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2015 Educator Survey

2015 Summary Report

A detailed overview of the survey results

We thank the more than 36,000 teachers and 2000 administrators and support staff that took time to share their voice from the classroom in 2015.

2015 Survey Questions


The survey consists of four core versions provided to each of the groups listed below.

  1. Teachers
  2. Building Administrators
  3. Certified School-Level Support Staff
  4. District Staff

Support staff and district staff complete only the core section. Teachers and administrators complete the appropriate core and a randomly assigned module. Teacher and administrator modules include the following:

Teacher Modules
  1. Data and Digital
  2. Teacher Evaluation
  3. Standards
  4. Assessment
  5. Professional Learning
Administrator Modules
  1. Data and Digital
  2. Teacher Evaluation
  3. Professional Learning
  4. Standards