AP Test Fee Program

Federal AP Test Fee Program for Low-Income Students

The Tennessee Department of Education will use funds from the federal AP Test Fee program to cover a portion of the exam costs for AP, IB, and Cambridge tests taken by eligible low-income students during the 2014-15 school year. The department will provide the maximum funding allowable through this grant, which reduces the cost for low-income students to $12 for each approved AP, IB, and Cambridge exam.

Specific instructions for IB and Cambridge reimbursements will be sent directly to participating schools and districts.

College Board AP Exams

The Tennessee Department of Education participates in a direct-billing process with the College Board specifically for the AP Test Fee program. This means that schools will pay the College Board $12 for each exam taken by a low-income student and the College Board will invoice the TDOE directly for the remaining $41 per exam.

Requirements for Schools

AP Coordinators must complete the following requirements to ensure their schools are appropriately credited for available fee reductions by the College Board and to participate in the federal AP Test Fee Program direct billing process through the Tennessee Department of Education.

  1. Indicate Fee Reduction Totals Before the Exams:  On the AP Exam Ordering Website, AP Coordinators need to indicate the total number of students who qualify for the fee assistance and the total number of exams they will take.
  2. Indicate Fee Reduction on Student’s Answer Sheet: After the exams, the fee reduction "Option 1" must be selected on qualifying students' AP Exam answer sheets.
  3. Generate and Submit College Board Invoice:  The total number of exams taken by qualifying students is entered when generating the online invoice. The invoice total will reflect a cost of $12 per exam for each exam taken by qualifying students.
  4. Submit Payments to the College Board: The College Board must receive payments by June 15, 2015. Any payments that are postmarked after June 15, 2015 will incur a $225 fee.
  5. Complete and Submit Required Documents for the State: The 2014-15 AP Test Fee Program Summary and Assurances form must be completed and returned to the Tennessee Department of Education. The AP Test Fee Program Summary and Assurances document AND a copy of the school’s College Board invoice must be mailed by June 15, 2015 to:

    Patrice Watson, Program Director
    Tennessee Department of Education
    11th Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower
    710 James Robertson Parkway
    Nashville, TN 37243-0383

  6. Retain AP Exam Participation Summary and Supporting Documentation: Schools must retain all information documenting student participation and supporting documentation for eligibility for the AP Test Fee program for at least five years.
Last Update: April 8, 2015