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Federal Programs: Title I, Part A

The purpose of Tennessee's federally funded Title I, Part A Program is to support local school districts improve teaching and learning for students in high-poverty schools so that these students meet the state's challenging content and performance standards. Title I is one program under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. For more information, visit the web site for compensatory programs or for Title I legislation, regulations and guidance.

Title I schools can operate either as targeted assistance or school wide. Targeted assistance schools identify students who are at risk of not meeting the state's content and performance standards and provide individualized instructional programs to the identified students so that they may meet the state's standards. Schoolwide programs use their funds to improve the entire program of the school so that all students are impacted.

Under Title I, the state and local education agencies must implement and administer special programs and initiatives. These include:

School Improvement Funds

Statewide School Support

Family and Community Engagement

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State Title I Links and Resources

Education Jobs Funds

  • Guidance: When to Treat Expenditures of Education Jobs as State or Local Funds for the Purpose of Fiscal Requirements
  • Form: ARRA Jobs and Vendor Paymnets
  • Condensed Guidance: New Title I Fiscal Guidance for Ed Jobs

Committee of Practitioners download pdf file

Other Title I Links and Resources

US Department of Education Title I Non-Regulatory Guidance