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The Tennessee Department of Education works with attendance supervisors in districts across the state of Tennessee.

The department responds to requests for information from parents, schools, systems, legislators and other interested parties concerning the interpretation and implementation of laws, State Board rules and regulations, and administrative policies related to student attendance.


  • To ensure compliance with state laws, State Board rules and regulations and administrative policies as related to StudentAttendance.
  • To provide technical assistance to school personnel in Student Management related to student attendance.
  • To respond to all written and verbal communication concerning Student Attendance issues.


Notice on Attendance Manual

The Attendance Manual currently includes references to statute and policy that are out of date and must be corrected. The Attendance Manual will be removed from the department’s website until updates are completed. Please do not refer to the current or past Attendance Manuals at this time. If you need help on an issue that you would normally consult the document for, please either refer to the appropriate TCA, or contact the EIS helpdesk at  or Data Quality & Integrity team, at

Attendance Conference 2012