Report Card on the Effectiveness of Teacher Training Programs

In 2007, the Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation requiring the publication of a report on the effectiveness of teacher preparation programs throughout the state. Tennessee Code requires reporting on three indicators: placement and retention rates, Praxis II scores, and teacher effect data based on Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) scores. Through First to the Top, the report now includes a demographic and academic profile of each teacher preparation program and trend data on the effectiveness of program completers over time. The Report allows programs access to data from which to make targeted improvements and provides the public information on the effectiveness of teacher program completers.  

The US Department of Education released a report highlighting the work of Tennessee in producing the Tennessee Report Card on the Effectiveness of Teacher Training Programs. The report entitled “Tennessee Improves Teacher Preparation Programs through Report Cards” highlights the importance of using data to inform teacher training program curriculum. The report can be accessed at  

2015 Report Card Data Dictionary and Guidelines