Emergency Communications Board Public Meeting

Tennessee Emergency Communications Board
August 2, 2017, from 9:30 am to TBD


August 2, 2017

9:30 am to TBD


Davy Crocket Tower
500 James Robertson Parkway
1st Floor Conference Room 1-A
Nashville, TN 37243-0582





      Public Meeting Agenda

                                                             Issue Date:  July 20, 2017

                   I.       Public Comment Period (15 Minutes) [1]

                   II.     Approval of Minutes

                  III.    Staff Report

                                A.  Report of the Executive Director

                                B.  Report of the Fiscal Director

                                C.  Legal Report

                 IV.   New Business

                               A.  Consider Request from Mark Archer RE: GIS Training

                              B.  Consider Dickson County Financial Distress Status

                              C.  Consider Issuing an RFP for Technical Consultant Beginning FY19

                              D.  Consider Committee Vacancies


[1]  The TECB instituted the Comment Period at its February 2013 meeting with the following conditions:

  • Speakers must contact staff to sign up to comment prior to the meeting by email, fax or telephone at least twenty-four hours prior to the TECB meeting;
  • Comments must be limited to no more than five minutes maximum per person, keeping the time flexible depending on the number of commenters;​
  • The Comment Period will last no longer than fifteen minutes total;
  • Comments must be about items included on the meeting Agenda;​
  • The Comment Period is for comment, not debate.

Please contact the TECB at tn.ecb@tn.gov or (615) 253-2164 (phone) or (615) 253- 2180 (fax) to sign up.