Warehousing and Distribution

Warehouse Storage

Warehousing and Distribution provides centralized warehousing and distribution services to more than 30 agencies, boards, and programs of Tennessee State Government that require storage and/or distribution services for printed and other program related items. Utilizing a consolidated warehousing and distribution operation prevents duplicated efforts, ultimately resulting in substantial costs savings for the State. The operation warehouses and distributes approximately 800 distinct items from our 42,000 square foot facility. These items are shipped across the state and utilized by state agencies, other governmental agencies, and the general public. High volume items, specific to a program or agency, are procured by the participating organizations, with all logistical aspects handled by the centralized warehousing and distribution facility. Generic forms, utilized globally, are purchased by our facility and distributed as a supply item. Bulk mailing and kitting services are also provided for participating organizations when needed.