120478th Ark. Lt. Inf.
Caughron, WilliamMonroeW1252Caughron, Elizabeth
Caulk, S.ShelbyS13372West's Battery Ark. Art.
Causby, G. W.LincolnS130218th Inf.
Causey, George WashingtonLincolnW10093Causey, Mary Jane
Causey, H. A.StewartS1260614th Inf.
Causey, Hubert AsberryStewartW5285Causey, Elizabeth
Cauthorn, William A.HamiltonW9773Cauthorn, Emily Margaret
Cavanaugh, JohnObionS72429th Inf.
Cavandar, HughMontgomeryS1658822nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Cavander, Hugh.MontgomeryW11079Cavander, Zilpha Ann
Cavaner, George W.MarshallS1086420th (Nixon's) Cav.
Cavanon, N. C.GilesS244953rd Inf.
Cave, R. LinDavidsonS1447213th Va. Inf.
Cavender, George BryantDicksonW1560Cavender, Margaret
Cavener, G. C.GreeneS602029th Inf.
Cavener, George C.GreeneW7332Cavener, Amanda Early
Cavin, EliHawkinsS551331st Inf.
Cavin, EliHawkinsW4621Cavin, Eliza
Cavin, EnochHawkinsS767029th Inf.
Cavin, WilliamSullivanS603031st Inf.
Cavitt, William S.WeakleyS1180231st Inf.
Cawood, David J.HawkinsW445Cawood, Malinda
Cawthen, John W.CarrollW6612Cawthen, Francis
Cawthorn, A. W.WilsonS6988Carter's Scouts
Cawthorn, Augustus WilsonRutherfordW8899Cawthorn, Sallie Ann
Cawthorn, Frank M.ShelbyS12791 & S1487255th Inf.
Cawthorn, John TRutherfordW8103Cawthorn, Bettie
Cawthorne, A. W.RutherfordW8576Cawthorne, Sally A.
Cecil, Giles S.WashingtonW3336Cecil, Eliza C.
Cecil, John W.MauryW10617Hardy, Luzelle Cecil
Certain, WilliamDeKalbS24311st Bn. (Colm's) Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Chadwell, GeorgeWilliamsonS915620th Inf.
Chadwell, James P.RutherfordS105336th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Chalk, James W.DecaturS660327th Inf.
Chamberlain, B. F.LawrenceS136899th Bn. (Gantt's) Cav.
Chamberlain, BenjaminShelbyW3742Chamberlain, Martha
Chamberlain, Benjamin
LawrenceW4619Chamberlain, Sarah Elizabeth
Chamberlain, C. C.SullivanS500519th Inf.
Chamberlain, D. P.LawrenceS136909th Bn. (Gantt's) Cav.
Chamberlain, F. F.WilsonS162457th Inf.
Chamberlain, Foster F.WilsonW10650Chamberlain, Ruth
Chamberlain, James
MauryW2329Chamberlain, Mollie B.
Chamberlain, John W.ShelbyS154569th Ark. Inf.
Chamberlain, W. F.MaconW7721Chamberlain, Laura
Chambers, Andrew H.GilesS1421431st Inf.
Chambers, Andrew HopkinsGilesW9115Chambers, Mary Ann
Chambers, Eli JacksonMontgomeryS52501st Inf.
Chambers, Eli JacksonMontgomeryW1057Chambers, Caroline
Chambers, F. M.ScottS1103222nd Inf.
Chambers, H. C.McNairyS933418th (Newsom's) Cav.
Chambers, H. D.ObionS1543212th Ky. Cav.
Chambers, J. C.HickmanS14311Stewart's Bn. Ala. Cav.
Chambers, J. H.SmithS149829th (Ward's) Cav.
Chambers, James WilsonLauderdaleS685515th Cav.
Chambers, John BuretteObionW10892Chambers, Sadie
Chambers, John DupeeShelbyW4212 &
Chambers, Elizabeth Ann
Chambers, John MayLawrenceW3402Chambers, Mary J.
Chambers, Josias A.HaywoodW3418Chambers, Sarah P.
Chambers, Robert T.GibsonS747631st Inf.
Chambers, Robert ThomasGibsonW9308Chambers, Mary Ella
Chambers, WilliamGilesS125023rd (Clack's) Lt. Inf.
Chambers, William WertSmithW2129Chambers, Maria Barry
Chamlee, Thomas A.McMinnS919231st Inf.
Champion, Benjamin FranklinFranklinW5690Champion, Martha Jane
Champion, J. H.CannonS111902nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Champion, William CokeHamiltonW3867Champion, Matilda B.
Chance, Thomas FranklinSullivanW2919Chance, Elizabeth
Chandler, A. L.WilsonS534545th Inf.
Chandler, A. L.WilsonW9914Chandler, Irena Catherine
Chandler, AllenHancockS738348th West Va. Inf.
Chandler, Archibald B.CarrollW1008Chandler, Elizabeth
Chandler, Daniel SmithHaywoodW9237Chandler, Annie M.
Chandler, J. D.ClayS129548th Inf.
Chandler, John D.ClayS41218th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Chandler, John JamesGibsonW7361Chandler, Mary Francis
Chandler, John P.MaconS17094th (McLemore's) Cav.
Chandler, W. T.DavidsonS154068th Ky. Cav.
Chandler, William K.HickmanS1076348th(Voorhies') Inf.
Chandler, William KimmineHickmanW6513Chandler, Melissa Atlantic
Chandoin, William M.DavidsonW6153Chandoin, Nancy
Chaney, D. M.DavidsonS971115th Cav.
Chaney, David SampsonLauderdaleW4852Chaney, Mary Lucy
Chaney, M. L.HickmanS104846th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Chaney, Nathaniel JeffersonHawkinsW3743Chaney, Malinda Jane
Chaney [Hassell], A. J. [Zib.]MauryW10361Chaney [Hassell], Martha Ruth
Channell, JohnsonChesterS1143156th Ala. Inf.
Chapel, Martin J.HickmanS8348 & S406942nd Inf.
Chapin, L. W.OvertonS93308th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Chapin, Loyd W.OvertonW3246Chapin, Mattie J.
Chapin, William PaulPutnamW5218Chapin, Sibba Daugherty
Chapman, Benjamin
HaywoodW2121Chapman, Sallie Fairfax
Chapman, Bennett F.MarshallW8156Chapman, Nancy A.
Chapman, C. C.CoffeeS856344th Inf.
Chapman, C. S.BedfordS299832nd Inf.
Chapman, Carroll SwansonMarshallW8055Chapman, Nancy Ellen
Chapman, Christopher
CoffeeW1269Chapman, Mary Catharine
Chapman, E. W. M.DyerS153471st Regt. Ga. Regulars
Chapman, Francis MarionGilesW9709Chapman, Mary Amanda
Chapman, IsaacWhiteW8183Chapman, Barbara
Chapman, IssacDeKalbS320844th Inf.
Chapman, JamesMauryS63686th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Chapman, JamesSullivanS139629th Inf.
Chapman, John WertMauryS16619Capt. William Sander's Co.17th Cav.
Chapman, ToneyDavidsonC154th Cav.
Chapman, W. O.GibsonW2002Chapman, Elizabeth W.
Chapman, WilliamSullivanS5559Unassigned
Chapman, William EdmondGilesS1583711th Bn. (Gordon's) Cav.
Chapman, William EdmondGilesW10023Chapman, Susanna McMillion
Chappel, LeviFayetteS1612752nd Inf. .
Chappell, Hosea W.HumphreysW4462Chappell, Nancy Jane
Chappell, M. J.HickmanW6017 &
Chappell, Amanda Louise
Chappell, N. P.WayneS1642048th Inf.
Chappell, William MartinSumnerW1161Chappell, Angeline N.
Charles, H. L.HawkinsS964631st Inf.
Charles, John B.HawkinsW3006Charles, Matilda S.
Charles, John O.CoffeeS873524th Inf.
Charles, L. H.HamblenS1155629th Inf.'
Charles, Wiley W.WashingtonW9355Charles, Lou E.
Charlton, J. E.JeffersonS82435th Cav.
Charlton, J. W.StewartW1067Charlton, Mosura Francis
Charlton, James D.DavidsonW9967Charlton, Bettie
Charlton, Joseph EdwardJeffersonW7950Charlton, Elizabeth Jane
Charter, C. J.MauryS122519th Bn. Cav.
Charter, Cave JohnsonDavidsonW4970Charter, Levinia Victoria
Chase, C. M.WashingtonS1490261st Inf.
Chase, Harvey L.WashingtonS139319th Inf.
Chase, Irvine KeithDavidsonW5871Chase, Isabella T.
Chase, Isaac P.SullivanS139419th Inf.
Chase, J. C.WashingtonS949060th Inf.
Chase, John N.SullivanS1074019th Inf.
Chase, John N.WashingtonW6732Chase, Matilda
Chase, Joseph C.GreeneW9096Chase, Sarah E.
Chase, Nelson D.WashingtonS1093560th Inf.
Chase, Richard FinlaySullivanW173Chase, Mary
Chase, William M.WashingtonS139560th Inf.
Chastain, JohnCumberlandS25842nd Ga. Inf.
Chasteen, Benjamin BerryFranklinW4025Chasteen, Sarah Jane
Chatman, Marion EdwaryHenryW544Chatman, Mary Jane
Chatman, SamuelBlountS14150Unassigned (Wagon Shop)
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Cheatham, Fletcher H.GilesW5804Cheatham, Lou Z
Cheatham, Joseph RyeObionW9359Cheatham, Josephine A.
Cheatham, Tillman F.DeKalbW9984Cheatham, Mary N.
Cheatham, William ThomasMarshallW10148Cheatham, Sallie Ann
Cheatwood, William MarionDavidsonW11156Cheatwood, Evie Mai
Cheek, James A.MarshallW5274Cheek, Annie J.
Cheek, John L.ShelbyW8063Cheek, Bettie
Cheek, Luther B.SmithS13574Allison's Squadron Cav.
Cheiault, ColbySumnerS147209th (Ward's) Cav.
Cheney, Hampton J.DavidsonS140942nd (Robison's) Inf.
Cheney, Robert DeeHamiltonW10614Cheney, Martha Florence
Cherry, Andrew LemuelMontgomeryS1477914th Inf.
Cherry, Calvin WashingtonHenryW1217Cherry, Henry Belle
Cherry, Henry S.DavidsonS92969th Bn. Cav.
Cherry, Henry SowellDavidsonW8920Cherry, Annie
Cherry, James B.ClayS11743Hamilton's Bn. Cav.
Cherry, John T.CrockettS325447th Inf.
Cherry, RobertBentonS165135th Tenn. Recruits
Cherry, Sterling M.DavidsonS133594th Inf.
Cherry, W. H.WilliamsonS163104th (McLemore's) Cav.
Cheshire, C. M.BedfordS638117th Inf.
Cheshire, C. MadisonCoffeeW5701Cheshire, Susan L.
Cheshire, Weldon PolkBedfordW20Cheshire, Mary Ann
Cheshire, Weldon T.BedfordS221923rd Inf.
Chesney, James P.UnionS230022nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Chesney, James PolkUnionW2180Chesney, Phebe E.
Chessor, Jesse A.HickmanS1128542nd Inf.
Chester, John M.WilliamsonS771020th Inf.
Chester, JosephWilliamsonS219949th Inf.
Chester, S. J.GibsonW5755Chester, Sallie T.
Chester, WilliamStewartS1151549th Inf.
Chick, Fred.FayetteW2992Chick, Missouri
Chick, W. D.CoffeeS24533rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Chick, W. D.CoffeeW940Chick, Sarah E.
Chilcutt, William F.HenryS4654 & S11285th Inf.
Childers, StarlingWeakleyS789546th Inf.
Childress, A. B.GibsonS1149519th & 20th Cav.
Childress, Andrew JacksonMarionS992643rd Inf.
Childress, John BirdSullivanW6271Childers, Ella Graham
Childress, John WhitsettDavidsonW8985Childress, Mary Lyon
Childress, N. T. MauryS12923rd Inf.
Childress, T. M.DicksonS3796Cobb's Legion of Cav. Ga.
Childress, Thomas HoustonSullivanW3262Childress, Sarah A.
Childress, W. C.ShelbyS1200234th Miss. Inf.
Childress, WilliamJeffersonS13832Burrough's Co. Lt. Art.
Childress, William M.JeffersonW5921Childress, Lucy E.
Childrey, B. B.MauryS97383rd (Clack's) Inf.
Childrey, Robert BenjaminMauryW3949Childrey, Mattie
Childrey, Warren MadisonDyerS84849th Cav.
Childs, H. T.LincolnS100281st (Turney's) Inf.
Chiles, J. T.ObionS1608222nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Chiles, William M.AndersonS4839Thomas' Legion N.C.
Chiles, William MccagahAndersonW7173Chiles, Elizabeth Tihitia
Chiles, Willis PaulGilesW491Chiles, Mary W
Chilton, A. L.ClayS172228th Inf.
Chilton, Andrew LafayetteClayW1088Chilton, Virginia Benton.
Chilton, J. A.CoffeeS40302nd Cav.
Chilton, Joshua L.PickettS48408th Inf.
Chilton, L. B.MontgomeryS66251st Ky. Cav.
Chilton, W. H.MarshallS1435253rd Inf.
Chilton, W. H.OvertonS39858thInf.
Chinowith, WilliamWashingtonS472160th Inf.
Chinowith, WilliamWashingtonW5789Chinowith, Mary E.
Chisam, WilliamWhiteW807Chisam, Mary L.
Chism, James W.WhiteW9225Chism, Florence
Chisom, J. W.WarrenS518238th Inf.
Chisom, WilliamwhiteS146038th Inf.
Chisum, James S. MadisonW2176Chisum, M.C.
Chitwood, EdmondShelbyS1579215th Cav.
Chitwood, Shedrick AlvonzaDyerW8488Chitwood, Martha Ann
Choat, JohnHumphreysS444511th Inf.
Choat, John D.MarionS107318th (Smith's) Cav.
Choat, T. J.RobertsonS1168014th Inf.
Choate, James MarionDicksonW4801Choate, Mary Duke
Choate, N. A.MauryS143716th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Choate, RufusHumphreysS91051st (Field's) Inf.
Choate, S. E.HumphreysS1398011th Inf.
Choate, T. J.RobertsonW3552Choate, M.L.F.
Chrisman, John Fredrick HayWilliamsonW7515Chrisman, Mary Almyra Francis
Chrisman, Silas WilburnWilliamsonW7147Chrisman, Sabra Delphia
Christenberry, J. J.CarrollS89651st Ark. Inf.
Christenberry, JasperWeakleyW8106Christenberry, Annie
Christenberry, T. D.MadisonS904712th Ky. Cav.
Christenberry, W. S.GibsonS4915th Inf.
Christian, A. F.OvertonS1640013th (Gore's) Cav.
Christian, AllenHawkinsS1186219th Inf.
Christian, AllenWeakleyS908319th Inf.
Christian, Arkley FiskeOvertonW11119Christian, Mattie
Christian, B. P.JacksonW4551Christian, Elizabeth
Christian, Benson P.OvertonS52518th Inf.
Christian, George MaxwellHawkinsW1414Christian, Nancy Jane
Christian, J. W.LewisS1459948th (Voorhies') Inf.
Christian, John L.HamiltonS1488942nd Inf.
Christian, L. JackHumphreysS515842nd Inf.
Christian, Moffitt A.OvertonS632925th Inf.
Christian, O. B.WarrenW5544Christian, Mary Elizabeth
Christian, O. B. WarrenS1124011th (Holman's) Cav.
Christian, Robert N.ShelbyS1250934th Miss. Inf.
Christian, W. R.GibsonS806112th Inf.
Christie, Jasper N.WashingtonS263163rd Inf.
Christie, Thomas J.WayneS68606th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Christman, AlbertDavidsonS11462nd Inf.
Christman, James M.HenryW3421Christman, Martha
Christman, W. D.WilliamsonS160144th (McLemore's) Cav.
Christopher, S. P.PutnamS15883 & S1619063rd Ga. Inf.
Christopher, WilliamSevierS890731st Inf.
Christy, Jasper NewtonWashingtonS542563rd Inf.
Christy, William K.WashingtonS1189963rd Inf.
Chronister, James H.LawrenceW4865Chronister, Sarah A.
Chumbley, James N.MauryS1074111th (Holman's) Cav.
Chumley, David A.RutherfordS18501st Bn. Hvy. Art.
Chumley, David AconRutherfordW1478Chumley, Fanny Leviny
Chunn, W. N.GibsonS129866th Inf.
Church, A. B.MauryS1626219th (Biffle's) Cav.
Church, Emory N.ObionS88141st Inf.
Church, F. G.HamiltonS1617522nd Bn. Ga. Hvy Art.
Church, F. G.HamiltonW10338Church, Eva
Church, GeorgeHancockW6476Church, Susan
Church, GeorgeHawkinsS125202nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Church, H. M.JohnsonS792426th N.C. Vols.
Church, H. M.JohnsonW6718Church, Elizabeth Jane
Church, HendersonFranklinW3698Church, Mary M.
Church, HenryWilliamsonS114348th Inf.
Church, HenryWilliamsonC1948th Inf.
Church, HiramHancockS98442nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Church, HiramHancockW4003Church, Laura E.
Church, Hugh M.JohnsonS450426th N.C. Inf.
Church, Jacob C.FranklinS246418th (Newsom's) Cav.
Church, John FletcherFranklinW5486Church, Margaret A.
Church, John PHickmanW5254Church, Mary A.
Church, John R.HickmanS99239th Bn. (Gantt's) Cav.
Church, Joshua PinkneyWilliamsonW8634Church, Sarah S.
Church, Robert BurrMauryS1626348th (Voorhies') Inf.
Church, Thomas GrantFranklinW10200Church, Amanda Mell
Churchill, JohnHardemanC212Undetermined
Churchman, D. W. C.CarrollW1797Churchman, Margaret Ann
Churchman, Dewitt C.GibsonS1628 & S336622nd Inf.
Churchwell, J. B.LewisS164609th Cav.
Churchwell, J. E.LewisS1625719th (Biffle's) Cav.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Cierly, W. H.HardinS3458 & S434519th & 21st (Consolidated) Cav.
Cierly, Williarn HenryHardinW7523Cierly, Catherine C.
Cirttenden, J.HardemanS139189th Ala. Cav.
Cisco, S.JacksonS84828th Inf.
Clack, William Raleigh
[mis-identified in some indexes as Clark]
RheaW7690 & W9266Clack, Sabria Caroline
[mis-identified in some indexes as Clark]
Claiborn, C. L.DyerS165291st N.C. Jr. Reserves
Claiborne, Charles F.DyerW10819Claiborne, Susan A.
Claiborne, J. A.ShelbyS110097th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Claiborne, Robert F.DyerS680330th N.C. Inf.
Claiborne, Robert F.DyerW2991Claiborne, Eugenia Frances
Claman, PleasantSullivanS798813th Bn. Va. Art.
Clampett, George W.BradleyS3258th Ga. Inf.
Clampett, George W.HamiltonW3655Clampett, Martha J.
Clanuch, J. E.LincolnS103544th Inf.
Clare, WilliamDavidsonW1878Clare, Mary Hadley
Clark, A. B.SullivanS549844th Va. Lt. Inf.
Clark, A. J.SumnerS7313Hamilton's Bn. Cav.
Clark, Arthur B.SullivanW3772Clark, E.R.
Clark, Benjamin F.LawrenceW1785Clark, Sarah J.
Clark, Benton J.DyerW3926Clark, Angenline
Clark, C.HoustonS427914th Inf.
Clark, C. H.Van BurenS377116th Inf.
Clark, CalFayetteS694412th Cav.
Clark, CalvinFayetteW11006Clark, Laura A.
Clark, CarrollHamiltonW3229Clark, Margaret
Clark, CharlesSumnerS114879th (Ward's) Cav.
Clark, CharlesSumnerW3809Clark, Martha Louise
Clark, ColemanHoustonW2876Clark, Mary Jane
Clark, D. C.McMinnS83111st Cav.
Clark, DavidFayetteW4396Clark, Bettie
Clark, David CobbMcMinnW7162Clark, Sarah Caroline
Clark, E.MooreS11760Forrest's Escort Cav.
Clark, Edward F.SumnerS48444th Inf.
Clark, Francis M.LincolnW8322Clark, Martha H.
Clark, Francis S.LincolnS853941st Inf.
Clark, G. R.KnoxS142091st Va. Cav.
Clark, George RogersKnoxW9929Clark, Mary Elizabeth
Clark, George W.DicksonW12Clark, Jane
Clark, H. K.McMinnS1107543rd Inf.
Clark, H. T.GilesS93403rd Ala. Cav.
Clark, H. W.RutherfordS1445218th Inf.
Clark, HarryWilliamsonS1492Baxter's Co. Art.
Clark, Harvy.WilliamsonW2781Clark, M.K.
Clark, HenrySumnerS1332817th Inf.
Clark, Henry T.MauryW6479Clark, Sarah
Clark, J. A.LincolnS1215044th Inf.
Clark, J. P.CarrollS135944th Ark. Inf.
Clark, James A.RutherfordS674445th Lt. Inf.
Clark, James C.CoffeeS46035th Inf.
Clark, James CarterCoffeeW5775Clark, Elizabeth Ann
Clark, James H.HardinS1471327th Inf.
Clark, James J.DavidsonS100511th Inf.
Clark, James J.DavidsonW1Clark, Mary L.
Clark, James P.WhiteS22698th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Clark, Job H.SullivanS105975th Bn. (McClellan's) Cav.
Clark, Job H.SullivanW4856Clark, Eleanor Jane
Clark, JohnMcMinnW315Clark, Nancy A.
Clark, John A.CrockettS1365314th Cav.
Clark, John C.ShelbyW9244Clark, Lita Pauline
Clark, John ColumbusDavidsonW1939Clark, Elizabeth Allison
Clark, John E.GibsonS1107812th Cav.
Clark, John M.MeigsS1417010th Cav.
Clark, JosephMaconS214023rd Inf.
Clark, Joseph M.FranklinW8682Clark, Nancy J.
Clark, JoshawayObionS2986Undetermined
Clark, JosiahHoustonS8623Undetermined
Clark, L. B.WilsonS1230428th Inf.
Clark, L. H.GilesS15771White's Ala. Art.
Clark, M.GibsonS785322nd Inf.
Clark, MalcomGibsonS1040522nd Inf.
Clark, MalcombGibsonW5911Clark, Lou
Clark, N.HoustonS152037th Bn. Ark. Cav.
Clark, R. D.HickmanS1115924th Inf.
Clark, RichardSumnerS368520th Inf.
Clark, RobertFranklinW9277 & W9074Clark, Permelia Jane
Clark, Robert D.HickmanW4800Clark, Permelia R.
Clark, Robert DodsonLewisW9374.5Clark, Melia Roxanna
Clark, Robert L.HardinW2572Clark, Mary
Clark, S. H.DavidsonW10378Clark, Laura F.
Clark, Solomon C.DavidsonS4057McClung's Art.
Clark, Solomon C.DavidsonW7348Clark, Harriet
Clark, T. J.BedfordS1258955th Lt. Inf.
Clark, T. J.FayetteW5837Clark, Amelia Frances
Clark, Thomas C.MauryS1528832nd Inf.
Clark, W. A.HickmanS946742nd Inf.
Clark, W. T.CockeS480716th N.C. Inf.
Clark, WilliamKnoxS132692nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Clark, William Raleigh
[see record for Clack,
William Raleigh]
RheaW7690 & W9266Clark, Sabria Caroline
Clarke, Isaac LewisHamiltonW6156Clarke, Virginia Stokes
Clarke, StephenUnicoiS307551st Va. Inf.
Clary, Iames A.WilsonS92558th Cav.
Claud, PhilipHickmanS125039th Cav.
Claude, L. B.GilesS156256th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Claude, L. B.GilesW10481Claude, Etta
Clawson, Thomas J.ClaiborneS1357564th Va. Inf.
Clawson, Thomas JohnsonClaiborneW5818Clawson, Sarah Malinda
Claxton, M. D.GilesS23013rd Tennessee Vols.
Claxton, WilliamLincolnS739910th Ky. Cav.
Claxton, William H.GibsonS74702nd Mo. Cav.
Clay, D. D. DavidsonS1121st Inf.
Clay, David DickersonDavidsonW7131Clay, Fanny
Clay, George LemuelWashingtonW351Clay, Eliza J.
Clay, John R.SullivanS6068 & S286659th Inf.
Clay, W. S.WayneS1565845th Inf.
Clay, W. S.WayneW7722Clay, Rebecca M.
Clayborn, Henry FranklinHickmanW1547Clayborn, Antonette
Clayman, George W.SullivanS395163rd Inf.
Clayman, George.SullivanW1113Clayman, Emeline
Clayton, A. C.MarshallS158385th Inf.
Clayton, Francis M.McNairyS1456513th Inf.
Clayton, JamesRutherfordS1118523rd Inf.
Clayton, JamesRutherfordW4709Clayton, Hadassah C.
Clayton, John T.ShelbyS16042 & S1144412th Cav.
Clayton, S. S.BentonS1527820th Inf.
Clayton, SamDavidsonC23446th Inf.
Clayton, Solomon SmithBentonW10641Clayton, Leona
Clayton, Wiley McDonald DavidsonW4463Clayton, Fannie J.
Clayton, William J.KnoxS111713rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Cleage, SamuelKnoxW2212Cleage, Hattie Ewing
Cleary, William J.McNairyW6830Cleary, MaryJane
Cleek, A. J.CrockettS1198915th Cav.
Cleek, E. A.ObionS1430644th Inf.
Cleek, James DavidSullivanW10250Cleek, Sarah Virginia
Clem, John HenryGilesS193250th Ala. Inf.
Clemens, Alexander C.SmithS60028th Inf.
Clement, H. C.ObionS334131st Inf.
Clement, Henry ClayObionW3810Clement, Mollie
Clement, James C.WeakleyS840431st Inf.
Clements, C. H.WeakleyS491938th Va. Inf.
Clements, Francis M.DavidsonS161851st Cav.
Clements, W. R.HenryS1557660th (Russell's) Cav.
Clemmons, Elham
WilsonW9015Clemmons, Myra
Clemmons, J. W.WilsonS97577th Inf.
Clemmons, J. W.WilsonW10174 & W7399Clemmons, Mollie
Clemmons, James L.WilsonS846045th Inf.
Clemmons, James LeeWilsonW6826Clemmons, Nannie Bomer
Clemmons, John W.WilsonW7399 & W10174Clemmons, Mary
Clemmons, Randall ThompsonWilsonW3612Clemmons, Frances B.
Clemmons, Samuel B.WilsonS126394th (McLemore's) Cav.
Clemons, HenryBlountS944737th Inf.
Clemons, IsaacDavidsonS1429511th Inf.
Clemons, R. P.BedfordS949944th Inf.
Clendenen, Charles
WarrenW3942Clendenen, Eliza
Clendenin, John WilsonHenryW10418Clendenin, Mattie Lou
Clendenin, W. F.HenryS1112720th (Russell's) Cav.
Clendening, J. C.SumnerS96605th Inf.
Clendening, William A.DavidsonS66627th Inf.
Clendening, William
DavidsonW3214Clendening, Annie
Clendenning, James CurrenSumnerW9530Clendenning, Isori
Clendenon, J. P.LauderdaleS1203419th (Biffle's) Cav.
Clendining, J. S.SumnerS60649th Cav.
Clenny, HenryDavidsonS68837th Inf.
Clenny, HenryDavidsonW2757Clenny, Harriet F.
Clerideren, J. N.WarrenS104816th Inf.
Cleveland, A. M.GraingerS29321st (Carter's) Cav.
Cleveland, Barnette
DavidsonW9479Cleveland, E.H. Pepper
Cleveland, Maurice AdamsGilesC200Undetermined
Cleveland, W. N MaconS115172nd Ark. Inf.
Click, SamuelHawkinsS404627th Va. Inf.
Clifford, JohnWilsonW1646Clifford, Elizabeth Caroline
Clift, Albert GipsonMarshallW8329Clift, Mary Elizabeth
Clift, Harrison DavisObionW11014Clift, Mattie M.
Clift, James Knox PolkShelbyW4979Clift, Mary Jane
Clift, William P.MarshallS8595 & S163813rd Inf.
Clifton, BurelDicksonW7226Clifton, Cyntha Adaline
Clifton, Burrel A.DicksonS130911th Inf.
Clifton, Doctor WisdomLawrenceW3979Clifton, Sarah Elizabeth
Clifton, Isaac A.FranklinS13181st Inf.
Clifton, J. A.FranklinS11051st Inf.
Clifton, J. K.DicksonS711211th Inf.
Clifton, J. M.LawrenceS13179th Inf.
Clifton, James KirbyDicksonW8394Clifton, Tennessee Ann
Climer, Charles ElbertDicksonW1700Climer, Margaret
Climer, James MarionDavidsonW4573Climer, Susan Adeline
Clinard, Archibald WilsonDavidsonS3041Forrest's Old Regiment
Clinard, JeffersonRobertsonW3540Clinard, Julia
Clinard, Robert HenryStewartW1321Clinard, Martha Caroline
Cline, George H.DicksonS63978th N.C. Inf.
Cline, George W.SullivanS11377 & S1643416th Va. Cav.
Cline, John WilliamSumnerW747Cline, Louisa E.
Cline, P. L.JeffersonS1247861st Inf.
Clinton, A. M.CheathamS983438th Inf.
Clinton, Alexander MurreyHaywoodW6763Clinton, Mildred
Clinton, George W.HamiltonS81141st Inf.
Clinton, John FranklinClayS113428th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Clinton, Samuel
HardemanW8995Clinton, Louisiana
Clinton, Walter E.JacksonS83416th Inf.
Cloar, GreenObionS888233rd Inf.
Cloar, J. A.ObionS729233rd Inf.
Cloar, J. E.ObionS1548022nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Cloar, James AndersonObionW9573 & W7602Cloar, Ann McCalister
Cloar, JohnObionS869733rd Inf.
Clonts, M. L.McMinnS123821st Ga. Cav.
Clopton, William WartusWilsonW7326Clopton, Nancy E.
Close, Henry LoveBledsoeW726Close, Nancy
Clouch, J. B.MarionS1204863rd Inf.
Clouch, John BarronMarionW4996Clouch, Martha M.
Cloud, A. M.HancockS1163225th Va. Cav.
Cloud, J. F.ShelbyS556017th Inf.
Cloud, ThomasKnoxS1758McClung's Co. Lt. Art.
Cloud, ThomasKnoxS200726th Inf.
Cloud, ThomasKnoxW4322Cloud, Mary
Cloud, William H.SullivanS1395429th Va. Inf.
Clours, George
GreeneW60Clours, Elizabeth
Clouse, James P.HamiltonS91953rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Clouse, James P.HamiltonW5537Clouse, Minerva
Clouse, William C.MarionS786th Ala. Inf.
Clowers, John C.GreeneS1048529th Inf.
Clowers, John C.GreeneW7127Clowers, Martha
Cloyd, J. S.WhiteS23025th Inf.
Cloyd, JamesWhiteS521725th Inf.
Cluck, Benjamin S.WilsonS486045th Inf.
Clyce, J. F.SullivanS1215161st Inf.
Clyce, James FerdinandSullivanW6194Clyce, Sarah Jane
Clymor, Joe HenryObionW9934Clymor, Narcissa Jane
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Coady, Ransom L.DecaturS55023rd Inf.
Coakley, James.WhiteW7428Cookley, Louisa
Coakley, Z. D.GreeneS956716th N.C. Inf.
Coal, W. A.HardinS34626th Miss. Inf. Reserves
Coats, A. J.HickmanS1016848th Inf.
Coats, E. G.HickmanS308148th Inf.
Coats, Elijah GriffinHickmanW4698Coats, Mary F.
Coats, Henry H.BedfordS831241st Miss. Inf.
Coats, J. H.HenryS15824 & S1448818th Inf.
Coats, SolomonTiptonS121814th Inf.
Coats, Wilson W.TiptonS98237th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Cobb, G. A. G.GilesS259611th Bn. (Holman's) Cav.
Cobb, J. P.WilliamsonS108512nd Ark. Inf.
Cobb, James F.McMinnS72091st ( Carter's) Cav.
Cobb, James PulaskiWilliamsonW10808Cobb, Missouri Ann
Cobb, Jefferson S.CrockettS1421826th Ala. Inf.
Cobb, JosephMcMinnS104061st (Carter's) Cav.
Cobb, M. R.ObionS103721st (Turney's) Inf.
Cobb, Thomas W.HawkinsW5680Cobb, Kate
Cobb, W. J.HamiltonS796119th Inf.
Cobb, William PWhiteS2456Thomas' Legion N.C.
Cobble, Eph. A.FranklinW10309Cobble, Emma
Cobble, Frederick W.GreeneS613561st Inf.
Cobble, John L.OvertonS12828th Cav.
Cobble, John.OvertonW4870Cobble, Malinda Jane
Cobell, W. C.GibsonS77987th Ky. Cav.
Coble, D. H.FranklinS1575544th N.C. Inf.
Coble, W. H.PerryS1232310th (DeMoss') Cav.
Coble, William RileyPerryW9017Coble, Millie Caroline
Coburn, Henry G.CrockettS525215th Cav.
Cochran, A. O.ShelbyW5555Cochran, Emma L.
Cochran, Benjamin FleachranLincolnW386Cochran, Louisa J.
Cochran, Christopher C.MarshallS624617th Inf.
Cochran, DulinMarshallS446341st Inf.
Cochran, G. W.HamiltonS128853rd Cav.
Cochran, Harder P.WilliamsonS164732nd Ala. Cav.
Cochran, Hugh MarshallW419Cochran, Nancy L.
Cochran, James Thomas
MauryW8545Cochran, Quincy Williams
Cochran, Robert L.MonroeS861163rd Inf.
Cochran, S. W.HenryS1276346th Inf.
Cochran, Sam HickmanS106789th Bn. Cav.
Cochran, Sam. HickmanW6697Cochran, Sallie B.
Cochran, William E.MarshallS72576th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Cochran, William EssexMarshallW5582Cochran, Mary Ann
Cochran, William M.ShelbyS165477th Ky. Mtd. Inf.
Cock, William HenryWarrenW3216Cock, Anna F.
Cocke, J. W.KnoxS776960th N.C. Inf.
Cocke, John L.ShelbyW10830Cocke, Adelaide Sledge
Cocke, Thomas WebbSumnerW6313Cocke, Samuella
Cockran, J.MonroeS111452nd Inf.
Cockrell, E. G.SumnerS1663912th Cav.
Cockrell, Ed. J.LawrenceW11094Cockrell, Josie P.
Cockrill, CoodloeTiptonS155507th Cav.
Cockrill, G.MauryS97396th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Cockrill, Newton GranvilleMauryW6203Cockrill, Mary Matilda
Coday, John L.ObionS525327th Inf.
Cody, A. J.TiptonS736639th N.C. Inf.
Cody, J. L.ShelbyS99716th Ala. Inf.
Cody, James FranklinShelbyW8599Cody, Lucy Ella
Cody, James FranklinTiptonW7634 & W8599Cody, Lucy Ella
Cody, T. J.ShelbyS8293Forrest's Old Regt. Cav.
Coe, Jesse F.WilsonW1297Coe, Mary Jane
Coe, WilliamPickettS1698Hamilton's Bn. Cav.
Coffee, A. A.HamiltonS622752nd Ga. Inf.
Coffee, A. S.WarrenS80701st Ark. Cav.
Coffee, Cleveland MonroeBlountW10694Coffee, Amanda
Coffee, Ira.HancockW699Coffee, Sarah
Coffee, James A.MadisonS637310th Ga. Inf.
Coffee, John.OvertonW6339Coffee, Aricie C.
Coffee, R. D.SmithS1475924th Inf.
Coffee, Richard N.OvertonW1906Coffee, Martha
Coffee, T. D.HardemanS158909th Inf.
Coffey, IraGraingerS53426th Inf.
Coffey, James AlexanderChesterW4680Coffey, Mary Ann Elafare
Coffey, JohnGraingerS918812th Bn. (Day's) Cav.
Coffey, John B.McMinnS1472158th N.C. Inf.
Coffey, S. M.GilesS51366th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Coffey, Samuel MadisonGilesW3398Coffey, Martha Ann
Coffey, Thomas DavidHardemanW9222Coffey, Alberta H.
Coffin, ClarksonCockeS541913th BP. Va.
Coffman, C. H.DecaturS173450th Ala. Int.
Coffman, DavidSullivanS91961st (Carter's) Cav.
Coffman, David SullivanW6444Coffman, Catherine S.
Coffman, J. F.GilesS106650th Ala. Inf. .
Coffman, JacobOvertonS1203022nd Inf.
Coffman, JacobUnionS28531st (Carter's) Cav.
Coffman, James S.GilesS74841st Bn. Ala. Vols.
Coffman, James S.GilesW10634Coffman, Ida Small
Coffman, Robert E.GilesS1602010th Ala. Cav.
Coffman, W. H.SullivanS163631st (Carter's) Cav.
Coffman, WilliamHardemanW1218Coffman, Telitha Cuni
Cogdell, James B.CockeS467560th N.C. Inf.
Cogdill, L. B.SevierS43011st Ga. Inf.
Cogdill, Nelson CrowderBradleyW10888Cogdill, Louise Elizabeth
Cogdill, W. R.CockeS142482nd Bn. N.C.
Cogdill, William R.CockeW6999Cogdill, Nancy J.
Coggin, J. J.DavidsonS12918th Inf.
Coggin, James JordanDavidsonW7066Coggin, Mattie Pauline
Coggin, John C.DavidsonS769918th Inf.
Coggins, Joseph A.MarshallS1187914th Cav.
Coggins, Joseph AtlasMarshallW6032Coggins, Sarah Jane
Cogswell, W. B.WashingtonW4812Cogswell, Mary A.
Cohen, MorrisKnoxS34281st Tex Cav.
Coins, SamuelHancockS659829th Inf.
Cokely, JamesWhiteS59165th Cav.
Coker, ColinFranklinW7992Coker, Mary
Coker, James C.FranklinS326232nd Inf.
Coker, John T.TiptonS1164743rd Miss. Inf.
Coker, John ThadisTiptonW5368Coker, Mary Elizabeth
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Colbert, James C.LincolnS37178th Inf.
Colby, Eli ElliottShelbyW6276Colby, Annie Powel
Coldwell, Albert AndrewBlountW7638Coldwell, Rilla Ayers
Cole, A. J.MarshallS736711th Cav.
Cole, Andrew J.MarshallW2408Cole, Rebecca A
Cole, B. B.HardemanS883559th Ala. Inf.
Cole, B. T.LincolnS923632nd Inf.
Cole, Ben G.HawkinsW4773Cole, Susanna
Cole, Benjamin G.HawkinsS883637th Va. Inf.
Cole, Edward RichardJeffersonW7503Cole, Martha Jane
Cole, F.SullivanS108037th Inf.
Cole, HenryUnionS294963rd Inf.
Cole, Henry ClayWilsonW9424Cole, Minnie
Cole, J. H.HenryS16451Undetermined
Cole, J. M.MadisonS5106th Inf.
Cole, J. W.WayneS971027th Ark. Inf.
Cole, JamesHancockW1334Cole, Lean
Cole, James C.DavidsonS1057349th Inf.
Cole, James M.GibsonS905712th Ky. Cav.
Cole, James R.BentonW1653Cole, Sarah A
Cole, James WashingtonPerryW6307Cole, Elizabeth T.
Cole, John F.GibsonS1357847th Inf.
Cole, John.WeakleyW10367Cole, Emily
Cole, LafayetteDavidsonS377811th Inf.
Cole, LewisBentonS265355th Inf.
Cole, Louis HoustonGilesW4306Cole, Louisa Elizabeth
Cole, MarkBentonW2675Cole, Polley (Mary E.)
Cole, Perry M.DavidsonW2112Cole, Nannie Lavinia
Cole, Richard SwinneyGibsonW3882Cole, Mary Belle
Cole, RozzyRobertsonW430Cole, Nancy C.
Cole, Stephen S.GibsonW2653Cole, Louisa F.
Cole, T. J.RobertsonS1532130th Inf.
Cole, W. F.GilesS30141st (Field's) Inf.
Cole, W. H.HardemanS75541st Ala. Tenn. & Miss. Inf.
Cole, W. H.LauderdaleS149052nd Ky. Cav.
Cole, WalterWhiteS22216th Inf.
Cole, Walter WilkinsWhiteW1485Cole, Elizabeth
Cole, William GeorgeMadisonW9719Cole, Sue Ann
Cole, William HenryLauderdaleW9662Cole, Judith Mary Henrietta
Cole, William K.McMinnS18893rd Cav.
Cole, William R.MadisonS70509th Ga. Inf.
Cole, William R.MadisonW3385Cole, Sallie E.
Coleman, Alvin K.ClaiborneS899327th Va. Inf.
Coleman, C. O.WeakleyS68777th Ky. Mtd. Inf.
Coleman, CarrHenryS121017th Ky. Inf.
Coleman, Carr.HenryW9305 & W6844Coleman, Mattie Bowden
Coleman, Charles AlexanderFranklinW1271Coleman, Sarah Margaret
Coleman, David B.GilesC1006th Ala. Inf.
Coleman, G. J.CarrollS105585th Inf.
Coleman, George WashingtonClaiborneW760Coleman, Rebecca
Coleman, IsaacRutherfordW3656Coleman, Sallie
Coleman, Isaac M.RutherfordS724345th Inf.
Coleman, J. F.GibsonS7355Truehardt's Battery Ala. Art.
Coleman, JacobGilesC211th Ala. Inf.
Coleman, James P.ShelbyW7048Coleman, Mary
Coleman, James R.RutherfordW1361Coleman, Mary E.
Coleman, John B.WeakleyS787945th Inf.
Coleman, John CalhounHumphreysW5402Coleman, Sarah Elizabeth
Coleman, John CalvinRutherfordW9007Coleman, Elizabeth
Coleman, John F.RutherfordW6432Coleman, Isabella
Coleman, John WilliamDavidsonW2854Coleman, Lucinda Jones
Coleman, L. R.ShelbyS138687th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Coleman, LewisWeakleyW1923Coleman, Adline
Coleman, NicholasShelbyW8594Coleman, Arabella McClure
Coleman, PolkWhiteS138818th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Coleman, R. L.RobertsonS662917th S.C. Inf.
Coleman, Robert B.RutherfordS621945th Inf.
Coleman, Robert LafayetteRobertsonW7676Coleman, Mary.
Coleman, T. G.ObionS106944th (Consolidated) Inf.
Coleman, Theopilus NealSumnerW10983Hollins, Amy L.(Coleman)
Coleman, Thomas P.DavidsonS643711th Cav.
Coleman, W. J.HardinS68943rd Ga. Inf.
Coleman, W. R.RheaS8651Walker's Battalion
Thomas' Legion N.C.
Coleman, William P.GibsonW5190Coleman, Sarah Elizabeth
Coles, G. M.SumnerS36314th (McLemore's) Cav.
Coles, Henry C.WilsonS194th Cav.
Coles, Robert F.WilsonS453818th Inf.
Coles, Robert JonathanShelbyW4288Coles, Kate
Coley, Richard ArcherHenryW9238Coley, Mary
Coley, W. F.RoaneS117145th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Collake, C. V.MonroeS942162nd Mtd. Inf.
Collay, JohnBentonS37210th Inf.
Collet, Joseph L.MonroeS3139 & S43603rd Inf.
Colley, W. G.SumnerS389922nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Collicott, J. W.HenryS1311746th Inf.
Collier, Alonzo H.WeakleyW9119Collier, Lutitia
Collier, B. P.WilsonS137964th (McLemore's) Cav.
Collier, B. P.WilsonW9992Collier, Mary Delana
Collier, C. C.JacksonS16174 & S1550425th Inf.
Collier, Charles HenryShelbyW10543Collier, Julia Rebecca Lee
Collier, D. W.ShelbyS3391Forrest's Old Cav.
Collier, George M.DavidsonS1619345th Inf.
Collier, Hugh LawsonMauryS12747 & S161296th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Collier, J. M.DicksonS73683rd Cav.
Collier, John Albert MauryW11018Collier, Eula Steed
Collier, John Matthew.DavidsonW5600Collier, Susana Brewer
Collier, Marcus M. GreeneS16693Napier's Bn., Cav.
Collier, SamMadisonC211 & C2576th Inf.
Collier, W. M.MontgomeryS1369714th Inf.
Collins, A. W.FranklinS125235th Ala. Cav.
Collins, Arthur C.KnoxW220Collins, Adaline D.
Collins, C. E.AndersonS13924Thomas' Legion N.C.
Collins, Calvin C.WashingtonS673760th Inf.
Collins, Carson WilliamDavidsonW5266Collins, Elizabeth Frances
Collins, GreenClaiborneS310712th Cav.
Collins, GriffinGraingerS1088326th Inf.
Collins, H.HumphreysS226211th Inf.
Collins, H. H.JeffersonS1152864th N.C. Inf.
Collins, Henry L.MarshallW10162Collins, Loucinda Francis
Collins, Henry M.HumphreysS557611th Inf.
Collins, Henry M.HumphreysW6075Collins, Fredonia
Collins, Hugh M.HenryS146635th Inf.
Collins, Isaac TiptonGreeneW316Collins, Delcena
Collins, J. E.MadisonW8764Collins, Nealie Jane
Collins, J. T.MarshallS1271453rd Inf.
Collins, J. W.MarshallS13583 & S118162nd Miss. Inf.
Collins, Jack J.ObionS40208thInf.
Collins, JamesWashingtonS624429th Inf.
Collins, James W.ObionS24517th Inf.
Collins, Jere B.CannonW9887Collins, Helen
Collins, John B.DavidsonS1129522nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Collins, John C.BradleyS992443rd Inf.
Collins, John ClarkMadisonS1342543rd Inf.
Collins, John JamesGibsonS134236th Inf.
Collins, John JarrettGibsonW10096Collins, Annie Cox
Collins, L. B.MarshallS783817th Inf.
Collins, Leroy B.MarshallW8264Collins, Josie
Collins, M. L.MadisonS1428857th Ga. Inf.
Collins, MilamHancockS525450th Va. Inf.
Collins, Milam HancockW3072Collins, Polly
Collins, Monroe JoshuaSumnerW10475Collins, Mary Adaline
Collins, N. J.HamiltonW4956Collins, Mary Jane
Collins, NobleGraingerW2678Collins, Jellina
Collins, R. E.DavidsonS118336th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Collins, R. T.LincolnS68046th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Collins, Richard WilliamDavidsonW3871Collins, Mary Elizabeth
Collins, T. H.ShelbyS1490715th Miss. Inf.
Collins, Thomas D.KnoxW648Collins, Malissa
Collins, Thomas W.DavidsonS302320th Inf.
Collins, ThurmanHancockS895950th Va. Inf.
Collins, V. D.SullivanS633861st Mtd. Inf.
Collins, W. E.WashingtonS5112nd Ky. Cav.
Collins, W. L.MadisonS13546Undetermined
Collins, William A.SullivanS270763rd Inf.
Collins, William A.WilsonW10056Collins, Fannie D.
Collins, William LafayetteMadisonW8324 & W8762Collins, Sophronia
Collins, William M.RheaS19515th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Collins, William R.GilesW3657Collins, Sarah Catherine
Collinsworth, Andrew JacksonGibsonW8797Collinsworth, Bettie Rains
Collis, CleanShelbyW2573Collis, Mary Elizabeth
Collom, HiramMcMinnS116533rd Inf.
Collom, R. N.WashingtonS1119463rd Inf.
Collum, John BasilHamiltonW9548Collum, Fannie Malinda
Collup (Callup, Cullup),
William H.
& Sullivan
W8876 & W8303Collup (Callup, Cullup),
Mary Elizabeth
Colmon, John C.HumphreysS1379350th Inf.
Coln, George J.McNairyS12347Moreland's Regt. Ala. Cav.
Coln, Thomas TheodoreMcNairyS38786th Miss. Cav.
Colquit, WilliamWilsonS74944th (McLemore's) Cav.
Colquitt, WilliamWilsonW6664Colquitt, Ludie F.
Colquitt, William T.MauryS52551st Inf.
Colston, EphrumMarionW5672Colston, Elizabeth
Colston, JacksonMarionS2996th Ala. Inf.
Colvard, W. M.BledsoeW10146Colvard, Euphremia L.
Colvert, George H.DeKalbS32791st Bn. (Colm's) Inf.
Colvert, John E. ("Dock") MauryS127641st Bn. (Colm's) Inf.
Colville, YoungRheaS896016th Bn. Cav.
Colwell, EdwardRutherfordS4362nd Inf.
Colwell, J. G.MauryS455745th Inf.
Colwell, John G.WilliamsonW138Colwell, Mary A.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Combet, JosephShelbyW4804Combet, Virginia Moses
Combs, Charles AugustusMcNairyW1051Combs, Elma Victory
Combs, Daniel C.HamiltonS130515th Ky. Inf.
Combs, DavidDavidsonW398Combs, Martha A.E.
Combs, David C.TiptonW6686Combs, Eveline
Combs, James H.BentonS93766th Inf.
Combs, John V.SullivanS1056161st Inf.
Combs, John V.SullivanW7861Combs, Louisa M.
Combs, MackMarionS737734th Inf.
Combs, Oliver CalwellDyerS1552721st Miss. Inf.
Combs, R. F.ClaiborneS1541845th Inf.
Combs, W. B.SullivanS1099526th Inf.
Combs, William B.SullivanW2624Combs, Nancy
Combs, William.CarterW3760Combs, Sarah
Comer, Edward A.HenryW1137Comer, Eliza Jane
Comer, W. H.ShelbyS6031 & S131062nd Miss. Cav.
Compton, A. B.ChesterS16150Salisbury Prison Guard
Bn. (N.C. Local Defense)
Compton, EliCarrollS81675th Inf.
Compton, Eli.CarrollW7968Compton, Mary G.
Compton, RichardDavidsonS89509th Bn. Cav.
Compton, Richard.DavidsonW1739Compton, Callie
Compton, W. B.DavidsonW1069Compton, H.C.
Compton, William AndersonRheaW1619Compton, Wealthy W.
Comstock, Charles MarvinHendersonS959832nd Inf.
Comstock, Charles MarvinHendersonW2475Comstock, Alvizary A.
Conaster, James K.PickettW4450Conaster, Martha Englantine
Conaway, A. L.LincolnS874141st Inf.
Conaway, M.LincolnS37941st Inf.
Conder, Martin L.DecaturS88093rd Vol. Inf.
Conditt, William H. SmithW3460Conditt, Mary
Condra, HowellMarionW1848Condra, Delihah
Condra, WilliamMarionS18964th (McLemore's) Cav.
Condra, WilliamMarionW2661Condra, Esther
Cone, G. M.LauderdaleW10391Cone, Mary C.
Cone, G. W.LauderdaleS1173514th Inf.
Cone, John R.McNairyS256121st (Wilson's) Cav.
Cone, W. W.LauderdaleS812247th Inf.
Conely, Milton H.HickmanW2046Conley, Matilda M.
Conghlin, ThomasDavidsonS1566510th Bn. Ga. Inf.
Conkin, MosesSullivanS703660th Inf.
Conklin, AlfredLauderdaleS998615th (Stewart's) Cav.
Conklin, Jarnes FranklinShelbyW4179Conklin, Bettie Bowen
Conley, FranklinGreeneW245Conley, Nancy
Conley, JamesDavidsonS24110th Inf.
Conley, JamesPickettW2310Conley, Easter
Conley, L. P.WhiteS1024925th Inf.
Conley, M. H.HickmanS583617th Inf.
Conley, T. G.DyerS658050th Inf.
Conley, Thomas G.DyerW7563Conley, Sarah Elizabeth
Conley, WilliamBentonW3705Conley, Eliza Ann
Conn, George AdamsBedfordC198Undetermined
Conn, J. A.FranklinS1040232nd Inf.
Conn, JamesKnoxS1214259th Inf.
Conn, JesseObionS393914th Cav.
Connally, Thadeus B.MadisonS143984th Ala. Cav.
Connell, J. M.RobertsonS3711th Inf.
Connell, John W.GibsonW3302Connell, Mattie J.
Connelly, JamesDavidsonS86610th Inf.
Connelly, JohnKnoxS201010th Inf.
Conner, George T.JeffersonS96292nd N.C. Cav.
Conner, George T.JeffersonW4524Conner, Margaret A.
Conner, John C.WeakleyS1552512th Ky. Cav.
Conner, Joseph F.MadisonS1345651st Inf.
Conner, P. N.LauderdaleS137209th Inf.
Conner, RobertSevierS14262Unassigned (Enrolling Officer)
Conner, W. B.HamiltonS50055th Inf.
Conner, William FranklinHamiltonW7302Conner, Laura Adelaide
Connor, C. C. Sr.LauderdaleS1631311th Cav.
Connor, J. C.GilesS154375th Miss. Cav.
Connor, Samuel MartinWeakleyW8914Connor, Hutoka
Connor, ThomasDavidsonS15310th Inf.
Conry, PeterHamiltonW6805Conry, Mary Cox
Conway, Lawrence F.ShelbyS34041st Art.
Conway, TimothyShelbyS113152nd Bn. Ala. Lt. Art.
Conyers, T. F.CrockettS545015th Cav.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Cook, A. JenkinsBedfordS491055th Inf.
Cook, A. S.GibsonS40899th Cav.
Cook, Anthony Shem GibsonW1416Cook, Mary Fannie
Cook, B. F.DavidsonS124521st Cav.
Cook, Carroll A.HoustonW3744Cook, Delilah
Cook, DavidSullivanW132Cook, Eliza
Cook, E. K.WilsonS155414th (McLemore's) Cav.
Cook, E. K.WilsonW10175Cook, Susan
Cook, E. M.WhiteS1468043rd Ga. Inf.
Cook, Edmund
Collingsworth (Col.)
WilliamsonW3Cook, Eliza G.
Cook, G. J.McNairyS674521st (Wilson's) Cav.
Cook, George E.GilesS292532nd Inf.
Cook, George EdmundGilesW508Cook, Sue L.
Cook, HartwellHaywoodW9395Cook, Lucinda Mayo
Cook, J. A.FayetteS941724th N.C. Inf.
Cook, J. A. W.MonroeS70643rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Cook, J. D.FayetteS70547th Inf.
Cook, J. E.RobertsonS85969th Ky. Inf.
Cook, J. F.GibsonS803822nd Inf.
Cook, J. G.DavidsonS163148th Cav.
Cook, J. N.WeakleyS817212th Ky. Cav.
Cook, J. T.GibsonS1321519th (Biffle's) Cav.
Cook, J. W.GibsonS8951Sparkman's Lt. Art.
Cook, JacobRobertsonW1574Cook, Ellen
Cook, James DavidMarshallW891Cook, Mary Jane
Cook, James F.MarshallS30444th (McLemore's) Cav.
Cook, James M.DavidsonS48711st (Field's) Inf.
Cook, JohnOvertonS1400125th Inf.
Cook, JohnOvertonW8415Cook, Julia Ann
Cook, John F.GibsonS798914th Inf.
Cook, John F.MonroeS813613th Tex. Inf.
Cook, John H.SullivanS1228646th N.C. Militia
Cook, John W.WeakleyS589331st Inf.
Cook, John W.WeakleyW7576Cook, Bettie
Cook, LemuelDavidsonS1409349th Ala. Inf.
Cook, R. A.HardemanS179213th Inf.
Cook, Robert AlexanderHardemanW7045Cook, Mary Elizabeth
Cook, S. L.CoffeeS386539th Ga. Inf.
Cook, Thaddeus C.GilesS212032nd Inf.
Cook, ThomasMarshallS68284th (McLemore's) Cav.
Cook, Thomas F.UnionS44181st Cav.
Cook, W. A.ShelbyS490429th Ark. Inf.
Cook, W. A. D.CarterS421164th Va. Inf.
Cook, W. A. D.CarterW5401Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, W. B.ObionW1716Cook, Tempey
Cook, W. N.TiptonS75047th Inf.
Cook, W. P.MauryS13534Sparkman's Co. Lt. Art.
Cook, WilliamGibsonS800514th Cav.
Cook, William L.WeakleyS640822nd N.C. Inf.
Cook, William M.GibsonW1640Cook, Martha Eliza
Cook, William RichardDicksonW2425Cook, Elizabeth Taylor
Cooke, HartwellHaywoodS142599th Inf.
Cooke, John BrazeltonMcMinnW3974Cooke, Matilda H.
Cooke, Joseph AtlasFayetteW4825Cooke, Ann Rebecca
Cooke, Robert A.RutherfordS285245th Inf.
Cooke, Robert A.RutherfordW3526Cooke, Susan P.
Cooksey, E. N.MontgomeryS960650th Inf.
Cooksey, W. M.SmithS1169644th Inf.
Cookston, IsaacHamiltonW4502Cookston, Mary
Cookston, IsaacMcMinnS16125th Cav.
Cooley, Albert GallalinSumnerW2007 & W2521Cooley, Missouri Tennessee
Cooley, John F.WhiteS414515th Cav.
Cooley, John M.LoudonS1222916th Bn. Cav.
Cooley, L. B.GibsonS16542 & S1586610th Cav.
Cooley, Phillip M.SequatchieS44333rd Cav.
Cooley, T. J.HardinS2752nd Miss. Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Coop, James H.BedfordS12590 & S1517418th Inf.
Coop, JohnWashingtonS249563rd Inf.
Cooper, Alfred T.LewisS667719th (Biffle's) Cav.
Cooper, Daniel BrooksChesterS1535051st Inf.
Cooper, F. M.MeigsS38113rd Inf.
Cooper, F. P.MadisonS822419th Cav.
Cooper, G. G.DyerS1223551st Inf.
Cooper, G. M.PutnamS53788th Cav.
Cooper, G. M.PutnamW1961Cooper, Martha Ann
Cooper, G. W.MadisonS124016th Inf.
Cooper, George M.RheaS1183469th N.C. Inf.
Cooper, George W.DavidsonS1062618th Inf.
Cooper, George W.JacksonS1630612th Cav.
Cooper, H. L.HamblenS354760thInf.
Cooper, Harpeth L.GraingerW6157Cooper, Sarah E.
Cooper, IsaacCannonW892Cooper, Delila Clementine
Cooper, IsaacGilesS9021st Cav.
Cooper, J. A.CannonS98188th (Smith's) Cav.
Cooper, J. G.CarrollS945127th Inf.
Cooper, J. G.JamesS1458960th Ga. Inf.
Cooper, J. P.SullivanS989259th Inf.
Cooper, J. W.FranklinS46171st (Turney's) Inf.
Cooper, J. W.FranklinW5620Cooper, Rebecca Jane
Cooper, James L.DyerS856420th (Russell's) Cav.
Cooper, James M.DavidsonS86411st (Turney's) Inf.
Cooper, James MonroeDavidsonW5182Cooper, Susan E.
Cooper, James P.SullivanW9120Cooper, Susan Levina
Cooper, James PorterHenryS47865th Inf.
Cooper, James PorterHenryW4670Cooper, Ada Hill
Cooper, John A.HamiltonS532435th Inf.
Cooper, John L.CampbellS73432nd Cav.
Cooper, Jonathan N. B.GraingerS1136259th Mtd. Inf.
Cooper, Jones WalkerGibsonS166911st Ark. Cav.
Cooper, JosephHamiltonW5358Cooper, Bettie
Cooper, JosephMeigsS313117th Ky. Cav.
Cooper, Joseph A.CannonW6620Cooper, Margaret Elizabeth
Cooper, L. B.MauryS11973rd (Clack's) Inf.
Cooper, MartinSumnerS500055th Inf.
Cooper, NathanPutnamS25428th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Cooper, Nathan C.PutnamW4704Cooper, Martha
Cooper, O. M.SmithS80168th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Cooper, P. P.ClayS210728th Inf.
Cooper, Robert AllenCarrollW10966Ramsey, Ada Frances (Cooper)
Cooper, Robert T.FranklinS1087017th Inf.
Cooper, S. G.GibsonS1214520th (Russell's) Cav.
Cooper, Sinai GravesGibsonW5681Cooper, Sallie Virginia
Cooper, Solomon EdwinHardemanW10569Cooper, Nancy Lasly
Cooper, T. J.JeffersonS423560th Inf.
Cooper, Thomas J.JeffersonW9304Cooper, Alice Greenlee
Cooper, Thomas M.FranklinS33334th Cav.
Cooper, Thomas M.FranklinW10512Cooper, Maggie Ellen
Cooper, W. H.CoffeeS69804th Inf.
Cooper, W. K.PutnamS53258th Cav.
Cooper, W. T.BentonS11327William's Co., Cav.
Cooper, William J.HamblenW5972Cooper, Barshaba
Cooper, William JacobKnoxW4826Cooper, Jane Catharine
Cooper, William K.PutnamW5641 & W5909Cooper, S. Caroline L.
Cooper, William M.ShelbyS166891st Bn., Ark. Inf.
Cooper, William ManuelShelbyW8752Cooper, Mary Elizabeth
Cooper, William T.JacksonS1224217th Inf.
Copass, M. S.SullivanS136660th Inf.
Cope, A. J.WhiteS1534016th Inf.
Cope, D. J.DyerS1519720th (Russell's) Cav.
Cope, Daniel J.GibsonW8265Cope, Elizabeth
Cope, Harrison H.WhiteW8908Cope, Arrany
Cope, J. M.WhiteS11516th Inf.
Cope, James MadisonWhiteW3605Cope, Nancy Jane
Cope, JesseWhiteW2479Cope, Jane
Cope, Joseph MarionOvertonW568Cope, Minerva Jane
Copeland, A. J.OvertonS1144525th Inf.
Copeland, Andrew JacksonOvertonW7900Copeland, Eliza
Copeland, B. A.WhiteS13955 & S1600228th & 84th Consolidated Inf.
Copeland, F. M.OvertonS40425th Inf.
Copeland, James CalvinOvertonW4277Copeland, Mary L.
Copeland, James E.PutnamS440028th Inf.
Copeland, MathewOvertonW224Copeland, Melvina
Copeland, S. LeanderOvertonW6433Copeland, Bitha Ann
Copeland, S. A.CumberlandW3658Copeland, Sarah A.
Copeland, S. L.DavidsonS185 1/28th Inf.
Copeland, Soloman AddisonCumberlandS715825th Inf.
Copeland, W. M.ClayS62688th Inf.
Copeland, William EdwardGibsonW10237Copeland, Mary Lewis
Copenhaver, HenryRoaneS976263rd Va. Inf.
Copland, A. J.OvertonS104419th (Biffle's) Cav.
Copland, NicklesMooreW346Copland, Rhoda
Copp, M.WashingtonS1299463rd Inf.
Copp, William DavidWashingtonW6870Copp, Kissie Elizabeth
Coppenger, E. E.MonroeW7743Coppenger, Alice
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Corbett, William J.JeffersonS482712th Bn Cav.
Corbett, William J.JeffersonW1643Corbett, Mary E.
Corbin, Alvis C.ClaiborneW3500Corbin, Sarah A.
Corbitt, H. B.HenryS147885th Inf.
Corbitt, Jacob SmithBentonW2667Corbitt, Ruth Josephine
Corbitt, Joseph M.DavidsonS889511th Lt. Inf.
Corbitt, W. D.ObionS1461110th Cav.
Cordell, WileyHamiltonW2311Cordell, Susan Emelin
Corder, Benjamin GreenLincolnS708044th Inf.
Corder, J. A.LincolnS263217th S.C. Vols.
Corder, John AndrewLincolnW557Corder, Hannah Elizabeth
Corder, Robert A.WilliamsonS105748th (Smith's) Cav.
Core, Jessee GillisWilliamsonW3088Core, Louise Gillespie
Corkran, P. H.RobertsonS41362nd Inf.
Corlett, Alphonso WorkMarshallW3843 & W4983Corlett, Sarah Elizabeth
Corlew, John RandolphDicksonW227Corlew, Mary
Corley, John B.DavidsonS86858th Inf.
Corley, John BurfordDavidsonW6342Corley, Nannie Rosamond
Corley, Nat C.MadisonW7673Corley, Mary Ann
Corley, NathanDeKalbS87324th Inf.
Corley, Nathaniel C.GibsonS812347th Inf.
Corley, Seth M.SmithS755523rd Inf.
Corn, Jesse B.FranklinS536017th Inf.
Corn, T. J.FranklinS440132nd Inf.
Corn, William JeffersonCoffeeW9890Corn, Cullie
Cornant, James H.LincolnW3888Cornant, Amanda A.
Cornelison, JesseCoffeeS41691st (Turney's) Inf.
Cornelius, Ira E.McNairyW10775Cornelius, Nannie E.
Cornelius, John E.McNairyS1627411th Cav.
Cornet, JohnCarterS892858th N.C. Inf.
Cornett, James A.SullivanS1565537th Va. Inf.
Cornett, JohnCarterS1603258th N.C. Inf.
Cornwell, F. C.TrousdaleS94639th (Bennett's) Cav.
Cornwell, FousheeSmithS131909th (Ward's) Cav.
Cornwell, James W.GreeneS537929th Inf.
Cornwell, John S.WilsonS416224th Inf.
Corpier, W. A.GilesW4943Corpier, Sarah J.
Corpier, W. A.LincolnS2726 & S495132nd Inf.
Correll, George W.UnicoiS142731st Bn. (Colm's) Inf.
Cortner, DanielBedfordS1601323rd Inf.
Cortner, MatthewDavidsonW9128Cortner, Bettie S.
Corum, Abigo.DyerW6058Corum, Adline
Corum, D. C.ObionS353623rd Inf.
Corum, Don CarlissObionW5173Corum, MaryJane
Corum, H. C.SumnerS743828th Inf.
Corum, Henry ClintonSumnerW5324Corum, Rachel Frances
Corum, Ila DouglasDavidsonW1614Corum, Martha Jane.
Corum, Robert G.JohnsonS1004420th Inf.
Corum, Robert GalenJohnsonW10531Corum, Georgia Ann
Corum, S. R.SmithS258525th Inf.
Cosby, Epharnam H.GilesW4367Cosby, Missouri Jane.
Cosby, JohnRutherfordS89147th Inf.
Cosby, Williamson MarionHamiltonW9894Cosby, Ella Bush
Cosson, S. E.HamblenW7164Cosson, Cassie Almyra
Costner, Joseph W.CockeS1095649th N.C. Inf.
Costner, ThomasBlountS313338th N.C. Inf.
Cotham, W. S.HickmanS1541124th Inf.
Cotham, William S.HickmanW10904Cotham, Ida
Cothcutt, William H.GilesS33141st Cav.
Cothman, J. M.MarionS143283rd Confederate Cav.
Cothran, Eldridge G.TiptonW7214Cothran, Bettie
Cothran, GilfordWeakleyS166331st (Field's) Inf.
Cothran, R. W.HickmanS221248th (Voorhies') Inf.
Cothran, William HarrisSmithW5880Cothran, Mary Ellen
Cothren, F. D.WeakleyS188623rdInf.
Cothren, Franklin D.DyerW1155Cothren, Martha J.
Cothren, Robert.ChesterW8894Cothren, Mary Ann
Cotten, R. J.ShelbyS53804th Inf.
Cotten, William A.WarrenS147716th Inf.
Cotter, George W.SullivanS28659th Inf.
Cotter, George W.SullivanW2486Cotter, Barbara A.
Cotton, AlonzoDavidsonC283Undetermined
Cotton, JamesKnoxS111773rd Ga. Bn. Sharp Shooters
Cotton, JamesKnoxW7194Cotton, Amanda
Cotton, James R.ShelbyS95499th Miss. Inf.
Cotton, James RichardShelbyW2990Cotton, Mary V.
Cotton, Jessie V.HickmanW2011Cotton, Sarah J.
Cotton, John N.ShelbyS1380123rd Ark. Inf.
Cotton, John P.WhiteS1063623rd Inf.
Cotton, R. F.WilliamsonS152474th (McLemore's) Cav.
Cotton, Tom.DyerW5458Cotton, Ida
Cotton, William AlexanderWarrenW2714Cotton, Mary Ann
Cottrell, George W.LawrenceW2738Cottrell, Lydia M.
Cottrell, George WashingtonLawrenceS189127th Ala. Inf.
Cottrell, J. T.WashingtonS78545th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Cottrell, J. W.WashingtonS78555th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Cottrell, RichardMonroeS605062nd Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Couch, D. I.HamiltonS84684th Cav.
Couch, Edgar WilliamDavidsonW6171Couch, Mary Ellen
Couch, George WashingtonHamiltonW9941Couch, Nancy Ann
Couch, J. D.DavidsonS141684th Cav.
Couch, JohnMeigsS599526th Inf.
Couch, Joseph E.WilliamsonS87464th (McLemore's) Cav.
Couch, Joseph E.WilliamsonW8080Couch, Frances Josephine
Couch, Joseph W.WarrenW109Couch, Nancy P.
Couder, John JeffersonLincolnW1329Couder, Elizabeth
Couleston, S.McNairyS747732nd Inf.
Coulter, A. J.HamiltonS1446116th Bn. Cav.
Coulter, Robert RileyBlountW2189Coulter, Sarah Jane
Council, Joseph C.HendersonS1035827th Inf.
Council, T. D.ObionS1031442nd Inf.
Council, Thomas DudleyObionW4202Council, Sarah Elizabeth
Council, Willis.DicksonW3659 Council, Sarah Warner
Countess, E. H.SullivanS587313th Bn. Art. Va.
Countiss, RobertFranklinS1532428th Cav.
Coursey, JosephCannonS505024th Inf.
Courtney, John RileyHawkinsW5617Courtney, Catherine Anne
Courtney, StephenGreeneS333961st Inf.
Courtney, W. W.WilliamsonS1389932nd Inf.
Couser, T. L.FranklinS602137th Inf.
Cousins, Nathan MiltonLauderdaleS254327th Inf.
Cousins, Nathaniel MiltonLauderdaleW3068Cousins, Fannie Ellen
Cousins, Robert ThomasCrockettW3875 & W1205Cousins, Mary Ann
Covey, L. E.ObionS115991st (Field's) Inf.
Covey, W. R.MauryS92761st (Field's) Inf.
Covington, E. A.BedfordS315423rd Inf.
Covington, E. H.HenryS1265014th Inf.
Covington, E. J.MontgomeryS65046th N.C. Inf.
Covington, J. A. WeakleyS1469420th (Russell's) Cav.
Covington, J. F. SumnerS464813th Inf.
Covington, J. F. SumnerW6523Covington, Matilda
Covington, John A.CannonW8667Covington, India C.
Covington, John J.RutherfordW8891Covington, Della McCord
Covington, Robert W.DavidsonW6063Covington, Tennessee
Covington, T. L.DavidsonS1123520th Inf.
Covington, William FranklinRutherfordW377Covington, Ruth Franklin
Cowan, George LimerickWilliamsonW9539Cowan, Hattie McGavock
Cowan, James B.CoffeeS112903rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Cowan, James BenjaminCoffeeW2845Cowan, Lucy C
Cowan, James C.DavidsonW7425Cowan, Maggie B.
Cowan, John Max.DicksonW2932Cowan, Florence E.
Cowan, John R.FranklinW8291Cowan, Eliza J.
Cowan, John Stephen RandallShelbyW11159Cowan, Mary Louise Murta
Cowan, Mahlon S.SullivanS1565937th Va. Inf.
Cowan, Robert CameranHaywoodW2317Cowan, Sarah Bell
Cowan, Williarn MichaelFranklinW6024Cowan, Samantha Catherine
Coward, James W.MadisonS96301st S.C. Cav.
Coward, ThomasKnoxS145483rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Coward, ThomasKnoxW6915Coward, Matilda
Cowardin, H. C.WeakleyS79632nd (Robison's) Inf.
Cowardin, Henry C.WeakleyW7615Cowardin, Eha R.
Cowart, Thomas.HamiltonW5642Cowart, Jennie A
Cowden, William MorrisMarshallW5780Cowden, Lizzie
Cowell, Berry.BentonW248Cowell, Martha Ellen
Cowen, George W.PutnamW5810Cowen, Martha A.
Cowen, George W.SmithS82328th Inf.
Cowen, W. M.LakeS74791st (Turney's) Inf.
Cowles, R. S.WilliamsonS1464845th Inf.
Cowser, Thomas L.FranklinW1390Cowser, Sallie A.
Cowsett, Isaac K.WilliamsonS46773rd Inf.
Cox, A. J.SullivanW3714Cox, Elvira V.
Cox, AsaHenryS55797th Cav.
Cox, DavidCumberlandS1336545th Inf.
Cox, DavidCumberlandW8627Cox, Mary Ann
Cox, F. M.HardemanS1292414th (Neely's) Cav.
Cox, G. S.ObionS38533rd Inf.
Cox, George W.TiptonS1105112th Cav.
Cox, HardieCumberlandS991016th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.
Cox, HenryLawrenceS594348th (Nixon's) Inf.
Cox, Henry CliftonPutnamW2450Cox, Susannah Elizabeth
Cox, Henry W.SullivanW2762Cox, Martha L.
Cox, J. A.MarionS157562nd Ga. Bn. Inf.
Cox, J. D.ObionS15213Forrest's Scouts Cav.
Cox, J. H.SullivanS78144th Ky. Cav.
Cox, J. M.SmithS826824th Inf.
Cox, J. M.SullivanS94444th Ky. Cav.
Cox, J. P.ObionS94845th Inf.
Cox, J. R.StewartS110331st Ky. Cav.
Cox, J. R.SullivanS1174429th Inf.
Cox, J. T.WilliamsonW1368Cox, Mary E.
Cox, JacobMauryS105922nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Cox, JamesMeigsS89325th Cav.
Cox, James G.SullivanW2805Cox, Virginia Emeline
Cox, James H.HawkinsS232812th Cav.
Cox, James MadisonRheaS33241st (Carter's) Cav.
Cox, James MadisonSmithW7308Cox, Mary L.
Cox, Jesse HyderSullivanW11023Cox, Fannie Lou
Cox, JoelMauryS1070510th (DeMoss') Cav.
Cox, JohnWilsonS11371 & S120564th (McLemore's) Cav.
Cox, John B.HamblenS525661st Inf.
Cox, John B.KnoxS118663rd S.C. Cav.
Cox, John BartlettKnoxW2538Cox, Louise
Cox, John M.HickmanW9694Cox, Louisa C.
Cox, John MarionObionW4839Cox, Louisie Columbia
Cox, John N.McNairyS1642818th (Newsom's) Cav.
Cox, Joseph RobertStewartW10356Cox, Terrasena
Cox, Lawson J.HenryS1661020th (Russell's) Cav.
Cox, LeroyJeffersonS25971st Cav.
Cox, Martin V.HawkinsS178516th Bn. Cav.
Cox, Nathan M.PutnamS21324th Cav.
Cox, NoahSullivanS1173160th Inf.
Cox, Robert Henry CrockettW599Cox, Tabitha Louisa
Cox, RobinWilsonS25494th (McLemore's) Cav.
Cox, S. R.SullivanS894060thInf.
Cox, Samuel R.SullivanW6241Cox, Rachel Emeline
Cox, TaylorWashingtonS108771st (Carter's) Cav.
Cox, Thomas D.RutherfordS226344th Inf.
Cox, Thomas D.RutherfordW5233Cox, Nancy
Cox, W H.WeakleyS888327th Inf.
Cox, W. F.HardemanS1292514th (Neely's) Cav.
Cox, W. F.HardemanS1609314th Cav.
Cox, W. H.MadisonS1125119th (Biffle's) Cav.
Cox, W. J.MauryS19573rd Inf.
Cox, W. K.JeffersonS1535160th Inf.
Cox, William FranklinHardemanW8882Cox, Lucie Jane
Cox, William HamlinMadisonW2972Cox, Endora
Cox, William JamesMauryW1541Cox, Susan Jane
Cox, William K.JeffersonW8388Cox, Clarisa A.
Cox, William L.GilesS104759th Ala. Inf.
Cox, William TaylorWashingtonW10196Cox, Mary Docia
Cox, Wilson W.HardemanW731Cox, Ritta M.
Cozart, B. F.LewisS845224th Inf.
Cozart, GilbertDyerS648832nd Tex. Cav.
Cozart, JamesHendersonS192227th Inf.
Cozart, James W.ClaiborneS52571st Cav.
Cozort, James W.ClaiborneW3850Cozort, Nancy
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Crabb, FreelandGilesW1144Crabb, Mary E.
Crabb, J. F.SumnerS57392nd Inf.
Crabb, WilliamSumnerS20772nd Cav.
Crabtree, EwellRoaneS124085th Cav.
Crabtree, Ewell RoaneW8472Crabtree, Nancy
Crabtree, F. F.LincolnS803332nd Inf.
Crabtree, George W.LincolnS141328th Inf.
Crabtree, J. C.CoffeeS370625th Ark. Inf.
Crabtree, J. C.CoffeeW7731Crabtree, Aurilla
Crabtree, J. C.McNairyS34901st N.C. Inf.
Crabtree, J. H.JacksonS88375th Cav.
Crabtree, J. H. LincolnS539432nd Inf.
Crabtree, JamesRobertsonS710514th Inf.
Crabtree, John HenryLincolnW7143Crabtree, Roena Emmaline
Crabtree, John WesleyOvertonW412Crabtree, Emily
Crabtree, W. I.GrundyS1211044th Inf.
Crabtree, W. N.GilesS574044th Inf.
Crabtree, WilliamRoaneW2498Crabtree, Sarah
Crabtree, William MeridickMarshallW1362Crabtree, Nancy S.
Crabtree, William NathanielGilesW1431Crabtree, Mary J.
Craddock, N. L.RutherfordS956824th Inf.
Craddock, William MillardCrockettW1306Craddock, Catherine E.
Cradup, Henry DavisWilsonC87th Inf.
Crafford, J. A.ShelbyS152403rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Craft, George W.MonroeS714343rd Inf.
Crafton, C. A.DyerS972423r Va. Inf.
Crafton, Daniel ShelburnDavidsonW9369Crafton, Sallie M.
Crafton, G. H.ObionS1563111th (Holman's) Cav.
Crafton, SolomanWilliamsonS1267842nd Inf.
Crafton, William S.DavidsonS1321711th(Holman's) Cav.
Crafts, WilliamMonroeS149293rd Inf.
Craig, B. C.RheaS290831st Inf.
Craig, Barton C.RheaW1033Graig, Jane
Craig, Columbus F.WeakleyW572Craig, Elizabeth P.
Craig, Eleazor HardmanPerryW7636 & W4180Craig, Nancy Elizabeth
Craig, George W.BedfordS602841st Inf.
Craig, J. E.DicksonS392110th Cav.
Craig, J. J.ShelbyS1480219th (Biffle's) Cav.
Craig, James ArchibaldLawrenceW122Craig, Martha F.
Craig, James LafayetteHamblenS1334461st Inf.
Craig, Larkin BrooksDavidsonW366Craig, Millie Mildred
Craig, N. S.MauryS1294448th (Voorhies') Inf.
Craig, Newton H.ShelbyS1590512th Cav.
Craig, P. H.WayneS1440820th (Nixon's) Cav.
Craig, R. F.LawrenceS98483rd (Clack's) Inf.
Craig, Robert ElihuMauryW2537Craig, Margaret A.
Craig, Robert M.DyerS158517th Inf.
Craig, Rufus FranklinLawrenceW8927Graig, Margaret Ruth
Craig, S. E.WayneS1654848th (Nixon's) Inf.
Craig, S. S.MauryS71473rd Inf.
Craig, S. S.MauryS737848th Inf.
Craig, Samuel MonroeMauryW6004Craig, Felicia Elizabeth
Craig, W. D.DyerS571648th Inf.
Craig, William S.DavidsonW2788Craig, Nancy Ann
Craig, WoodfordDavidsonS1463922nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Craighead, W. J.SmithS262644th Inf.
Crain, E. W.LauderdaleS16303 & S1659314th Mo. Inf.
Crain, Henry StrattonWayneW5211Crain, Mary Frances
Crane, Martin V.SullivanS50065th Ga. Battery
Crane, WilliamClaiborneS461364th Inf.
Crane, WilliamKnoxW7681Crane, Viney
Crass, F. H.RutherfordS132561st (Field's) Inf.
Crass, S. L.SullivanS1493060th Inf.
Cravans, P. C.OvertonS202625th Inf.
Craven, Ewell L.GibsonS1313621st (Wilson's) Cav.
Craven, J. W.ObionS151557th Cav.
Craver, D. F.ObionS1234042nd N.C. Inf.
Crawford, Alex N.MarshallS3132nd Inf.
Crawford, C. Y.KnoxS44194th Va. Inf.
Crawford, David H.MarionS329010th S.C. Inf.
Crawford, E. D.HamiltonS340019th Inf.
Crawford, EphraimHawkinsS46429th Inf.
Crawford, EphraimSullivanW761Crawford, Martha E.
Crawford, Ezekiel N.LincolnS75741st (Turney's) Inf.
Crawford, G. W.whiteS56376th Ky. Cav.
Crawford, J. R.FranklinS907941st Inf.
Crawford, J. R.RheaS643826thInf.
Crawford, J. R.SullivanS9647 & S959360thInf.
Crawford, JacksonSullivanS437529th Inf.
Crawford, James RRheaW3406Crawford, Mary C.
Crawford, James S. A.Henrico (Va.)W4040Crawford, Jemima Frances
Crawford, James.SullivanW4044Crawford, Ann
Crawford, John KerrFayetteW5354Crawford, Fannie J.
Crawford, John R.HumphreysW3594Crawford, Margaret Elizabeth
Crawford, Nathan E.GreeneS953360th Inf.
Crawford, R. N.HardemanS770932nd Ark. Inf.
Crawford, R. R.HardemanS14764Polk's Battery Lt. Art.
Crawford, Robert R.KnoxW6810Crawford, Mary M.
Crawford, Robert RafordHardemanW9755Crawford, Matilda Caroline
Crawford, SamuelHawkinsS91161st Bn. (Colm's) Inf.
Crawford, Samuel H.SullivanS539563rd Inf.
Crawford, Samuel H.SullivanW4039Crawford, Fannie A.
Crawford, Thomas C.MauryS805514th Inf.
Crawford, Thomas EllisKnoxW3377Crawford, Sarah Hester
Crawford, Thomas N.HardemanS116947th Cav.
Crawford, W. E.FayetteS1236613th Inf.
Crawford, William HarveyHamiltonW3929Crawford, Julia F.
Crawford, William P.CampbellS4333 & S119619th Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Creamer, C. B.HaywoodS1410111th Ala. Cav.
Creasey, J. R.HawkinsS1281212th Bn. (Day's) Cav.
Creasman, William L.WashingtonS1383366th N.C. State Troops
Creasy, J. M.DecaturS456752nd Inf.
Creasy, J. M.MaconS1407224th Inf.
Creasy, JosephSumnerS79901st Cav.
Creasy, William H.HawkinsS166012th Cav.
Creech, Elijah H.HawkinsW3100Creech, Barbara
Crenshaw, F. M.ShelbyS1383151st Inf.
Crenshaw, HardinDavidsonS705320th Inf.
Crenshaw, J. M.TrousdaleS120862nd (Robison's) Inf.
Crenshaw, James C.DavidsonS1088455th Inf.
Crenshaw, Thomas JeffersonTrousdaleW305Crenshaw, Sinai T.
Cresap, Virgil AugustisHardinW8917Cresap, Nancy Jane
Creson, Denis H.RutherfordS166945th Inf.
Cress, A. J.LoudonS70623rd Engineer Troops
Cress, Andrew J.LoudonW6510Cress, Mary E.
Cressell, JamesWashingtonW8131Cressell, Sarah E.
Cressell, Thomas C.SullivanS414660th Inf.
Cressell, Thomas C.SullivanW6912Cressell, Martha Elizabeth
Cressell, W. B.SullivanS10216Huwall's Battery Art.
Cressey, N. A.GibsonS1583547th Inf.
Cresswell, William CampbellGibsonW1262Cresswell, Sarah Elizabeth
Cretsinger, N. P.SullivanS3005Marshall's Co. Art.
Cretsinger, William B.SullivanW1990Cretsinger, Susannah
Crewdson, Gus H.ShelbyW2662Crewdson, Sallie A.
Crews, Alford H.CarrollS1203122nd Inf.
Crews, C. C.ShelbyS149994th Inf.
Crews, David AndersonCarrollW10706Hall, Treecy Crews
Crews, J. H.WeakleyS1383446th Inf.
Crews, J. W.GraingerW5040Crews, Emily
Crews, John W.CarrollS525820th Cav.
Crews, John W.CarrollW2392Crews, Sarah F.
Crews, John W.GraingerS1042637th Inf.
Crews, R. B.WeakleyS903027th Inf.
Crewse, Henry Knox PolkPolkW6393Crewsw, Louisa Ann
Crichlow, Samuel P.DavidsonW1443Crichlow, Anna Louise
Crider, F. H.GibsonW4026 Crider, Rebecca C.
Crider, Preston ColumbusGibsonS810219th & 20th
Consolidated Cav.
Crigger, J. H.MarshallS126079th Va. Inf.
Crigger, James MadisonDyerW5783Crigger, Nancy
Crigger, James PrestonMarshallS819028th Va. Inf.
Crigger, John HenryMarshallW9745Crigger, Mary Jane
Crim, Henry C.DavidsonS310411th Inf.
Crim, Henry ClayDavidsonW85Crim, Mary Francis
Cripps, JohnSmithS818428th Inf.
Crisman, J. F. H.DavidsonS1450522nd (Nixon's) Cav.
Crisp, D. J.FayetteS1384214th S.C. Inf.
Crisp, R. A.CarterS1245722nd N.C. Inf.
Crisson, Mack WilsonAndersonW7610Crisson, Louisa Elizabeth
Crisswell, James Henry DavidsonW7202Crisswell, Sophronia
Criswell, J. H.DavidsonS80047th Inf.
Criswell, John T.WilsonS41747th Inf.
Criswell, Robert T.DavidsonS96657th Inf.
Criswell, Robert TerryDavidsonW3549Criswell, Jennette Francis
Criswell, S. D.WilliamsonS1178Undetermined
Criswell, T. A.GibsonS1081624th Inf.
Crittendon, Emmet W.ShelbyW2637Crittendon, Florence A.
Crocker, BenjaminDavidsonW1146Crocker, Sarah
Crocker, Benjamin F.DavidsonW479Crocker, Elizabeth Watson
Crocker, James M.GibsonS79749th Mo. Cav.
Crocker, James M.GreeneW2386Crocker, Miriam
Crocker, Wiley S.HardinS27052nd Ala. Cav.
Crocker, Wiley S.HardinW4350Crocker, Sinthy
Crockett, A. W.ObionS11034 & S154089th Inf.
Crockett, Fountain P.RutherfordS42Owen's Battery, Ark.
Crockett, Granville HintonRutherfordW8851Crockett, Rachel Lou
Crockett, James H.WilliamsonS627625th Va. Cav.
Crockett, James HunterWilliamsonW4527Crockett, Mary M.
Crockett, O. P.KnoxW7242Crockett, Eliza
Crockett, W. C.RutherfordS15766 & S162365th Ala. Cav.
Crockett, William HenryHumphreysW10205Crockett, Nancy Morandia
Crofford, John AlexanderShelbyW8254Crofford, Kate Hill
Croft, T. A.MonroeS73443rd Inf.
Crofts, W. M.McMinnW10796Crofts, Lillie
Croley, S. N.LincolnS1190844th Inf.
Cromer, J. H.RutherfordS666324th Inf.
Cromer, James H.MontgomeryS554214th Inf.
Cromer, Leaner WashingtonDavidsonW2356Cromer, Artemise
Cron, J. E.SumnerS163589th (Ward's) Cav.
Cron, Joseph EllisonSumnerW9373Cron, Anne Elizabeth
Cronk, Richard HenryHenryW1357Cronk, Sallie D.
Crook, C. B.PutnamS1312928th Inf.
Crook, David LeeWilsonW6293Crook, S.Rebecca
Crook, David W.CarrollW284Crook, Edna
Crook, Elliot Harrison HendersonW4797Crook, Nancy Adline
Crook, Elliott H.HendersonS246613th Inf.
Crook, G. M.FayetteS8753Ballentine's Regt. Tex. Cav.
Crook, George MadisonLauderdaleW6104Crook, Mary Jane
Crook, P. F.KnoxS769026th Inf.
Crook, Z. V.LawrenceS1022248th Inf.
Croom, John WilsonSullivanW10889Williams, Susan (Croom)
Cropper, HiramWilsonS8784th Cav.
Crosby, George WGraingerW5015Crosby, Francis E.
Crosby, John C.ShelbyW10769Crosby, Bridget Agnes
Crosley, Abraham HughesShelbyW9695Crosley, Sudie
Cross, DavidSullivanS469963rd Inf.
Cross, David M.SullivanS359260th Inf.
Cross, ElkanaSullivanW672Cross, Mary A.
Cross, H. N.HickmanS167724th Inf.
Cross, Harry NewtonHickmanW1476 & W1326Cross, Abbie Josephine
Cross, J. L.WashingtonW5315Cross, Catherine
Cross, J. N.DavidsonS1323419th (Biffle's) Cav.
Cross, Jackson L.WashingtonS267360th Inf.
Cross, Jacob G.SullivanW673Cross, Sallie E.
Cross, Jesse P.SullivanW317Cross, Esther E.
Cross, Joe B.AndersonS127652nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Cross, JohnSullivanS410960th Mtd. Inf.
Cross, JohnSullivanW6577Cross, Mary Florence
Cross, John B.HoustonS295014th Inf.
Cross, John B.HoustonW1114Cross, Lucy Ann
Cross, John F.SullivanS1378329th Inf.
Cross, MosesObionW6072Cross, Mary M.
Cross, Moses HenryObionW10648Cross, Mary Margaret
Cross, Napoleon BonaparteHardemanW4346Cross, Elizabeth
Cross, NewtDavidsonS1546519th (Biffle's) Cav.
Cross, R. B.SullivanS984560th Inf.
Cross, R. N.HickmanS92124th Inf.
Cross, S. H.MauryW6165Cross, Jennie C.
Cross, S. R.FayetteS1331519th Inf.
Cross, S. S.GilesS40313rd Inf.
Cross, Samuel StackerHenryW753Cross, MargaretJ.
Cross, Shelton HenryMauryS107583rd Inf.
Cross, Stephen SheltonGilesW6252 & W8251Cross, Becky
Cross, W. A.SullivanW3383Cross, Martha
Cross, W. W.SullivanS1643659th Inf.
Cross, WilliamGilesS256214th Cav.
Cross, WilliamSullivanS741259th Inf.
Cross, William A.SullivanS621329th Inf.
Cross, William S.SullivanS5996White's Co. Sullivan
County Reserves
Crossett, James GreerFayetteW764Crossett, Frances Jane
Crosslin, A. M.CoffeeS791944th Inf.
Crossnoe, W. W.CrockettS1200019th (Biffle's) Cav.
Crosswell, James T.HumphreysW666Crosswell, Tom
Crosswell, John R.HenryS6985th Inf.
Crostwaite, A. L.DavidsonS15264Carter's Scout
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Crouch, C.HenryS198719th & 20th Cav.
Crouch, Eastern MoselyGrundyW318Crouch, Elizabeth
Crouch, Franklin JacksonSumnerS1335455th Inf.
Crouch, GeorgeWashingtonW5584Crouch, Lilah
Crouch, George P.WashingtonS1175762nd Inf.
Crouch, J. W.ShelbyW3765Crouch, Mitt
Crouch, John L.WashingtonS1127760th Inf.
Crouch, JosephWashingtonW8064Crouch, Abigail M.
Crouch, Joseph H.WashingtonS16729th Inf.
Crouch, Peter W.DavidsonW7670Crouch, Josie Anderson
Crouch, Peter W.HickmanS3167th Ky. Cav.
Crouch, Robert C.HamblenS1643019th Inf.
Crouch, TaylorBedfordW10007Crouch, Malissa Thomas
Crouch, W. R.HenryS123275th Inf.
Crouch, William H.CoffeeS20174th Ky. Cav.
Crouch, William H.CoffeeW2082Crouch, Naomi Emiline
Croushorn, William H.ClaiborneS185763rd Inf.
Crow, C. W.McNairyS975331st Ala. Inf.
Crow, ChristHamiltonW2941Crow, Sarah L.
Crow, F. M.HamiltonW5014Crow, Rebecca
Crow, FinnHamiltonS1278635th Inf.
Crow, Isaac L.HamiltonW2663Crow, Rebecca
Crow, ZachariahWashingtonS144863rd Inf.
Crowden, Joe T.BlountW3111Crowden, Jane
Crowder, J. C.HaywoodS11387Undetermined
Crowder, John ArcherHaywoodW9565Crowder, Willie B.
Crowder, Joseph T.BlountS5668 & S154062nd Inf.
Crowder, R. B.DyerS37873rd Cav.
Crowder, W. J.MauryS89739th Bn. Cav.
Crowder, William JacksonMauryW6901Crowder, Elizabeth McCarmally
Crowe, A.McNairyS2860Undetermined
Crowel, W. H.FranklinS1449248th (Voorhies') Inf.
Crowell, George WashingtonHumphreysS1271524th Bn. Inf.
Crowell, J. D.WashingtonS1378513th Bn. Va. Art.
Crowell, James DalyWashingtonW4633Crowell, Mary Rosanna
Crowell, John S.GibsonS794311th Inf.
Crowley, W. G.DeKalbS495223rd Inf.
Crownover, W. B.HendersonS82227th Inf.
Croxdale, JehielHamblenS5170Unassigned
Crumley, D. J.SullivanS1103036th Inf.
Crumley, Daniel J.SullivanW4102Crumley, Elizabeth
Crumley, David JamesWashingtonW4650Crumley, Mary Louisiana
Crumley, David N.PolkW7580Crumley, Elizabeth
Crumley, J. C.BradleyS98024th Ga. Inf.
Crumley, J. C.BradleyW3733Crumley, Eliza
Crumley, John H.WashingtonW3422Crumley, Sallie C.
Crumley, Phillip H.SullivanW961Crumley, Elizabeth
Crumley, S. M.WashingtonS1025 & S136737th Va. Inf.
Crumley, William L.SullivanW1713Crumley, Mary S.
Crumly, Cass PolkSullivanW10506Crumly, Lucinda Cathrine
Crump, Andrew J.DavidsonS164372nd (Robison's) Inf.
Crump, FendallHumphreysW7159Crump, Sarah Braden
Crump, G. K.DavidsonS85213rd Inf.
Crump, George KinnairdDavidsonW1364Crump, Mary
Crump, J. M.ShelbyS1403917th Miss. Inf.
Crump, John MoormanShelbyW9756Crump, Missouri Baggett
Crump, John OsbornLawrenceW9307Crump, Lula W.
Crump, Marcus V.HaywoodS1401922nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Crunk, A. J.DavidsonS47812nd (Robison's) Inf.
Crunk, George N.WilliamsonS93584th (McLemore's) Cav.
Crunk, John E.WilliamsonW239Crunk, Mary E.
Crunk, John E.WilliamsonS63064th (McLemore's) Cav.
Cruse, Henry A.CarrollS1073222nd Inf.
Crussell, Thomas MWilliamsonW7Crussell, Elizabeth J.
Crussell, WilliamSullivanS377519th Inf.
Crutcher, D. B.WilliamsonS1017911th Cav.
Crutcher, J. P.DicksonW2568Crutcher, Hester A.
Crutcher, JackWilliamsonC2620th Inf.
Crutcher, Lawson MantiplyDavidsonW9104Crutcher, Sallie McHenry
Crutcher, M. M. MarshallS137581st (Field's) Inf.
Crutcher, Price PerkinsWilsonW1185Crutcher, Mary C
Crutcher, Thomas S.WilliamsonS950755th Inf.
Crutcher, Thomas S.WilliamsonW6655Crutcher, Alice W.
Crutcher, William A.DavidsonW8362Crutcher, Sarah Josephine
Crutcher, William A.WilliamsonS49520th Inf.
Crutcher, William HenryShelbyW6616Crutcher, Rowena Margery
Crutcher, William HenryWilliamsonW4629Crutcher, Eliza Bell
Crutchfield, AmosClaiborneS389563rd Inf.
Crutchfield, Amos.ClaiborneW9184Crutchfield, Sallie
Crutchfield, E. J.RutherfordS449445th Inf.
Crutchfield, J. B.RutherfordS66692nd Ga. Cav.
Crutchfield, J. S.CarrollS105559th Lt. Inf.
Crutchfield, J. W.MarionS92097th Ala. Cav.
Crutchfield, J. W.MarionW4927Crutchfield, Cynthia Elizabeth
Crutchfield, John H.DavidsonS1467th Ky. Inf.
Crutchfield, John SeymoreWeakleyW9138Crutchfield, Martha Virginia
Crutchfield, W. H.LauderdaleS163424th Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Cuff, David S.BentonW2138Cuff, Malissie
Cuff, Francis AsburyBentonW1242Cuff, Sarah
Cuff, John M.BentonS1329155th Inf.
Culberson, John HughShelbyW8888Culberson, Mary Lizette
Culbertson, J. H.ShelbyS148523rd S.C. Inf.
Culbreath, J. M.FayetteS944151st Inf.
Culbreath, John MacklinTiptonS116887th Cav.
Culbreath, John R.SumnerS17287th Bn. Cav.
Culbreath, John R.SumnerW4876Culbreath, Mary Jane
Culbreath, Jordan ClarkTiptonW6738Culbreath, Sarah J.
Culiford, George WashingtonCrockettW4814Culiford, Nancy
Culley, James W.CoffeeS665617th Inf.
Cullip, JosephHamblenS779923rd Inf.
Cullipher, G. W.CrockettS111512th Cav.
Cullipher, J. G.GibsonS829419th & 20th Cav.
Cullipher, John GreenCrockettW7126Cullipher, Mary Margaret
Cullom, Benjamin LovellDavidsonW236Cullirn, Mary Adeline Elliston
Cullom, EdDavidsonS37464th Inf.
Cullom, EdwardShelbyW8815Cullom, Candis Love
Cullom, SamOvertonC588th Inf.
Cullom, Sam W.RobertsonC232Undetermined
Cullum, E. F.HumphreysS41705th Inf.
Cullum, E. G.DicksonS815818th Inf.
Cullup, William H.SEE: Collup, William H.  
Cully, J. M.MarshallS596417th Inf.
Culpepper, C. T.HenryS1213720th Inf.
Culpepper, C. T.HenryW8946Culpepper, Sarah J.
Culpepper, Gideon AlstonShelbyS873348th Inf.
Culpepper, James Warren.HenryW4088Culpepper, Eliza Ann
Culps, Robert L.GilesS4179th Ala. Inf.
Culton, James M.BradleyS932143rd Inf.
Culton, James MattockBradleyW9710Culton, Harriett McConnell
Culver, J. J.HamiltonS1148131st Ala. Inf.
Cumbey, JamesWhiteW285Cumbey, Nancy
Cumby, James HenryPutnamW2680Cumby, Fannie
Cummings, DavidObionW9057Cummings, Margaret Jane
Cummings, G. M.PutnamS337155th Inf.
Cummings, Gabriel M.WhiteW2089Cummings, Martha L.
Cummings, J. D.Van BurenS1260835th Inf.
Cummings, JohnHamiltonW5924Cummings, Mary Elizabeth
Cummings, John WilliamWilsonW6233Cummings, Surilda
Cummings, P. J.GibsonS1243733rd Inf.
Cummings, Pleasant
GibsonW7343Cummings, Florence
Cummings, Thomas DavidObionS14885 & S1626648th (Nixon's) Inf.
Cummings, Virgil BaxterObionW9981Cummings, Mollie
Cummings, W.CannonS129498th (Smith's) Cav.
Cummings, WarrenCannonW4880Cummings, Josie
Cummings, William T.WarrenS1270722nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Cummings, William TilfordWarrenW8861 & W5444Cummings, Berthany
Cummins, J. J.LincolnS1478th Inf.
Cummins, J. W.WilsonS1204145th Inf.
Cummins, JohnLincolnS1638655th Inf.
Cummins, John H.LincolnW10870Cummins, Mollie
Cummins, John JacksonLincolnW1771Cummins, Fannie
Cummins, John W.HickmanW4160Cummins, Dixie L.
Cundiff, J. C.MarshallS109364th (McLemore's) Cav.
Cunningham, CalvinSumnerS79237th Inf.
Cunningham, CalvinSumnerW7548Cunningham, Lucy B.
Cunningham, CharlesLincolnS437732nd Inf.
Cunningham, D. P.ObionS24632nd Inf.
Cunningham, Demarcus PerryObionW8278Cunningham, Henrietta
Cunningham, EdiomGraingerS932237th Inf.
Cunningham, FrankTrousdaleW10320Cunningham, Lenora Stalcup
Cunningham, Franklin L.RheaW4564Cunningham, Eve Ann
Cunningham, George W.BedfordS18714th Inf.
Cunningham, George
MooreW4418Cunningham, Sallie
Cunningham, HenryShelbyS101715th Inf.
Cunningham, Henry MarlinSequatchieS5963rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Cunningham, Henry P.WilliamsonS10420th Inf.
Cunningham, Henry P.WilliamsonW8701Cunningham, Susan F.
Cunningham, Hugh A.WarrenW2096Cunningham, Sarah Jane
Cunningham, JamesGibsonS289738th Inf.
Cunningham, James A.BedfordS1647144th Inf.
Cunningham, James A.BedfordW9378Cunningham, Maggie
Cunningham, James HendersonHumphreysW9851Cunningham, Ellen Elizabeth
Cunningham, James Knox PolkBedfordW10134Cunningham, Mary
Cunningham, John D.ObionS163749th Inf.
Cunningham, John F.WilliamsonW165Cunningham, Eliza J.
Cunningham, John R.WashingtonW2610Cunningham, A.E.
Cunningham, JosephCoffeeS35114th Mo. Inf.
Cunningham, LanePutnamS1163928th Inf.
Cunningham, MishnerDavidsonS164924th Cav.
Cunningham, Nathaniel H.MonroeS188837th Inf.
Cunningham, OsborneWilliamsonC871st Cav.
Cunningham, R. M.MontgomeryS108788th'(Smith's) Cav.
Cunningham, Richard MauryBentonW5602Cunningham, Bettie J.
Cunningham, T. J.CoffeeS81804th (Murray's) Cav.
Cunningham, T. N. L.RheaS307819th Inf.
Cunningham, ThomasHickmanS73524th Inf.
Cunningham, Tim L.SumnerS101952nd Inf.
Cunningham, W. A.LincolnS125911st (Turney's) Inf.
Cunningham, W. C.MooreS23294th Inf.
Cunningham, W. P.CrockettS970831st Inf.
Cunningham, William AnthonyLincolnW8964Cunningham, Mary
Cunningham, William E.DavidsonS55141st Inf.
Cunningham, William M.ObionS162219th Inf.
Cunyingham, Thamis
Newton Lack
RheaW7461Cunyngham, Bettie
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Cupp, J. G.WeakleyS984912th Inf.
Cupp, J. O.HawkinsS297463rd Inf.
Cupp, James OrvilleGreeneW7057Cupp, Maticia Jane
Cuppet, George W.WilsonW2803Cuppet, Malvina C.
Cupples, ElieHardinS737352nd Inf.
Cupples, Thomas J.HardinS686121st (Wilson's) Cav.
Curd, John NWilsonW9636Curd, Mary
Curl, J. B.PerryS1589119th (Biffle's) Cav.
Curl, John BurtonPerryW10221Curl, Ada Vaughan
Curl, John HenryWarrenW1788Curl, Mary Sidney
Curl, WilliamPerryS966311th Ark. Inf.
Curle, David SBedfordW9853Curle, Fannie
Curle, David S.BedfordS458723rd Inf.
Curlee, C. D.RutherfordS53614th Cav.
Curley, JamesDavidsonW2567 & W8719Curley, Bridget
Curlin, E. C.ObionS989814th (Neely's) Cav.
Curlin, Edmond CooperObionW6943Curlin, Missouri Belle
Curney, Joseph HenryMcNairyW6650Curney, Deborah Ann
Currant, JesseFranklinS120995th Ky. Cav.
Currey, J. B.HenryS861520th (Nixon's) Cav.
Currey, John WesleyPerryW3049Currey, Millie Ann
Currie, Joseph M.ShelbyS105197th Cav.
Currie, Joseph MitchellShelbyW6224Currie, Mary Isabella
Currie, Neil ArchibaldHaywoodW6748 & W9390Currie, Susan
Currie, NewtonHaywoodW5954Currie, Malvina P.
Currie, William ThomasHaywoodW6375Currie, Araminta H.
Curry, J. H.McNairyS65518th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Curry, J. S.HenryS98727th Inf.
Curry, Jermon BakerHenryW10601Curry, Larceny
Curry, M. V.GilesS842850th Ala. Vols.
Curry, Martin VanburenGilesW6690Curry, Mary Jane
Curry, S. H.WeakleyS32077th Cav.
Cursey, J. E.GibsonS1635312th Cav.
Curthbertson, HenryHenryS716846th Inf.
Curtin, George W.WilliamsonS15824th Inf.
Curtin, George WashingtonDavidsonW1278Curtin, Julia Ann
Curtis, Armsted C.WashingtonS1250429th Inf.
Curtis, David BertonMonroeW1089Curtis, Adaline
Curtis, Finley PattersonJohnsonW8557Curtis, Selma Florentine
Curtis, J. E.SullivanS101694th Va. Inf.
Curtis, J. E.SullivanW8193Curtis, Addie
Curtis, James A.DicksonS277950th Inf.
Curtis, James AlfordDicksonW7167Curtis, Eliza
Curtis, Jesse H.McNairyW7283Curtis, Emma Lou
Curtis, Jesse W.HardinS5424th Ala. Inf.
Curtis, JohnWashingtonS20841st Cav.
Curtis, John W.BedfordS134708th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Curtis, R. J.GilesS107196th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Curtis, Robert JohnGilesW9101Curtis, Symantha Ann
Curtis, Thomas S.OvertonS895725th Inf.
Curtis, Thomas SanfordOvertonW7249Curtis, Louiza
Curtis, WilliamBlountS1586837th Inf.
Curtis, WilliamDeKalbW231Curtis, Elizabeth
Curtis, William WoodsonMcNairyW835Curtis, M.C.
Curtis, Wilson H.BedfordS823741st Inf.
Curton, Pleasant SmithKnoxW1636Curton, Eliza Jane
Custer, J. S.CoffeeS1195444th Inf.
Cutrell, Ephraim FranklandDavidsonW8600Cutrell, Martha Ann
Cutrell, Joseph F.RobertsonW8981 & W8102Cutrell, Pattie S.
Cutten, Peter E.HamiltonW4749Cutten, Sophrania
Cyphers, JacobMarionS14818154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
Cyphers, JacobMarionW6408Cyphers, Arminta


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