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Agricultural Export Summary

Livestock MarketSince it was founded in 1776, Tennessee has been a state blessed with natural resources. Agricultural products have always been one of the most important parts of Tennessee's economy and continue to be even today. As we enter a new age in our state's history, international trade comes to the forefront.

Tennessee products are enjoyed not only statewide but globally. Over the past five years, international exports have increased nearly fifty percent and exports of its three main products have more than tripled. Since 2002 all Tennessee agricultural exports have increased from 650 million dollars to 925 million dollars (USDA ERS) and continue to grow. Agricultural products make up a huge portion of Tennessee's exports every year and show no sign of slowing down.

We are a state filled with great business leaders and creative entrepreneurs. With the stage set for global success, Tennessee can only thrive as we work toward a better tomorrow for Tennessee agriculturalists.

Top 4 Agricultural Exports, Estimates, FY 2009

1st Soybeans and products 15 363
2nd Cotton and Linters 7 147
3rd Wheat and products 23 113
4th Poultry and products 19 74
  Total Agriculture Exports 25 1202
More information on agricultural exports:
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Tennessee is in the top 10 among states in the following:

5th Unmanufactured Tobacco 147.2
7th Cotton and Linters 45.4
8th Cottonseed and products 5.1


Tennessee's Top Value-Added Agricultural Exports and Their Top Markets

1st Beverages United Kingdom, France, Germany 569.6
2nd Fats and Oils Canada, Djibouti 84.4
3rd Chocolate Canada, Mexico 24.5
4th Flour Products Canada, Bahamas 2.4
5th Prepared Vegetables Canada, Japan 2.3

If you have any questions or need help, contact:
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