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Subjects :

Duggan, Benjamin O., et al. Educational survey, Union County. (UT Record Extension Series, v.1 #2) Knoxville, UT Div. Univ. Ext., 1924. 48 pp.

Dunn, Emma.

Flood insurance study: Union County, TN, unincorporated areas. Washington, D.C., FEMA, 1990. 13 pp.

From hearth & hoe: Union County, TN, 1910-1940. Maynardville, Union County Hist. Soc., 1985. 117 pp.

Goodspeed's history of east TN (Union County, pp. 850-852, 1146-1152). Goodspeed, 1887.

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Knoxville MSA 1980-1987: an economic analysis. Nashville, TN Dept. Emp. Sec., 1988. 49 pp.

Maxwell, Britt. "Traditional medical practices in rural east TN." 1971. 8 pp. (student paper, Riedl Collection, UT Library, Knoxville)

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Page, Bonnie M. Inventory of historical writings of Union [& other] counties. Lake City, the author, 199?. 24 pp.

Page, Bonnie M. Union County (its towns, cities & points of interest) as of 1940-- updated 1986. Lake City, the author, 1986. 36 pp.

Peters, Bonnie. Union County faces of war: a pictorial history of Union countians involvement in the military service of our country. Knoxville, the author & W.P. McDonald, 1995. 256 pp.

Steinberg, Roger T. Geology & petrology of the Lost Creek barite mine, Union County, TN. UT thesis, 1981. 165 pp.

Stiner, Clifford. The dawn of Union County. Maynardville, the author, 197? 16 pp.

TN Dept. Transportation [county maps] issued periodically.

TN Valley Authority. A survey of legal problems among rural & indigent residents of Anderson & Union counties, TN. Knoxville, 1965. 44 pp.

TN Valley Authority. Div. Water Control Plann. Effect of 15 years of forest cover improvement upon hydrologic characteristics of White Hollow watershed. Knoxville, TVA, 1951. 73 pp. (its Report #0-5163)

TN Valley Authority. Div. Water Control Plann. Forest cover improvement influences upon hydrologic characteristics of White Hollow watershed, 1935-1938. Knoxville, TVA, 1961. 104 pp. (its Report #0-5163A)

TN Valley Authority. Social & Ec. Div. Research Sec. The effect of county government of TVA land purchases in Campbell & Union counties. Knoxville, TVA, 1934. 33 pp.

TN Valley Authority. Social & Ec. Div. Research Sec. The effects upon local finance of real property purchases by the TVA, survey # 1: Norris Reservoir counties. Knoxville, TVA, 1936. 53 pp.

TN Valley Authority. Social & Ec. Div. Research Sec. Problems of the stranded fragment of Union County, TN on the peninsula between the Clinch River & Buffalo Creek arm of Norris Reservoir. Knoxville, TVA, 1936. 11 pp.

Thompson, Noble R. A geographical appraisal of Union County, TN. UT thesis, 1965. 128 pp.

US Geol. Survey [topographic maps] issued periodically. Quadrangles: Well Spring, Ausmus, Clouds, Demory, White Hollow, Maynardville, Powder Springs, Big Ridge Park, Graveston, Luttrell.

UT Knoxville. School of Ed. Educational survey, Union County. Knoxville, UT Press, 1924. 48 pp.

Valachi, Laszlo Z. The petrology & petrography of the Norris peridotite in Union County, TN. UT thesis, 1963. 56 pp.

Webster, J.C. Last of the pioneers: or old times in east TN, being the life & reminiscences of Pharaoh Jackson Chesney (aged 120 years). Knoxville, S.B. Newman, 1902. 129 pp. (memoirs of an ex-slave)

Wilson, Marshall A. Early iron industry in vicinity of Norris Reservoir, 1820- 1928. N.p., TVA Ag. Ind. Div., 1935. 29 pp.

Young, Lawrence E. Legal needs of the poor in Unicoi County, TN. N.p., 1966. 17 pp.

Loy's Crossroads/Loyston

Tharpe, William G. To Loy's Cross Roads. Maynardville, Union County Hist. Soc., 1989. 203 pp.



Tharpe, William G. Luttrell: Union County, TN. Maynardville, Union County Hist. Soc., 1988. 68 pp.



Celebrating 125 years: Speedwell Missionary Baptist Church, 1868-1993. N.p., 1993. 182 pp.

Page, Bonnie M. Speedwell through 200 years: a book of history, memories & other compiled material of the scenic & historic rural community of Speedwell, TN. Lake City, the author, 1985. 380 pp.

TN Homecoming '86 Speedwell. N.p., 1986. 129 pp.


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