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Import Regulations: Cervidae

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (valid for 30 days)

Official Individual Identification.

Permit Number.

Must have Whole Herd Test or be from an accredited herd AND have one negative Tuberculosis test within 30 days of entry OR 2 negative TB tests at least 90 days apart with the second test within 30 days of entry.

1 negative Brucellosis test within 30 days of entry or originate from certified Brucellosis-free cervid herd.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) susceptible species such as red deer, sika deer, mule deer, moose, elk, wapiti and Japanese deer must have participated in an approved CWD surveillance program for at least 5 years prior to shipment. The herd of origin must be located more than 25 miles from any area where CWD has ever been diagnosed in wildlife.

NO importation of White-tailed deer is allowed in Tennessee.

Check Orders of the State Veterinarian for Additional Requirements.