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Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy



September 16-19, 2014


Start/End Time(s) Per Training  Schedule

Fall Creek Falls State Park

2009 Village Camp Road

Pikeville, TN  37367

Instructor(s) Phillip Michael
Description The program is designed to equip officers and investigators with the visual skills required to reconstruct movements of a perpetrator on a crime scene or to follow a person by looking at disturbance and other evidence left on the ground.  The program will consist of three days of intensive tracking exercises followed by a day of crime scene practicals.  This program is a continuation of the skills learned in the Forensic Tracking Class and is more track intensive with, with additional crime scene emphasis.

State Officers - $120

County & Local Officers - $100

Out of State Officers - $120


Length 40 hours

Completion of the Basic Forensic Tracking Class is a prerequisite for this program.

Materials An equipment list will be sent upon registration.
To Register

Please fill out form and return to Kim Moss at:


3025 Lebanon Pike

Nashville, TN 37214


Or fax to 615.741.3366


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