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Notification Requirements for Underground Storage Tanks in TN

Tennessee Underground Storage Tank Rules require tank owners, buyers and sellers of tanks to notify the state at different times during the lifetime of a tank. There are three forms which should be used for these purposes.

New or existing owners should use the eleven-page form NOTIFICATION FOR UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS (CN-1260) to register unregistered tanks, closures, upgrades, new installations, new ownership and name or mailing address changes. A change in tank status such as from "currently in use" to "temporarily out of use" must also be reported on this form. The law requires that changes be reported within thirty (30) days.

A registered owner who has just sold tanks is also required to report that change within thirty (30) days. The one-page form AMENDED NOTIFICATION FOR UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS (SELLER REPORTING CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP OF TANKS (CN-0911) should be completed by the seller. Note that this form includes a place for the seller to report how the buyer was informed of notification requirements by the seller. Informing the buyer is also required by law.

A lender or lending institution who has acquired tanks through foreclosure or other acquistion and who has no intention to operate the tank must report the acquisition of tanks on the one page form NOTIFICATION OF INDICIA OF OWNERSHIP (CN-1186).

Effective July 1, 2013 tank owners must complete a Pre-Installation Notification Form at least 15 days before beginning installation of an underground storage tank. Payment of annual fees of $125 per tank compartment must also accompany the PRE-INSTALLATION NOTIFICATION FORM (CN-1288).

Because tank ownership goes hand in hand with liabilities and responsibilities, documentation of ownership and ownership transfers is important. Underground Storage Tank System ownership status should be specified in property deeds, bills of sale, etc. This documentation may be needed by a seller if the buyer of his tanks should fail to notify as the tank owner. If a seller continues to receive invoices and/or receipts, the seller should contact the Division to resolve the question of current ownership.

For more information, or if you have questions about UST ownership, call 615-532-0945