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Renewal of Apprentice Occupational Education License

NOTE: Verification of current industry certification is required for all renewals.

The Apprentice Occupational Education License is issued for a five year period. If an educator teaches in a Tennessee public school system for three years on the Apprentice Occupational Education License, and receives a positive local evaluation and verification of meeting all advancement requirements from the local school system, he/she will advance to the Professional Occupational Education License.

If the Apprentice Occupational Education License is not used for three years in a Tennessee public school system, it can be renewed by submitting documentation of the following requirements:

Verification of two years of updated occupational competency earned within the past five years.


Sixty clock hours of attendance at professional or technical workshops may be submitted in lieu of two years of experience or combination of both professional or technical workshops.

Download the Application for Renewal of Apprentice Occupational Teaching Licensedownload pdf file or apply for renewal and upload required forms using the online license application. The application form also includes a list of regulations and guidelines regarding renewal.

Verification of Application/License Status - You may check our Educator License Information web site to verify receipt of licensure information. Unless you already know your license number we suggest first using the public search option to locate your license number by only entering your first and last name as listed on the application. Click on the name, the license information will be revealed. If you already hold a license and know your license number you may use the Educator Log in option.

Questions regarding this renewal process should be directed to the Occupational Education License Consultant in the Office of Career & Technical Education (615) 532-2834.