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Benefits Administration

Annual Enrollment Period

The annual enrollment period for 2015 insurance benefits is October 1 to November 1, 2014, for most programs. Changes in coverage become effective on the following January 1 and participants must remain enrolled in their selected benefit options until the next year. Subject to eligibility, during this time you can:

  • Choose your health insurance options:
    • Choose either the Partnership, Standard or Limited PPO, subject to eligibility*
    • Select your health insurance carrier — either BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee or Cigna
    • Enroll in or cancel health insurance for yourself or your eligible dependents
  • Enroll in, cancel or transfer between dental options (if eligible)
  • Enroll in, cancel or transfer between vision options (if eligible)
  • Enroll in or cancel optional accidental death coverage (if eligible)
  • Apply for, cancel, increase or decrease optional term life coverage amounts (if eligible)

All individuals eligible for health coverage are sent information on available benefit options, premium data, a listing of benefit changes, service areas and vendor changes for the upcoming year. You may view copies of decision guides below and benefit comparison charts on the Publications Page.

Employees who want to make changes in benefits, must do so online using employee self service (ESS) in Edison.

View instructions on using Edison ESS »

*Limited PPO is available to local education and local government employees only. If you enrolled in the Partnership PPO for 2014 and you and/or your spouse did not fulfill the Partnership Promise, you are not eligible to continue in this option during 2015. You will have the option to enroll in 2016.

Benefit Changes for 2015

  • Health insurance premiums will NOT increase in 2015.
  • The total in-network out-of-pocket maximum will be less in 2015 for all plans.
  • There will be a single medical maximum out-of-pocket. The medical copay and coinsurance out-of-pocket maximums are combined.

Cigna LocalPlus Network
Cigna will offer the LocalPlus network again in 2015 in the middle Tennessee region.

What you should know about Cigna LocalPlus:

  • This is a narrower network than the Cigna Open Access Plus network
  • The network includes primarily HCA-affiliated hospitals and Vanderbilt Medical Center, among others
  • The St. Thomas Hospitals (Baptist, St. Thomas, Middle Tennessee Medical), among others, are NOT included
  • The $20/$40 network carrier surcharge will NOT apply
  • The Cigna LocalPlus network costs the same as BlueCross in middle Tennessee
  • The larger Cigna Open Access Plus network is still available in middle Tennessee and the network carrier surcharge will apply