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Volunteer Tennessee
Jim Snell, Executive Director

Funding Opportunities:

Note: The 2015-2016 Tennessee AmeriCorps State Funding Process can be found by clicking here.

Operation AmeriCorps: Notice of Funding Opportunity

Operation AmeriCorps LogoVolunteer Tennessee is excited to announce a unique opportunity for Tennessee's local governments to apply for a new resource to make a big difference in our communities.

Operation AmeriCorps is a new program provided by the Corporation for National and Community Service to help localities use AmeriCorps resources to support transformative change in their communities. AmeriCorps is a program that engages individuals in intensive service with non-profit, education, public, community-based and faith-based organizations across the country.

As part of Operation AmeriCorps, local leaders will identify a high-priority local challenge that AmeriCorps State and National, AmeriCorps NCCC and/or AmeriCorps VISTA members can address in a relatively short period of time (no more than two years).

The grant competition is open exclusively to tribal and local governments, including counties, cities, towns, and school districts.

If you are interested in this first-of-its-kind opportunity, you are encouraged to contact us at to discuss your concept for utilizing AmeriCorps members to address your community's most pressing needs.

Important Dates for Applicants:

  • 12/29/14: Letter of Intent to Apply due to CNCS and Volunteer Tennessee
  • 1/7/15: First Draft of Concept Paper due to Volunteer Tennessee
  • 1/12/15: Final Concept Paper due to Volunteer Tennessee

Click here for more information from CNCS about the NOFO, application instructions, and technical assistance for Operation AmeriCorps.

2015-2016 AmeriCorps Funding Process

2015-16 Tennessee AmeriCorps Notice and Application Instructions Final

AmeriCorps Information Session (posted 10.10.2014)

AmeriCorps Grant Application Session (posted 10.24.2014)

2015-2016 Funding Timeline (posted 10.16.2014)

Contact to be added to the public announcement list.

Technical Assistance Information

Use these documents with the Tennessee NOFO above.

AmeriCorps State and National has developed a webpage with resources for those interested in applying for AmeriCorps State and National grants. Please refer to Applying for AmeriCorps State and National Grants to find information on AmeriCorps. 

Technical Assistance Documents

Pre-Award Risk Assessment

CNCS Financial Management Survey

AmeriCorps National Direct Consultation Form:

Please fill out the National Direct Consultation Form and email it to Deputy Director of Programs, Zanquetta Gray (

Please contact Senior AmeriCorps Program Officer, Jamie S. Dent, at, for questions regarding the AmeriCorps funding process.

AmeriCorps NCCC Concept Form

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