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CVE Pupil Transportation

School Bus

The Pupil Transportation Section ensures that school children throughout the state are transported safely to and from school. Currently, there are approximately 8,600 school buses in operation in the State of Tennessee. This section is responsible for overseeing all school bus inspections in the state and determining whether public school bus systems are in compliance with the safety requirements set forth in the Tennessee Code. Pupil Transportation duties are accomplished through five primary areas: Bus Driver Training, Bus Inspection, Records Administration, Child Care Vehicle Inspection, and Child Care Driver Training.

Each year, the Pupil Transportation Section provides mandatory four-hour school bus driver training sessions to all individuals who have a school bus driver license endorsement. Following each training session, a test is given to all attendees. The results are maintained and distributed by this section. Certificate of Training Awards are completed as proof of attendance and sent to each system as the drivers complete the training. Downgrades are conducted whereby the school bus endorsement is removed from a driver license for failure to attend a training session. During FY 2008-2009, 2,187 school bus drivers were downgraded. Downgrade information is forwarded to the Transportation Director for the county or school system in which the school bus driver is employed.

School buses may receive two different types of inspections annually. School bus inspectors conduct annual and follow-up inspections on school buses in all school systems throughout the state during the school year (August through May). Extended utilization inspections are conducted during the summer months on buses at 12 years old until they reach 17 years of age. At this time, they must be removed from service. Spot checks are conducted at the end of the school year before the extended utilization inspections begin. These inspections are conducted randomly to ensure that buses are being properly maintained.

Complimentary inspections are conducted upon request from Head Start agencies, private schools, and churches. These inspections are worked into the inspectors' schedules, as time permits.

During the 2008-2009 school year, school bus inspections were conducted in 137 systems statewide (this does not include complimentary inspections). As a result of these inspections, 827 buses were placed out-of-service. Ninety-nine percent of all buses placed out of service were re-inspected within 30 days and cleared for safe operation.

To access the Tennessee Pupil Transportation Resources Directory, please visit the Department of Education website.

Contact Information
Lt. Ray Robinson
Tennessee Highway Patrol
Davis Quad 3
1228 Foster Ave
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 743-4974

Request for Utilization

General Information and Instructions for
Request for Utilization of Type C and Type D School Bus Form

Downloadable Form (78 KB)

General Information:

  • One (1) school bus per Request for Utilization form.
  • The Request for Utilization form for a Type C school bus needs to be completed 6 months prior to the end of the 12th year of service.
  • The Request for Utilization form for a Type D school bus needs to be completed 6 months prior to the end of the 15th year of service.
  • Submission of Request for Utilization form:
    • Form may be completed online, but will need to be printed prior to submission using the following methods.
    • Methods of form submission:
      • Email form(s) to:
      • Fax form(s) to: 615-253-2280
      • Mail form(s) to:

        Tennessee Highway Patrol
        Pupil Transportation
        1228 Foster Ave
        Nashville, TN 37243

  • Submission of payment:
    • Payment must be received for one or both yearly inspections for all Type C and Type D school buses prior to the first inspection in the 16th and 17th years of service.
    • Mail the payment and a copy of the form:

      Tennessee Department of Safety
      Cashier’s Office
      1150 Foster Avenue
      Nashville, TN 37243

    • As of June 1, 2011, the fee is $385 per inspection for the 16th and 17th years of service. (Formerly: $890 per inspection 2010/2011 school year)
      • No refunds will be given for failed inspections.
      • Individuals may pay for both inspections at the same time and the second inspections payment will be noted as a credit until the second inspection has been performed.
      • If the bus becomes disabled prior to the second inspection, then a refund will be available upon receipt of a request to the Pupil Transportation Section.

Form Instructions:

  • Complete the following information for either the Type C or Type D school bus (one bus per form). The information requested below must be completely filled out before submission of request.
    • School Year (paragraph above the table)
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Year Model
    • Mileage
    • Make
    • Date Placed in Service
  • Complete the owner information:
    • Date of request
    • Phone number
    • Bus Owner
  • Please put the check number on all Requests for Utilization submitted that require payment. Reminder: one copy goes to Pupil Transportation and one to the Cashier’s office (with payment).

Pupil / DaycareTransportation Contact List

Special Programs District map District 1, Knoxville District 2, Chattanooga District 3, Nashville District 4, Memphis District 5, Fall Branch District 6, Cookeville District 7, Lawrenceburg District 8, Jackson

Note: To see an enlarged view, click on one of the eight districts shown above.


District 1 Knoxville

Trooper Chris Jarnigan - Pupil Transportation

Trooper Debbie Pafford - Pupil Transportation


District 2 Chattanooga

Trooper Chuck Melhorn - Pupil Transportation

Trooper Wade Clepper - Pupil Transportation


District 3 Nashville

Trooper Neil Cole - Pupil Transportation

Trooper Rick Vien - Pupil Transportation


District 4 Memphis

Trooper T.L. Johnson - Pupil Transportation

Trooper R.L. Blayde - Pupil Transportation

District 5 Fall Branch

Vernon Thomas - Pupil Transportation

Trooper Noah Click - Pupil Transportation


District 6 Cookeville

Trooper Darryl Winningham - Pupil Transportation


District 7 Lawrenceburg

Sgt. Jason Kelly - Pupil Transportation

Trooper Chris Hannah - Pupil Transportation


District 8 Jackson

L.D. Sims - Pupil Transportation