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Earn a TN Teacher License by Attending a College/University Outside of the United States

Applicants for licensure in Tennessee who completed their degrees outside the United States must submit:

1.  Out of Country Applicationdownload pdf file- Application must be completed with original signature and mailed to our office.

2.  Degree Evaluation - An original of the degree evaluation including course by course equivalency of the  out-of-country transcripts.  This evaluation information must include the degree equivalency or the academic training and an interpretation of all credit earned in terms of United States college/university semester hours.  Tennessee recognizes the following evaluation services:

3.  Original/Official Transcripts - Transcripts from all colleges/universities in the United States

  •  will accept - original transcript from university , Scrip-Safe sent electronically to the TN Department of Education, or issued to student.
  • will not accept photocopies, scanned, grade reports, or faxed copies.

4. Verification of any teaching experience must be submitted on the Experience Verification pdf file

5. Praxis Series II Tests— the need for testing will be determined upon the review of your application. Click to view information about Praxis Series II tests required in Tennessee. If tests are required, the results should be sent to 8190 (the Tennessee code with Educational Testing Services (ETS) along with your social security number.

  • Tests less than 10 years old - we will accept the 'Designated Institution Score Report' submitted directly to our office by the college/university or from ETS.
  • Tennessee does not accept the 'Examinee Score Report' unless tests are over 10 years old - enclose a copy with your application packet
  • Tennessee only accepts Praxis II and NTE through ETS. No other test results recognized.

Please submit all documentation at one time. Failure to comply could delay the processing of your application for licensure.

NOTE: Non United States citizens who are seeking licensure in the State of Tennessee are required to hold a United States social security number.  For guidelines and requirements to apply for a social security number go to the US Social Security Administration website.


You may check our Educator License Information page on our website to verify receipt of licensure information. We suggest you use the public search option and enter your first and last name as listed on the application to search for your record. Click on the name, the license information will be revealed. You will not be assigned a licence number until the license is actually issued.

Correspondence received in our office pertaining to the license will be located at the bottom of the license information page. This will reflect correspondence received in our office since about July 2007. Applications are worked in the order in which they are received. Once an application is received in our office, you may apply for positions in Tennessee. If a school system is interested in hiring, they will contact our office on your behalf.

Status of the license will vary based upon where it is in the evaluation process. 

  • Pending status - application has been received, entered into database, given to licensing specialist for review. Application will stay in this status until reviewed and eligibility determined.
  • Requirements not met - applicaiton has been reviewed and deficiencies determined.  You will receive correspondence from licensing specialist defining the deficiency.
  • Active status - application reviewed with no deficiencies, license was issued.