Land and Water Stewardship Section

Scenic view of a woodland creek

Good stewardship of our natural resources ensures the best use of our land and water today, and their preservation for future generations.

The TDA Land and Water Stewardship Section lessens the impact of land-based activities upon the waters of our state through the funding of voluntary on-the-ground improvements, educational efforts, and programs focused on the agricultural enterprises of Tennessee.

Water is our most precious natural resource.  Tennessee has over 60,000 miles of streams, approximately 536,000 acres of lakes and about 787,000 acres of wetlands.  Clean water promotes public health, agriculture, manufacturing, recreation, and serves as the foundation of a healthy environment.  Through this program, and those of the many partnering agencies throughout the state, Tennesseeans can reap the benefits of clean water.

For more information, contact John McClurkan, Administrator, at (615) 837-5305 or  You may also contact specific people through our Employee Directory.

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