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Character Education Legislation & Guidance


T.C.A. 49-6-1007(a). Character Education - (a) The course of instruction in all public schools shall include character education to help each student develop positive values and improve student conduct as students learn to act in harmony with their positive values and learn to become good citizens in their school, community, and society.

Definition (Developed by TN Character Education Partnership)

Through a collaborative effort between home, school and the community, character education guides students in developing positive ideals and good habits that will improve behavior, school climate, and ultimately academic performance. Students are provided opportunity and example for becoming conscientious and productive citizens in their school, community and nation. By integrating character traits like caring, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, citizenship and fairness into all areas of the school experience, students will gain better self-awareness and the desire to become more socially responsible.

Effective character education creates a circle of trust and respect among students, school staff, parents and the community. All should make every effort to encourage individual good as well as common good.

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Recommended by the TNCEP and adopted by the State Board of Education

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