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Pre-K Offices & Resources

Tennessee's voluntary, state-funded pre-K classes are available in every eligible Tennessee school district.

The Voluntary Pre-K for Tennessee Initiative provides Tennessee's four-year-old children, with the first priority to those four-year-olds who are at-risk, an opportunity to develop school readiness skills (pre-academic and social skills). 

Voluntary Pre-K classes promote a high quality academic environment, which fosters the love and joy of learning and promotes success in kindergarten and throughout the child's life. 

For more information about the benefits of early childhood education and the history of the Voluntary Pre-K for Tennessee Initiative, visit the Governor's Pre-K web page at

The legislation for the Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) for Tennessee act of 2005 was passed by both the House and the Senate in May of 2005.  This law provides for the use of $25 million in excess lottery dollars to establish quality pre-kindergarten classrooms through a competitive grant process. In subsequent years (2006-07 and 2007-08) Governor Bredesen's approved budget included additional State funding to expand Tennessee's VPK program classes to reach an ever growing number of at-risk pre-k children.

Connie Casha, Director