Radiological Health Permits

  • General Radioactive Material License

    Certain types of radioactive sources and devices containing radioactive material require the purchaser to have a general radioactive material license which is provided by the manufacturer.

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  • Radioactive Waste License-for-Delivery

    Persons who transport radioactive waste or have radioactive waste transported into or within the State of Tennessee to a disposal/processing facility are required to obtain a License-for-Delivery from the Division of Radiological Health.

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  • Reciprocity of an Out-of-State Radioactive Material License

    Any individual in another state who holds a specific license from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, an Agreement State or Licensing State, and issued by the agency having primary jurisdiction, where the licensee maintains an office for directing the licensed activities and at which radiation safety records are normally maintained, and who wishes to possess or use the licensed radioactive material to conduct the activities authorized by such license within the State of Tennessee.

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  • Specific Radioactive Material License

    Persons who possess or use radioactive materials are required to obtain a Specific Radioactive Material License from the Division of Radiological Health.

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  • X-Ray Registration

    Persons having possession of any radiation machine or accelerator are required to register with the Tennessee Division of Radiological Health.

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