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Education Outreach

What is Education Outreach at TSLA?FDR, Gov. Cooper and Eleanor Roosevelt
A program at the Tennessee State Library and Archives focused specifically on linking educators with primary sources for use in classroom instruction.  Students can also easily access the digitized primary sources on our website.  For a full listing of our services, please download our education outreach brochure.

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The Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) is a great resource for teachers seeking primary sources for use in classroom instruction. TSLA is the official repository for the permanent records of the State of Tennessee and is the premier research facility in the state with extensive holdings in Tennessee, Southern, and regional history. Primary sources such as newspaper records, historic photographs, letters, diaries, maps, political cartoons, broadsides, census records, Governors’ papers, and more that tell the story of Tennesseans and our role in the greater story of American history are available to the public at TSLA. Educators and students are welcome to utilize our website or visit us in person to access these primary source materials.  

A core mission of TSLA has been to provide materials for all Tennesseans, including teachers and students. We are pleased to reintroduce our holdings to a new audience of educators and students.

What are Primary Sources?
Primary sources are the textual and photographic evidence of the past, the raw materials of history. In addition to links to selected digitized holdings, our web site now includes detailed information on what primary sources are and how to use them in the classroom. We also provide tools for teachers based upon different types of primary sources.

Intern and Volunteer Opportunities
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