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Child Support Guidelines

The following applications are available to you, in order to simplify the process of calculating child support orders under the new Income Shares Guidelines:

internetAutomated Web-Style Calculator - Version V5.1 : Updated August 15, 2008
The Automated Web-Style Calculator provides a simple, guided method for calculating child support orders.  Simply enter the information requested in each of the nine steps, and a completed worksheet will be generated for you.

REQUIRES: Internet Explorer (version 6.0 recommended) - no live connection required after download for use of the calculator.  Not compatible with MacOS (see below for compatible Spreadsheet).


1 -Click the "Download Calculator" link below and choose to "Save" the file. 

2 - When asked for a location, choose to save it to your "Desktop." 

3 - Double-Click on the "ISCalcZipV5_1.exe" file now on your desktop. 

4 - Click the "Browse" button, and again choose your "Desktop." 

5 - Click "Unzip" and, once the program notifies you that it is finished, click "Close" to close the extractor.  You no longer need "ISCalcZipV5_1.exe" may be deleted.

6 - Double-click the extracted file named "ISCalculatorV5_1.htm" to run the program.


Having difficulties?  Please visit our Help/Troubleshooting page....


blue pixwindowsChild Support Worksheets - Excel - Version V5 : Updated August 27, 2010 (NOTE: This update only includes a fix to allow for compatibility with Excel 2010, and does not change or otherwise affect calculations)
The Child Support and Credit Worksheets are an Excel document, with many automated calculations to simplify completing the forms. Instructions for filling out the worksheets are included along with the Child Support Schedule.  Once you download the Excel document and open it, if you look at the very bottom of the spreadsheet, you will see worksheet tabs.  One of those tabs is titled, "Worksheet Instructions."

REQUIRES: Microsoft Excel (version 97 or later) - It may be necessary to adjust the macro security settings to use this document.  The following link provides detailed instructions: Income Shares Excel Worksheet Instructions.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click the "Download Spreadsheet" link below and "Save" the file to any location on your computer.  Then double-click the file to open the worksheets.


DOWNLOAD SPREADSHEET - Mac Version Version 5:  Updated February, 2011(NOTE: This update only includes a fix to allow for compatibility with Excel for Mac 2011, and does not change or otherwise affect calculations)