GoDBE Agency Small Business Liaisons

Effective April 2, 2012, each state agency was required by legislation to designate a staff person to assist the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise with coordinating the agency’s efforts to utilize Tennessee small businesses.  The following is a list of the Agency Small Business Liaisons:

Agriculture Lydia Sullivan 615-837-5315 Lydia.Sullivan@tn.gov
Children's Services Rick Osgood 615-532-5558 Richard.Osgood@tn.gov
Commerce & Insurance Bill Giannini - Deputy Commissioner 615-741-5131 Bill.Giannini@tn.gov
Comptroller of Treasury Richard Wilson 615-401-7746 Richard.Wilson@cot.tn.gov
Correction Bill Anderson 615-253-8250 William.M.Anderson@tn.gov
Economic & Community Development Sherri Mays 615-770-3837 Sherri.Mays@tn.gov
Education Joanna E. Collins 615-770-3869 Joanna.Collins@tn.gov
Environment & Conservation Ray Register 615-532-0216 Ray.T.Register@tn.gov
Finance and Administration Sandi Hamilton 615-741-5200 Sandi.Hamilton@tn.gov
Financial Institutions Michelle L. Berry 615-532-1013 Michelle.L.Berry@tn.gov
General Services Shelia Simpson 615-253-4634 Shelia.J.Simpson@tn.gov
Health Jerry Ivery 615-741-1614 Jerry.Ivery@tn.gov
Health Care Finance and Administration Alma Chilton 615-507-6384 Alma.Chilton@tn.gov
Human Resources Cindy Hobbs 615-741-6199 Cindy.Hobbs@tn.gov
Human Services Robin Dieterich 615-313-2270 Robin.Dieterich@tn.gov
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Benita Chapman 615-532-9940 Benita.Chapman@tn.gov
Labor and Workforce Development Ivan Greenfield 615-741-4346 Ivan.L.Greenfield@tn.gov
Military Sondra Howe 615-313-0858 Sondra.Howe@tn.gov
Office of the Governor Daphne Cooper 615-532-4582 Daphne.Cooper@tn.gov
Revenue Amanda McGraw - CFO 615-253-8950 Amanda.McGraw@tn.gov
Safety Sonya Hadley 615-251-5166 Sonya.Hadley@tn.gov
State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management Jim Dixey 615-741-2017 Jim.Dixey@tn.gov
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Matt Ross 615-744-4075 Matt.Ross@tn.gov
Tennessee Board of Regents Angela Gregory Flynn 615-366-4436 Angela.Flynn@tbr.edu
Tourist Development John Carr 615-741-9023 John.Carr@tn.gov
Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Fred Egger  615-781-6600 Fred.Egger@tn.gov
Transportation Gary Bryant 615-741-0699 Gary.L.Bryant@tn.gov
Treasury Dawn Rochelle 615-253-8770 Dawn.Rochelle@tn.gov
TRICOR Bryant Brantley 615-253-4948 Bryant.Brantley@tn.gov
University of Tennessee Blake Reagan 865-974-3971 breagan@utk.edu
Veterans Affairs Tanzania Fuller 615-253-8972 Tanzania.R.Fuller@tn.gov