Smart Commute by Carpooling

Carpooling is the easiest and most commonly used ridesharing arrangement. Usually two or more commuters organize their trips to and from a destination and decide on guidelines that best suit the participants.

Becoming part of a carpool group is easy and can consist of any number of options based on your destination and work hours. You can share a ride and determine the flexibility of the carpool based on the needs of the participants.

Here are some possible arrangements:

  • One person drives all the time, with passengers sharing the cost of commuting
  • Participants alternate driving and never exchange any money
  • A carpool driver picks up passengers at their homes, meets at a central location; or passengers meet at the driver’s home
  • Participants share a ride every day or only on certain days

There are a number of advantages of a carpool, such as:

  • Less stress commuting to and from work
  • Financial savings by sharing the cost of the commute
  • No more driving around looking for parking
  • Relaxation, as a rider you have some free time
  • Reduced travel time if an HOV lane is available
  • Helping protect the environment with a reduction in pollution through less auto emissions

Call a friend, neighbor or co-worker and start sharing a ride today!

Below are a variety of links to information about carpooling options, including ride-matching services, the locations of park-and-ride lots, and much more. Check this page regularly as more links will be added as they become available.

Tennessee Carpool Center: connect with other carpoolers in your area
RTA Carpool ridematch: find a friend to share a ride
Middle TN Region and Nashville: Park and Ride lots
Memphis Rideshare: connect with carpoolers in the Memphis area
Knoxville Smart Trips: connect with carpoolers in the Knoxville area
Carpool World: worldwide match for commuters based on proximity to home

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