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Electronic Payment Options

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File and Pay Options

If you file your return through Revenue's online filing programs, you can make an electronic payment while you file. Click here for a list of taxes you can file and pay electronically. You may choose from the options below:

  • ACH Debit from your banking account. You can establish an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking or savings account. Please include the bank name, bank account number, and bank routing number.
  • Credit Card. The Department of Revenue currently accepts MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. A 2.49% fee will be added to your payment. Note: Visa credit cards are not accepted for payment of Tennessee taxes due to Visa's rules regarding how fees may be charged to their customers.

Payment-only Options

If you filed a return using an approved software vendor (rather than one of Revenue's online filing programs), you may choose from the options below:

  • ACH Debit Program Enrollment (using a third-party vendor). Under this option, the taxpayer authorizes the state of Tennessee to electronically transfer tax payments from the taxpayer's depository into the state's account. The taxpayer must enroll for this service through Global Payment Systems. Click here for additional instructions about electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment information.
  • ACH Credit. You will need to submit an enrollment form to the Department of Revenue. This option allows the taxpayer to initiate ACH Credit transfers using the CCD+format (Cash Concentration and Disbursement). Click here for additional instructions about electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment information.

Make Other Tax Payments Online

FAE Payments Ind. Income Payments Tax Liability Statement You can pay by either
ACH Debit through
your checking or
savings account or
with a credit card.

NewNote to Taxpayers Filing Individual (Hall) Income Tax Return Payments

Settlements Error Message: Currently, the Department of Revenue's Hall income tax web portal asks a taxpayer for a "settlement date" for bank account debits that must be at least two days in the future. With the April 15 due date having passed, the Department is asking taxpayers to leave this field blank so payments go through. As long as a taxpayer filed his or her Hall income tax and entered his or her payment information into the web portal by the due date of April 15, no penalties will be applied to the payment, even if it processed after the due date.

If you need additional assistance making the payment online, click here to view a short video that will provide step-by-step instructions.