Departmental Summary

Moss Administration Building

Our Mission

To serve the citizens of Tennessee by promoting wise uses of our agricultural and forest resources, developing economic opportunities, and ensuring safe and dependable food and fiber.

Administration Division

Administration provides budgetary, legal, human resources and communications support to achieve agency goals and objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Staff work with legislators and industry to ensure programs have adequate statutory authority, staffing and clerical support.

Agricultural Advancement Division

Agricultural Advancement works with Tennessee producers and agribusinesses to build rural economies and increase farm income through diverse growth and development activities.

Agribusiness Development pursues new and expanding ag-related businesses through public/private partnerships. Other division programs focus on processed foods, equine, viticulture, horticulture, livestock, hay, fruits and vegetables and direct farm marketing including agritourism.

Forestry Division

The Division of Forestry promotes the wise use of forest resources by helping landowners, fighting wildfires, providing quality seedlings, monitoring insects and diseases, improving urban forests, managing state forests, protecting water quality and collecting forest inventory data. To prevent wildfires, the Division trains volunteer fire departments, issues burning permits, enforces fire laws and teaches fire safety. The Division also works to promote primary and secondary forest industries of the state to stimulate the state's economy.

Consumer and Industry Services Division

TDA's Consumer and Industry Services Division monitors a variety of materials, products and services to foster quality, public safety, consumer protection and equity in the marketplace.

The Division helps to control animal diseases. Nursery, greenhouse and plant dealer certification safeguards healthy, pest-free plant material in interstate and international trade. The Division licenses and inspects dairies, processors, milk trucks, distributors, retail food stores and food manufacturers, warehouses and distributors. The Division also monitors the quality and safety of fuels, feeds, seeds and fertilizers. Weights and Measures checks weighing and measuring devices of all types to promote fairness in the marketplace for businesses and consumers and administers programs related to bee health, grain dealers and youth access to tobacco.

Did you know that TDA...

  • distributes millions of pounds of food each year for school lunches and charitable programs.
  • helps you find and map local farms, products and farmers markets through the Pick Tennessee Products mobile app.
  • licenses and inspects food stores, manufacturers, warehouses, dairies, milk processors and tobacco outlets for food safety, sanitation and compliance.
  • performs more than 235,000 diagnostic tests and nearly 1,000 necropsies each year for animal health.
  • manages 15 State Forests totaling 168,000 acres for multiple public benefits.
  • suppresses an average of 2,500 wildfires and issues more than 350,000 burn permits each year.
  • maintains a collection of 3,500 artifacts and hosts more than 20,000 visitors at the Tennessee Agricultural Museum each year.
  • is located on a working farm, the former estate of 1920s financier Rogers Caldwell and named for former Commissioner and Governor Buford Ellington.
  • inspects more than 3,800 bee hives each year.
  • inspects more than 92,500 fuel pumps and 16,000 commercial scales for accuracy each year.